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Learning Mathematics in a Unique Style

by Sep 11, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics is a very fantastic subject. There are people who quote that “I am in love with Mathematics.” But, it is also observed that a great deal of students fail to take a liking to this subject.
This is a very wrong saying and people should not discourage students by telling them “dull” or “dumb”. There exists nothing as “a dull brain”. All you need is a liking to this subject or good practice. The more you practice, the better you become.
Here are a few learning styles that you can use to overcome the fear of the subject

  • Practice problem numerical with friends group.

Working out problems of mathematics with friends is probably the best way to do mathematics. It works amazingly as when you are practicing sums with your friends you can easily find out your mistakes or problems that would have probably stood in the way of your learning.
For example, when you start doing calculus with friends you can find out your faults easily plus any mistake that you could have done. Also when friends sit, we have an option like one will do a particular sum, while other will do another one. After this you could exchange the answers and find out any mistake that happened. In this way you will be able to complete chapters easily and fast. Plus when we work in a group that two of friends, we have more energy and enthusiasm.

  • Read the problem well.

A lot of us have this habit that without even reading much of the problem we start doing the sums, mostly because we are doing sums serially from the same chapter. This is a very wrong habit.
You should particularly read the sums properly and as slowly till it makes sense to you. Once you are done with the reading thing, and then make a list of the given quantities. When you know what the given quantities are, it becomes easier for you to analyze it better further.

  • Treat yourself at achieving small goals.

This is particular act that acts wonderfully at times of emergency like during an exam. It is then when we practice the most, so after some time we get bored and lose interest because of the monotonicity.
A very interesting solution to this problem is treating you at small intervals. Make it a point that after every correct five sums that you do, you will treat yourself with a gummy bear or any other candy of your choice. You will see that you will not get bored or have any loss of interest plus the chapter seems to be completed easily.

  • Do sums from variety of books.

Now when we are doing problems from one particular book, we get some what tired. Even if that is for one sum only. To escape from this kind of a situation, you should do sums from more number of books. Even if we are doing the same chapter, you will see that you get energized when you see the sums of the other book where you did not like the same sums from your regular book.
This is called “the art of change”. When you are given something that is new, even the same things when served at different places looks different. Quite similar to something that happens with food. When home cooked delicious food is served plainly, we do not take much interest; but if a similar dish is served in a very attractive bowl with great decorations, we like it more.
Maybe this is how humans are made and we are more attracted to things that look good.
Well, mathematics is a subject that involves many techniques, rules, principles and a lot of other stuff in order to solve the numerical problems. So we may forget things faster. There is no unique or different style or any shortcut to remember and learn other than these 8 letters which together form PRACTICE. The more you practice, the easy these problems get. Plus when you practice more you make mistakes less and so automatically you remain motivated.
Nowadays we are living in a digital age where everything is available to us in one click. Starting from locations of restaurants or movies to shopping things, from learning about subjects to booking tickets; there is nothing that you cannot do online.
An added advantage that is available to students these days is the online companies who have come up these days. These online companies are to help the students out from all queries, problems that they face during their learning process. The experts of the dedicated team take up queries and answer them in most efficient way. We are one of these companies. So, you can avail support from us also.

Really interesting!
When you want to practice mathematics from other sources, online sources are very genuine sources too. Search about problems in the World Wide Web network where you will get thousands of relevant responses. For example if you want to search for problem sums on profit and loss, type “problem sums on chapter profit and loss” and press enter. Click on any relevant link that you like. Sometimes you also get solved answers there. Do not look the answers first, try it yourself, and once you are done check with answers or in case required learn up the way in which they have done it.
Also, if you want to learn anything takes help of the videos that are available for all. In those videos all details are done in the most efficient way in order to help you.
Always stay motivated. This is the best way to learn. If you are taking more time than others, do not lose hope or feel discouraged. Always believe that “you can”.