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What Are the Tips and Tricks for Making Physics Easy?

by Sep 11, 2016Physics

Physics is a subject, name of which students when hear get panicked. This has been the scenario for decades where students are afraid of this subject. Those 5 letters are enough to scare you out of your hearts.
Physics come with a lot of projects, lab assignments, homework, numerical problems and various newer concepts. So you have to deal with so much in so less time. But the newer generation stands in a more advantageous position as compared to others from older times. They have access to technology which can be used for their benefits. The answer to all questions from GOOGLE, these magical 6 letters, life without which seems impossible to the new generation is something that is greatly helpful. They can find answers to their queries, ask for help and also find out interesting techniques for learning the same.
When you are studying physics, to ease the process to some extent take a look at the ways that you can use for your benefit.

  1. Learn while you are reading it.

This means that you should put a lot of concentration while you are reading the text books. Do not just read it as it is a novel. Read it like you understand it; meaning that you are making sense out of it. Be as slow as possible. At the end of it you should be able to answer questions like “why” and “how”.

  1. Do not leave any topic unfinished.

Always remember that it is a subject that is interlinked greatly. If you do not complete a former chapter, you may not be able to make much sense in the latter portions. So when you are reading one, make it a point that with finish off with that.

  1. Draw diagrams.

It is easier to learn physics when you take help of diagrams. The more diagrammatically you read, the better you learn. When you are reading any topic, make sure that you are drawing diagrams for your help.

  1. Practice problems.

Now physics is a subject that comes with a lot of problems. So, it is essential to practice problems. It is the best practice when you do sums from one chapter while you are learning that one.
You can also make numerical that cover a major portion of Physics easy for you.

  • Read the problem carefully. Read it repeatedly and as slowly as possible until and unless it starts to make some sense to you. Break the sentences in parts so that it becomes easy.
  • Draw the diagram in accordance to the problem given. It is really easy to understand a problem if you can manage to draw a diagram. It is easier to analyses a problem when you have a diagram present.
  • Also remember, it takes a lot of understanding to actually draw a relevant and meaningful as well as correct diagram. So pat yourself for doing this great job!
  • Write the information that you get understand. Make a list of all the given information that you could make out from the problem. It is important to understand that what is given to you so that you can understand the problem well.
  • Understand what you are asked for. Look for what you have to find out.
  • Frame an equation which you think is proper in the case.
  • Make proper use of equations. Use the relevant one. It is you who will decide the rules, laws or theories accordingly which you will use to find the answer.
  • Solve equations and find out the unknown quantities.
  • Complete the answer.
  1. Utilize resources.

If you are having trouble with the language or technique that is used in your text book, do not sit with it. Make use of reference books or other ways to solve your issues. It is you who can help you the best way. Find other reference books, ones you find good to deal with.
Also you can make use of the internet for finding out descriptive and informative videos, web pages.

  1. Stay calm.

Just always remember that it is a subject that you have to study just like the others. It is not the ultimate thing of the world. The more nervous you are while reading it, the tougher it gets to learn.

  1. Stay motivated and always encourage yourself.

This is a common attitude that is seen in students that when their friends could easily complete complicated things easily, they get morally down and get demoralized. Always remember that you are not the only one who is facing this issue. Maybe your friend is good in Physics and you are in Computers. That is extremely great too!Never let yourself to be discouraged. Stay motivated always.

  1. Make proper time for yourself. BALANCE.

Well, everything needs to be balanced. What you need to do is, make a proper plan where you can put all your responsibilities and work according to your schedule and deadlines. Set up a proper routine where you have everything managed. So that if you stick to your routine nothing could get out of control.
Here you should put times where you spend time in a way that you like. Hang out with friends. Go out to meet friends or relatives, spend time with your hobbies and also treat yourself for being so great and achieving your little goals from the routine.
If you always keep yourself so positively energized, mark these words that you will learn better and more as you will be relaxed enough.
Find some lesser known tricks in Mathematics too, a job that is for you!