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Learn Which Home or School Environment Affects a Child in Studies

by Oct 29, 2016Assignments

If we put into context, the many esteemed varsities of today, each of them has afforded quite vast campuses, and also, have invested quite a lot of money into grooming them. To make them much more amicable to the fluttering minds of the young scholars, who would be spending most of their time, studying or otherwise, there.
The attempt is to create a very serene and alluring environment to let students’ minds open up and untangle, in an attempt to elevate the peers’ true potential.
Recollection and commotion never go hand in hand, and if a similar study environment cannot be achieved or produced in the pupil’s homes, he or she will have problems in revising or revisiting the concepts taught within the four walls of his classroom.
Maintaining a positive school and possibly a similar environment in school is paramount in the development of students on all the fronts.
Many different parameters define an apt school environment for learning. One key feature lies in the integral architecture and interior design of buildings in the establishment. Human comfort is a major necessity in this modern day and age, and school environment must provide just enough comfort to make students’ feel at home, but also must be able to impose the discipline of being in an educational establishment as well.

  • Such can be achieved by, firstly, modernizing the buildings. To the nowadays trendy, smartphone-addicted generation and buildings of a significant age will possibly send their minds winding back to dark ages. So, modernizing or refurbishing the buildings with the millions of decorative condiments and striking designs, along with spacious corridors, well-designed pathways and accessible playgrounds, will only aid in the establishment of an affirming school environment.
  • Refurbishing is not limited to architectural side of things, some measures to induce the comfort of one’s home has to be established. Such can be achieved by indoor climate control and acoustic control. I, for one, living in a tropical country have experienced cracking equations in the stinging heat of the noon, coupled up with the sound of resident cats and dogs fighting incessantly. It doesn’t make an enjoyable cocktail at all.
  • While many would consider these unnecessary distractions, air-conditioners and sound reflecting curtains, would greatly improve the working environment and reduce the stress imposed upon students by external factors.
  • Students are not the only human beings inhabiting buildings of such institutions. Teachers and Officials, both clerical and otherwise, also benefit from an amicable school environment, while a neglected one will only make them more de-motivated and irritable. This will in turn also affect the overall study environment, as the teachers will not be able to teach their respective lessons, from A to Z, at total peace.
  • Such will result in half-hearted efforts from both teachers and students to teach and learn the concepts, to their entirety. Doubts will pile up, and underachieving will be the order of the day. A good, educationally profitable school environment is thus of utmost importance.
  • Along with creation of a modernized environment, maintenance of the same is also a necessity. The school is as much of an educational institution, as much it develops necessary soft skills and community values.
  • Schools maintained with cleanliness and care will not only monitor study environment inside its four walls but will also send positive vibes to its immediate neighbourhood. This will not only be aesthetically valuable to the school and its campus but also economically as well, as it will earn brownie points when being scouted by prospective students’ parents.
  • The involvement of parents into the school structure is another important point to build up. The parents are the guardians of their wards and have to be kept updated on serious developments, be it for the better or, the worse, to their children.
  • Thus maintaining a healthy teacher-student relationship is also needed to monitor the development of the child.
  • However, this teacher-student relationship has to be maintained to a certain extent, and that extent is to limit the interaction so that it doesn’t become detrimental to the child’s conscience. A parent-teacher meeting, at every petty fight between classmates, will result in the child living in constant fear and arrested development of him or her in classroom
  • Thus a restricted but viable involvement of parents is also another important parameter in the establishing of a healthy school environment.
  • Coming to the point of maintaining the home environment, in this modern day and age, a student’s academic importance cannot be separated from the socio-economic conditions and form of parenting in the pupil’s home.
  • Often affluent parents would neglect their responsibility in the academic development of their child, and hand out the same to the hands of the tens of home tutors. In a way, they might be much more knowledgeable on topics at hand, but they cannot handle their students with the same love and affection shown by their parents.
  • This is often essential in the development of child in the long run of their life. Therefore, wherever possible, parents should have some type of productive input, be it emotional or educational or both, in their wards’ routine.
  • However, this input has to be limited to an extent. Often some parents, tend to exert too much of control over the academics of a child. They do need guidance but at the same time need to learn to be responsible for their own Spoon-feeding information into a child’s mind and enabling him to vomit the same into his assignments, will only work to a certain extent.
  • The student has to learn to manage his academics wisely and do the assignments responsibly. Parents will always be there to guide them, but the guidance has to be limited to not letting them go astray, and not asserting total control over them. This will also aid in the development of self-reliance and their own cognitive personality.
  • Lastly, the point of keeping a clean and organized workplace and surroundings cannot be emphasized Organization is paramount, be it when memorizing certain facts, or completing an assignment.
  • References, notes, even spare pens and pencils have to be kept at hand in an organized So we don’t have to go rummaging around the house looking for them.
  • Such an ordeal would completely break our concentration and appetite on the subject at hand, thus hampering our academics. Thus organization around our workplace is a necessity for maintaining a study environment at home.

These are the main points which can influence your demeanor towards studies whether in school or at home environment. Optimizing these will help you optimize your academic performance as well.