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Learn Some Important Tips to Improve Your Child in Mathematics

by Sep 13, 2016Mathematics

During your student life you get introduced to a number of subjects with varied topics. It is quite natural to get confused after seeing those unexplored new topics under each subject. When it comes to mathematics, you often found yourself in a sea of doubts. What do you do then? Do you start to panic? Do you want to knock your head against the wall? Stop reacting in a negative way.
Whenever there is a problem, always remember there is a solution too. At first you can consult with your parents who are readily available to help you always.
As a parent, suggest some useful tips which will help him to overcome all his worries.
Some useful tips to improve your child in mathematics:

  • Try to be the right example for your child:

Never ever say that you were not good in math in school. Even if you have hated or dreaded the subject don’t show that attitude in front of your child. Instead try to show a keen interest to the subject as it will make him more confident. You can explain him the importance of Math in our daily life and also in different professions.
For instance in architecture, fashion designing, computer programming, in managing a restaurant and also in daily shopping, filing tax return etc.

  • Encourage him to use Math on a daily basis:

You can help your child to solve a lot of mathematical problem other than school homework. For instance in a grocery store you can ask him to calculate the price of 10 apples or to count the price of 2 toys which are on 10% discount offer.

  • Be aware of the standard of mathematics your child should learn at his grade:

As a parent you can search the web and get aware of his math standard, so that you can help him with equal poise. If you are well aware of what your child will be learning, then you can complement those necessary skills with some useful activities at home.

  • Supervise your child’s homework:

You can ask his teacher about the mathematical techniques being used to teach the students. You can apply those similar techniques to make him more comfortable

  • Pay attention to all minute details:

It is best to find a calm and quite place for your child, so that he can concentrate without getting distracted. Pay attention to all the minute details which any mathematical problem demands starting from writing units to all answers to writing the detailed statement.

  • You can play some interesting Math games with him:

There are various interesting games available which can help your child to get interested in mathematics. Games like checkers, cribbage, Yahtzee, chess, backgammon and dominoes are great way to develop mathematical skills. You can use 8 simple ways how to help kids learn from their mistakes in mathematics to playfully arise interest about the subject in your child’s mind.

  • Read some books that include Math:

Now a days, schools are trying to draw an interconnection between all subjects. While reading a story book like Socrates and the three little Pigs, you can use mathematical and logical concepts.
Besides being a responsible parent you can also follow some more tips to upgrade their knack in the subject. Initially it is your effort to bring their interest to make them understand conceptually. As soon as they will get fascinated with the subject, you don’t need to worry at all. As you are interested in absorbing mathematics, similarly engage yourself to know many more ways to enrich your writing skills.
Know 7 most fascinating tips to improve your child in mathematics:

  1. Let them understand the subject:

Help your child to understand the basic concept instead of memorizing. Mathematics is such a subject which will take you nowhere if you keep on mugging up. Help him to get a clear concept devoid of any doubts and errors from the beginning.

  1. Minimize the use of calculator:

Calculators are not meant to be used by small children. It is basically a device to be used while you are in a hurry or by grown up children who need it for complicated calculations. As soon as a child will start to rely too much on calculator he will ruin his learning.

  1. Use math in real life:

Always try to help them use math in their daily life. For instance when they are buying a candy, tell them the price and how much will he pay for 5 candies. You can tell him to add the price of groceries you were shopping.

  1. Get a calm and quiet study place:

Try to provide a calm and quiet study environment for your child. It has a great impact on your child’s learning ability. Too much of noise and distraction will make him hard to focus on the subject.

  1. Teach him to be organized:

Anything messy or unorganized isn’t great when your child wants to learn a lesson. Teach him to have different copies for different subjects, and then to copy all the notes accordingly. It will help him to understand the notes later.

  1. Practice is the ultimate destination:

Practice makes a man perfect. The more he will practice the brighter he will become. The ultimate secret to score good in Math lies in practicing and practicing more.

  1. Let him get the best support:

Don’t create a barrier between you and your child. Let him feel free always to ask you any questions and doubts. Always encourage him to ask questions and to clear the doubts immediately. A child suffers silently without making the teacher and parent aware of their agony.
If you still feel that the child is suffering, then don’t hesitate to get a tutor. A tutor may be able to help your child to sort all troubles. You can also opt for professional websites if your child feels uncomfortable in front of unknown people.