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Engage Yourself to Know Many More Ways to Enrich Your Writing Skills

by Sep 13, 2016Homework Help

Writing is an art, which can create stir in any reader’s mind. While many find writing an intimidating work but there are many who remain captivated to it. There are various ways to keep you engrossed with writing. The key requirements are discipline, motivation, and a lot of willingness to know more of the unknown things. With the passage of time, you can subsequently improve your writing skills and will help you to create magic in your flow of writing.
You should concentrate on your writing and for this you need to follow some simple steps.

  • Refresh on your basic concepts:

Before you dream of writing some incredible contents, go through or brush up your basic concepts of writing. The basic principles include grammar, vocabulary and spellings. “The elements of style” written by Strunk and White is a book which any aspiring writer should have on their book shelf. It teaches the appropriate use of grammar and also the style in a correct way.

  • Write with a free flow of language:

If you want to write better, then you must practice writing daily. No matter who ever is reading your post, you should carry on writing. Writing regularly will help you to develop unique style which will mature over daily practice.

  • Increase your reading habit:

If you want really write well, you have to read a lot of books. A good writer reads a lot of books to master the style of writing. Expand your knowledge of reading beyond blog posts and start to read varied books from diverse horizons. While reading analyze critically the writing and note down the choice of words, sentence structure etc.

  • Find a partner to help you write together:

Writing is basically meant to be a solitary activity, but you can see another partner. Your partner can recheck your writing, and may help you to find the mistakes which you may have overlooked. A good partner will help you to improvise your writing skills.

  • Divide the writing which you found most appealing:

There are times when people love to read a particular blog, but fail to understand why that particular blog is so entrancing. Dissect the portions of writing, which you found most enchanting and print them out. You can use a highlighter to mark the most liked portions or sentences. Try to apply those sentences or style when you are writing.

  • You can imitate the writings:

Don’t take imitation as synonymous to plagiarism. You can imitate the writing style of your writer at any time until and unless you are not copying the entire matter. While reading try to figure out the examples they are citing, quotation usage etc, which will improve your style to a great extent. You can try How to increase fluency with online essay writing assignments to improve your writing style.

  • Make a planned outline before penning down:

Sketch out a concrete plan, as it will be the weapon to win the battle. All good writers make a solid plan before they hold a pen.

  • Edit all your work viciously:

Have you started to write on a daily basis? That’s pretty good. It’s now time for you to be the ruthless critic of your work. Undoubtedly editing is a tough job, and you have to handle all your work coldly.

  • Accept the true fact that initial drafts are crap:

You may aspire to write the best blog after going through your favorite writer’s writing. In reality your favorite writer had to undergo a number of drafts too before finalizing his fabulous writing. Don’t lose hope if your initial drafts are crap!
Are you striving to write better every day? This hunger of writing will lead you to a smooth path one day. It is not only about how good writer you can become but you must focus yourself in improvising all your subjects including mathematics. In that case you can learn some important tips to improve your child in mathematics.
Get to know 6 more ways to enrich your writing skills:

  1. Find all your necessary requirements: To improve your writing skills, the first step is to get a firm grasp of spellings, grammar and syntax. Whenever you are writing use spell check typos and always use thesaurus to augment your vocabulary. Proof reading is a must before you decide to publish your work.
  2. Analyze while reading: Try to read top notch blogs to get an idea of good writing. To accentuate your writing skills, you must become an avid reader. Never hesitate to imitate the writings whom you consider the best writers. To become a versatile writer, you must diversify your reading material.
  3. Consider joining a writing group or to a workshop: Do you want to polish your writing skills? Then you must join a writing work shop where you will learn to enjoy writing. You are bound to get a lot of positive responses regarding your writing.
  4. Writing partner: It is been already mentioned earlier that writing partner plays a key role in improvising your writing skills.
  5. Try to keep your writing simple: It is always advisable to use simple language. Communicating with general mass you need to use simple easy language and don’t deviate from the main point. Whenever you are writing a blog doesn’t go further to choose some bombarding words as nobody will understand them. As a result people will lose interest in reading your blog.
  6. You are the first to review all your writing: Sometimes it is worthwhile to go through your old writings. The way you structured your earlier post will make you realize how much you have progressed. Try to acknowledge your development and can reward yourself for the betterment of writing. You are the best judge for your own writing, so do not shy away and feel appreciated.