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Learn Quickly Some Magic 8 Tips to Handle Homework without Taking Much Stress

by Sep 13, 2016Homework Solutions

Homework is a set of work assigned by your teacher to be finished within a stipulated time. Sometimes, students panic with homework as they get confused easily. They think like where they would get the necessary information. What will happen if I can’t finish within the set time, or if my teacher doesn’t like my work? There are lots of queries and worries that crops up in their mind. To overcome all these petty worries, you need to concentrate on some tips and norms.
What does a child feel when he hears about homework?
A child at once hates to hear the word homework. This word homework is associated with a lot of fear and anxiety. According to Dr. Marcia Slattery, the word ‘homework’ evokes some kind of stress, but it is good. It pushes studentsto learn something in a better way. She also says that parents must help their kids to keep the stress away and to look at it positively.
Parent role in handling homework without giving much stress includes the following:

  • Try to reduce your child’s stress:

There are some children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) or other anxiety related problems. As a responsible parent, you must talk to his teacher to find out facts. You should ask whether there is no underlying reason for somebody disturbing or bullying him in the class.

  • Make a fixed time for homework:

You must form a routine for his homework which needs to be followed religiously every day. With this routine, stress can be reduced to a great extent.

  • Make this homework time productive as much as possible for the parent as well:

While the child is busy doing his homework, you must do something like reading a book or exercising or cooking. It will set an example for him also that his parent is also doing some specific work. It is one of the best ways to make homework a stress free routine work.

  • Have a talk with him about expectations:

One of the main reasons for worrying is theexpectation. A child may dream of acquiring exceptionally good grades to come as a topper in the class. This may or may not be difficult or impossible in reality. As a parent, you must talk to him and explain that effort is more appreciable that grades.If not today, effort will surely bring the desired results. It is also a known fact that we learn from our own mistakes

  • Keep in touch with his teacher:

By keeping in touch with his teacher, you can keep yourself updated about his whereabouts and his nature well.

  • Get involved with his homework:

As a parent, it is also your duty to go through his daily homework. He might be silently suffering from his burden; it is only you who can save him. Get involved, and encourage him in doing all his stuff. In this way, he will enjoy practicing his homework.

  • Be positive and encourage him:

A child may throw a lot of tantrums and may shed a lot of tears while doing their work, but appreciate and praise him for his simple achievements.

  • Help him to do some stress relieving work:

Encourage him to get involved with some stress relieving work like playing and exercising. Help him to do some deep breathing exercises which will help to reduce stress.
Get to know about different types of tips to handle homework without taking much stress:

  1. Keep ready all your homework on the desk before you go to bed:

With this strategy, you can save a lot of time as you don’t have to search for your books and pencils. Everything is kept ready on your desk.

  1. Get an adequate sleep:

If you want to finish your homework in the morning, you must go to bed early and keep your mobile in silent mode. Get adequate sleep!

  1. Plan on how many hours you need to spend for homework:

You must assign enough time for your homework. You should wake up a few hours early to complete your homework on time.

  1. Do some exercises in the morning:

You must keep yourself active in the morning by doing some yoga and exercises. The breathing exercises will keep you fresh and energetic for the rest of the day.

  1. Start your day by drinking lukewarm water mixed with lemon:

By drinking warm water mixed with lemon, it will keep you energized for the rest of the day. Try to make it a habit! You can finish your homeworkin time and then have your breakfast. In this way, you will be far away from punishment in the class.

  1. Take your seat at the right time to do your homework:

Try to finish the simple things first. In this way, you can tackle the toughest work easily:

  • It is always best to solve mathematical problems earlier as in turn it will help your brain cells to warm up.
  • Next, you can do with Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • After this, start working on English comprehension, essays
  1. Maintain a diary to mark about your homework:

Keep diaries where you will mark everything starting from all the simple sums to bigger problems! It is one of the most motivational ways to encourage your work in a more systematic and organized way.

  1. Finish all your work on time so that you don’t get late for school:

If you fail to finish all your work on time, do not fret. Within few weeks, you will be able to manage your schedules. You can finish some work at night or during some other time of the day. Be positive and take help from your parent to managethe time along with homework.
The word stress plays a key role in managing your mood, your behavior and also to your attitude. As a student, you may get lost in the world of confusions and dissatisfactions, but never lose your positive energy. Have faith in yourself! You with your willpower will protect can cope with all the hurdles that may come in your way.