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8 Steps to Get Away After Forgetting Your Homework

by Sep 13, 2016Homework Help

Even the best of the best students have occasionally forgotten to do their homework or bring their homework to class. Teachers sometimes understand, or other times they punish their students in a way, it deems fit. A lot of the time, your reasons for not handing homework may be genuine, but the teacher doesn’t believe you. This is obviously inconvenient and mostly embarrassing. If you’re looking for legitimate ways to avoid punishment or being called out for forgetting your work, then you’ve come to the right place!
Why should you do your homework?
Before moving on to viable ways to avoid doing your assignments and getting away with it; understanding the importance of homework is crucial so that forgetting does not turn into a habit. The points stated below are things you should keep in mind, especially if you do not enjoy studying. You can use this information as motivation for next time when you sit down to complete assignments.

  • Develops Understanding

When struggling to understand a subject, the easiest way to overcome this problem is in attempting to complete homework. The more you read, the more practice is incorporated in daily life, the simpler the subject becomes. If necessary teach yourself core theories all over again, and soon enough understanding complicated formulae, definitions and other facets will become a piece of cake.

  • Examination Preparation

Usually, any homework given to students is in preparation for upcoming exams. Questions that need to be answered for homework can be found on an exam paper. The more assignments you complete, the less studying you will need to do for exams. Means only a thorough revision will be enough. Scoring good marks will not be as problematic.

  • Practice Makes Perfect

When struggling with a subject, it is proven that practicing it on a regular basis allows you to hone your skills. It is simpler and faster to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and grow to love it in the long run. This is especially true for a subject like mathematics. You should know the 10 reasons why you should do mathematics homework regularly. It is a perfect example to motivate you to do finish assignments on time. For other subjects, reading more about them, understanding them on a level beyond what is being taught in school can be used to your advantage.

  • Future Education

If you want to continue your studies further, go to college, then you will find different assignments for what you need to be doing it! This is your chance to understand the basics of the subjects you enjoy and hope to study in the future. Not only you achieve good grades, but you are towards getting a good job in the near future.
How to get away with forgetting homework?
While discussing the importance of studying regularly and completing assignments, procrastination and forgetfulness sometimes take over. In this case, the key to get away with anything is preparation. Here, check these 8 steps to get away after forgetting homework:

  1. Try to finish it before class

While this isn’t always easy, it is possible with enough determination and speed. Ask a friend to help you in between periods before class starts to complete the given homework. From personal experience, there is no homework that cannot be at least attempted just before class begins. However, while doing this, ensure that there are not too many mistakes; keep neatness and legibility in mind as well. Teachers dislike untidy and incorrect work a lot more than no work at all.

  1. Be apologetic

Understand that by not completing homework or submitting homework you are insubordinate. Instead of trying to be defiant, apologize for mistakes made and promise that it will not repeat this again. Humility is necessary to gain any sympathy – that is, provided the teacher accepts an excuse. Beyond this, tell her/him that the assignment will be submitted the next day or whenever you have the next class. Take responsibility for lack of any preparation and be willing to accept any extra work or punishment instead of the mistake.

  1. Think of a good excuse

Having a believable excuse ready is absolutely essential. Trying to think of an excuse at the moment is something the teacher will see right through. Sell an excuse almost like selling a product. You must believe your own excuse if you want anyone else to; be as creative as possible. Here are a few excuses you can use:

  • Play the sympathy card. Blame your inability to remember or make an assignment on family issues or problems at home.
  • If you are submitting incomplete work, say that the rest of it is incomplete because of a lack of understanding. This will prompt any teacher to explain the question further and give you extra time to complete it.
  • If your project needs to be done on a computer, you can easily create a corrupted file that refuses to open or function when the teacher requests to see it. Blame technology altogether! Say that internet, computer or printer wasn’t functioning!
  • If faking sickness is an option that you can get away with, then you can miss that day of school entirely.
  1. Use good judgment

Understand the situation you are in. If your teacher is perceptive, then it probably bests that you choose the path of honesty. Honest reasons are a great way to gain trust. It is more likely that you will be excused for that day. Avoid repeating the act with the same teacher over and over again.

  1. Be precise

A long elaborate excuse will be obvious to any teacher. They have had many excuses given to them for incomplete work. When asked for specifics make up believable reasons on the spot but do not extend the excuse more than necessary.

  1. Do not plead ignorance

Do not pretend that you’ve forgotten that date of submission or did not know about the assignment needed to be done. This will come across as a lack of interest and lethargy on the part of the student when every classmate has submitted their work. If you cannot think of an excuse or cannot be convincing, then go with honesty.

  1. Avoid the situation altogether

Try and complete all homework as far as possible. Set down a schedule simply for this purpose. A regular routine will help to avoid procrastination. Discard of all distractions that include mobile phones during study hours. Completing homework will do away with the need for any excuses.

  1. Get to know the teacher

After spending enough classes with a teacher, understanding their personality is easy. Figure out how he/she reacts to other students who have been in similar positions, see how gullible or lenient she may be. It is only then that constructing an excuse will be a lot easier.
Remember, any excuse requires thought and time if you really want to be successful. Try to avoid them as far as possible because doing your assignments will be beneficial in the long run!