Know Why Do We Have So Much Homework and How to Deal with It

Homework indeed is important for a growing child but you should also consider how much homework is too much for them. Whatever is the age, almost all children complain saying why do we have so much homework? There are a lot of excuses as well as valid reasons for not getting homework done but sometimes there is too much homework to do within the time allotted.
Many students struggle with the work either because they are committed to other works that cannot be avoided or in the need of working in somewhere quiet. And since the homework is mostly busywork, the learning work becomes a chore for the students. Most importantly, the children often could not get out of the room and thus could not interact with other family members leading to hate school and arguments with parents as well.
Why do we have so much homework?
The purpose of homework is practice and it helps the teachers to know how well you do on the subject. You can stretch your mind on creativity and solve the problems on your own but most of the time the homework is not rationale. This is the reason the children are so bogged down with overwork where they should be positive and constructive with their work.
Students usually get stressed out for completing school assignments which eventually led to stress the parents also. After 7-8 hours of schooling, the students usually get tired and exhausted and with a load of homework they cannot just be kid’s anymore.This gives them a reason to say why do we have so much homework.
The 10-minute rule
Teachers had been using this rule to figure out the homework targets. This rule includes that a child should have ten minutes of homework per grade level per night. This translates that a child of first-grade should not have more than 10 minutes of homework each night while 20 minutes for a second-grade student and so on. This rule indicates that a child should understand the concept better having to do five problems on its own without struggling to race through fifty.
The point of homework
Almost all the students say why do we have so much homework? Apart from the amount, the importance of homework depends on the child’s grade. Like in elementary school, homework is mainly about establishing responsibility, teaching them to be accountable and follow directions. While in the middle and high school, homework helps in achieving good scores in academics. Decent amount of homework helps to improve the academic outcomes to a certain point.
Moreover, rationale homework should reinforce the lessons learned in class and it may take the concept one step ahead preparing the students beforehand for the next class. Apart from the lessons homework also teaches you how to manage time and work so that you can manage your work among other priorities.
Tips for coping with too much homework
If there is consistently a lot of homework and you wonder why do we have so much homework? Just ask your parents to talk to your teachers about it. Discussing the problems can bring about a solution like a pattern of homework that the teachers can address. They can help you by covering the subject more in class and finding out some tough questions along with the answers.
In order to cope with your homework, you can follow the rules so that you can keep your mental and physical health check.

  • Accept it:

Dealing with a lot of homework does not mean to shout along why do we have so much homework? And not do anything to complete it. The very first step is to accept the work you got and make up your mind to do it. Though doing homework is a chore for most of us and completing it is a very big deal. So if you adopt a positive attitude to complete it you will only have to figure out when and how to do it.

  • Write it down in step:

Writing down your work is pretty much easy rather than struggling to remember. It is the first step inorganizing your homework so that you can do it fast and easily. Do not get overwhelmed by the bulk of homework rather figure out what needs to be done and do it step by step. Use a simple planner and remind yourself about what you have to do.

  • Create workspace:

Having a workspace for doing homework is very important as it helps the child to get more focus on the work and less on the surroundings. Choose a well lit and relatively quiet room for your work as it helps the kids to maintain the concentration. And if you tidy up your worktable you can complete the homework efficiently in less time.

  • Take help:

For any kind of problem do not hesitate or waste your time thinking too hard about the answer, go and ask your parents or elders for help. All parents should inspire your child with the benefits and good things about homework, encourage andhelp them in solving the problems so that they do not chant saying why do we have so much homework.

  • Do not procrastinate:

Procrastinating does not always help everyone complete the given work. Many of you would say delaying the work for last minute has helped you complete the work faster. But it is not always true for many and moreover doing the homework in last minute do not make it up to the mark even though faster. Instead, time yourself up for the part of work and reward yourself with few free minutes to spare after it is done.

  • Give your 100%:

While doing your homework keep your mobile, games and other distracting devices away from yourself and offer 100% of your attention in completing the work. If you have work on the computer, do not waste your time online in social media rather make up your mind to finish your homework in one go and then offer yourself with leisure time.
Just saying why do we have so much homework does not help in any way. You have to complete it whatsoever and apart from the tips if you have time management skills and target you can easily complete the homework faster.

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