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Inspire Your Child with the Benefits and Good Things About Homework

by Apr 16, 2016Homework Help

Although the word Homework gives a copious amount of stress to the children as well as the parents, there are a lot of good thing about homework which has been debated for years among teachers and parents. Even though most of you clearly believes in the importance and advantages of homework but the people who disagree are maximum. Some students think that homework is a waste of time while others understand the value of homework and does it responsibly.
Homework can serve a meaningful role to every student and the students who do their homework without any nightly battle understands it. For most of the students,the problem may not be the homework but the way in which they look at it along with the distractions. You should be well aware of the good thing about homework and make your child understand its importance without forcing him/her just to complete it.
Benefits of homework
Homework helps your child with several simple skills every time they work on it. Firstly, it helps teachers and students to work more closely together and also allows the parents involvement in their child’s education. There are a number of good thing about homework including:

  • Good grades:

Doing homework on time and with efficiency leads to good grades. Good grades, in general, have an impact on your future even though there are other important things to matter. Homework helps you to remember the lesson since you are practicing the lesson taught in class while doing it.

  • Time management:

Homework helps you to manage your time in order to complete and submit it on time. Time management skills are very important for life and by managing your time in between your other activities to complete the homework you can actually learn to take out specific time for specific work.

  • Responsibility:

As a kid we always took or needed help from the elders to do the homework but as you grow up you need to do your things on your own. Children who take their studies seriously and take responsibilities to complete the work given knows the good thing about homework. Since doing homework is the child’s responsibility, he/she can learn to be accountable while doing it.

  • Prepare lessons:

Homework is a way for the teachers to understand how or what their students had understood the lesson taught in class. Assigning homework not only determines this but it also helps children to get prepared for the next day’s class. Just learning the lesson can be boring sometimes but solving questions on the topic can make it interesting to prepare for thetest.

  • Learning capacity:

No doubt homework increases the learning or thinking capacity of a child. It also helps to develop apositive attitude and other study skills that will serve him/her throughout the life. Trying to solve tougher problems at home independently can actually help in brain development for a growing child.

  • Self-esteem:

Since doing homework can help you prepare the lesson easily, you will always find yourself confidence in the next class. Completing the given work in a timely manner would help you develop self-confidence and trust in yourself. The good thing about homework is that it would inspire you to work harder once you accomplish it.
FAQs on the homework battle

  • How can parents eliminate nightly battle over homework?

Do not force your child to complete the homework instead tell hem/her about the importance and benefits of homework and inspire them to do it. Always allow them to think about solutions and do not involve in the work unless necessary. Do not go for straight answers instead provide guidance if they need help with the homework.

  • What is bad about homework?

Homework is not bad overall. Students who take responsibilities to do homework would find this irrelevant. A student should understand the reason for their homework rather than just complete it as a chore work. There are a lot of distractions and other activities which are prioritized by the children which ultimately leads them to hate homework as a whole.

  • What are the good thing about homework?

Homework as a whole can help your child to grow by helping them to learn many life skills apart from lessons and good grades which are needed throughout the life. Few are:

  • Homework helps you to extend learning by applying skills to new situations.
  • It helps students to learn how to set priorities.
  • It teaches the importance of planning, organizing and taking action.
  • It helps the students to force one and control their mind to do things when they do not want.
  • It allows the child to explore the subject more and beyond the class time.
  • It teaches to solve problems independently using different skills.
  • It helps the students to take responsibilities in their educational process.
  • It helps the student to acquire and improve memory and thinking capacity.
  • It encourages parents to boost the child’s enthusiasm.
  • It allows parents to communicate with the children about what he/she is learning.

What is the good kind of homework?
A good homework includes the tasks which are rationale and allows a student to learn and help them to explore the topic. A homework which is irrelevant of the lesson taught in classis not usually helpful and thus, the students feel it as a chore while doing it. A good homework should have a connection between what is taught and done in school and what is asked to do at home. You can also know why do we have so much homework and how to deal with it so that there is no good or bad about homework rather just a task to be completed responsibly.
Finally, the good thing about homework isthat it allows parents to have a better idea on how their child is being educated so that they can find a better idea of guiding their children for future. Even though most of the parents think it is unnecessary to give homework after 7-8 hours of school but most of the time it helps them to follow the progress of their children so that they can support them to be successful.