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Know How to Make Homework More Fun for a Fun Study Time

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Homework is a necessary part of school life. Whether you like it or not, you have to complete the day’s assignment no matter what. Falling behind with your homework is a common thing for most of you because it seems boring. You may feel like dragging the given homework most of the time but how to make homework more fun depends on your way of doing it and is always on your hand. Even the most boring subject can be made more fun to study with the right mindset.
Sometimes the thought of having to do homework is frustrating. Kids either put off doing homework until the last minute or sit and toil over it for hours. No matter what homework and fun do not come in one sentence. Every kid has their own homework troubles and you can help them on how to make homework more fun by encouraging them to use easy and enjoyable techniques. It is not impossible a thing to make homework more fun, with the right motivator and attitude you can do it easily.
How to make homework more fun
Homework can be done easily if you get into the mood of studying but most of you would find it impossible to make yourself sit with books around. Firstly, help yourself by giving fun names to your homework so that it sounds interesting and you can get in the mood of doing homework easily. How to make homework more fun can be noted down in few steps:

  • Create a workspace:

Having a special work area only for studying purpose can actually make it a fun activity. Deck out your work table with coolest and special tools like a cool pencil organizer, colorful week planner, colorful table lamps, etc. which will make the place look attractive and you will find yourself sitting and working there with no boredom. Try and keep it neat and clean after every study time and especially without any distractions.

  • Have a snack:

Munching on a snack while doing homework can actually help you stay focused. There is no good way on how to make homework more fun other than having something to treat yourself while doing homework. Have some snack while solving a problem or just doing a normal task and it will help you work with more concentration for a rest of the time. Getting light foods like popcorns, apples, oats, candies, etc. to munch on can keep your mind focused and your body healthy. Do not just eat away in one go, keep it aside and after you finish a problem take a bite.

  • Time yourself:

Timing yourself is indeed a great way to get over the boredom of homework and complete it easily and accurately. Time up your homework in small segments and you will find yourself completing each segment within the allotted time thus finishing the full work in no time. Allow time according to the type of homework like; give yourself some more time for a hard part. Do not try and force yourself to fit a hard task into a small time segment.

  • Take a break:

Taking break in between the allotted time segments is very important to keep up your concentration. Your brain also needs some rest like your body. Spacing up your homework with small 5-10 minutes of break can keep you away from feeling overloaded. Set a timer and relax your mind doing stuff other than homework or study related things, you can even meditate if you find yourself not enough concentrated. When the timer goes off, just get straight back to work without any delay or wasting any time.

  • Homework game:

Revive your brain with a fun game and take your homework time in a positive way. Do not take any stress with homework instead think on how to make homework more fun by turning it into a game. For every problem you do right or after completing one part of your homework offer yourself with your favorite game, work or snack. Make a Bingo sheet with the tasks written on it and blot or cut out the task after completing it. For kids, mind games like alphabet puzzles, Sudoku, story cubes, etc. can be great to enhance their skills which can help them do homework easily with time.

  • Study buddy:

Choose your friend wisely with whom you can do your homework since study partners can be real good. You can discuss your problems and seek for help as well from your study partner and vice versa.  You can bounce information off each other and make competitions whenever necessary. With study buddies, homework really seems to be fun and easy only if he/she is a good influence or else you have to escape punishment by giving excuses of not having homework done.

  • Reward yourself:

Rewarding yourself for every finished task can help you keep your interest in completing the full homework. This indeed is a good way on how to make homework more fun. Race up with time for finishing the task and reward yourself with that extra time for a short game on you mobile to freshen up. Store up your favorite candies or snacks and give yourself one after completing the given task.
Tips for parents
Whatever may be the work, you will always have to help your child or tell them to do it. As for completing homework, the first step near it has to be taken by you. Do not force your child to do it instead, motivate them by using incentives for doing it. Make a homework routine which is creative as well as easy to follow and ask your child to follow that. Do not take the homework too seriously and shout on the kids for not doing it.
Do not be strict parents; just follow the steps on how to make homework more fun and help your child with creative ideas to complete the homework easily and efficiently. Check on the kids at regular intervals during study time to see if they need any helping hand or a break. Be available to your kids always so that they do not feel over stressed with tough problems and get you whenever in need.