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Escape Punishment by Giving Excuses for Not Having Homework Done

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

We all have needed good homework excuses at some point of time during out academic life. Most of the students, if not all, had used excuses for not having homework done few times and handed the assigned work late. Excuses are helpful for not getting into trouble or not getting penalized but be sure not to make it a habit which will reflect poorly being a student. Always try to complete your homework on time.
After a holiday session or a weekend full of fun, most of the kids get behind on their homework and it is a usual thing. When it comes to reasons for not doing homework, the students know no bounds. Undone homework along with the excuses is one of a kind for every student. There is a range of excuses from reasonable to hilarious and funny. Students who do not have their assigned homework with them come up with different excuses for not having homework done.
Excuses for not having homework done
Choosing excuses for undone homework is easy and you can avoid being punished or penalized but you should choose wisely for a plausible excuse. Not only this, you should also have to deliver the excuse in a believable fashion so as not to get caught. Choose from excuses for not having homework done given below but be careful so as not to lie habitually.

  • Creative excuses:

Students with creative excuses for not having homework done are many which are almost believable and mainly the new teacher fall into it. Here is a list of few excuses which can help to bail you out.

  • I don’t remember getting any homework –

Not remembering getting any homework can actually save you from the punishment if delivered in a serious way.

  • My backpack got stolen –

This can be a good excuse since no teacher would follow through or ask you to turn in with homework after hearing a crime incident.

  • I was really sick –

This is the most used excuse but is of great help since teachers get pity on you hearing that you do not want to miss any more work alone the homework.

  • I had to take care of my baby sister/brother –

Students with a baby sibling are safe to use it but others should be careful about your teacher who might mail your parents to check for baby sister/brother who does not exist.

  • My dog died –

Being upset about the death of your pet dog can be a good escape for your dog loving teacher.

  • Blame technology –

Blaming technology is the easiest and believed excuse. You can start hating your printer for not working properly or tell your teacher about a computer crash.

  • The subject was too difficult –

Claim for not understanding the lesson and be eager to learn it when taught. This would make your teacher overlook the missing assignment and focus on helping you understand.

  • Blame your schedule –

Blame on having extracurricular activities and homework from other classes. This may work only if you are diligent and is genuinely engaged in other activities.

  • Left it at home by accident

This is a great excuse and can work a few times. Forgetting your exercise book with completed homework at home can work miracle sometimes.

  • Tell the truth –

Telling the truth about your homework to your teacher might give you extra time to complete it. The teacher might appreciate you telling the truth without using excuses.

  • Funny excuses:

Funny and hilarious excuses for not having homework done are not new. Students, especially kids come up with all sorts of funny excuses which are best among all.

  • My pet ate my homework –

The most common of all the excuses and thus not the subtle one. You might have to bring a stool sample to prove it.

  • My mom forgot to do it for me –

Blaming the parents for an uncompleted homework might not work on teachers. Rather you might get parents call.

  • Having trouble holding a pencil –

Trouble holding a pen or pencil might work for homework excuse but the chances of you getting a doctor’s appointment are high.

  • Blown in the wind –

Homework blown away by the wind while traveling by bus and while chasing it you were late for school.

  • My room is haunted –

How can you enter a room which is haunted let alone your study room with the undone homework?
Steps to consider before telling excuses
Excuses are many and most of them look convincing but you should also be careful where and how you are using it. On the other hand, you should not always rely on excuses and actually complete the given work. You can also know how to make homework more fun for a fun study time and complete your work instead of giving excuses for not having homework done. Some things to consider are:

  • Know your teacher’s interests:

It can help you make an excuse which interests the teacher. Moreover, teachers like to be the center of attention and can easily believe your excuses on their interested topic.

  • Know if your teacher likes you:

If you are a favorite of your teacher you can use any excuses you like and it would work.

  • Know how strict your teacher is:

Strict teachers are hard to use excuses on as they want you to succeed no matter what. Be sensible and always come up with reasonable excuses for them.

  • Know how gullible your teacher is:

Most of the teachers especially the new teachers believe in anything they hear. Experienced teachers are difficult to fool since they had already heard most of the lame excuses.
Delivering excuses
Just giving excuses for not having homework done does not always work; you should also know how to deliver it. You should keep the talk simple and short since it is easier to remember brief excuses than a long one. Remember all the details and always consider the teacher’s personality before speaking. Always check for the teacher’s mood, you would rather not come up with excuses when he/she is in abad mood. Always make eye contact with your teacher while speaking.