How Can I Get My Son to Do His Homework – 6 Easy and Simple Tips!

Most of the parents across the globe feel that it is their ‘job’ or responsibility to make their children do their homework. As soon as you start believing that it is your responsibility to make sure that your child does the homework and becomes a successful person in life, you start demanding from your kids that they leave what they like and start doing homework. However, the children are not always abiding by to give you what you want. Hence, if you want to know how can I get my son to do his homework, you need to concentrate more on encouraging, rather than try to control them.
The factor with children and their homework:
The children often think that they would decide when they would like to do homework and the parents believe that they would understand what is good for the children and try to control the kids. Hence, there is a never ending battle between the children and the parents. If you think argument, threatening, punishments and constant nagging would yield positive results, you are mistaken. Here are some basic facts and laws about homework and children that you need to know, so that you can choose the best tips about how can I get my son to do his homework.

  • Children don’t like homework:

Children usually do not like the entire concept of homework, especially the sitting and studying part. If you think your child would love the idea of sitting and studying after a long day of school doing the same thing, you are wrong.

  • You cannot force and compel:

Compulsion is never a way to make your child do his tasks. If he is not willing to study, he simply won’t. If he does not want to write, you can’t make him. Hence, the idea is to assist and encourage in doing the task, rather than insisting him.

  • It is not your task:

Screaming, setting ultimatum, bribing, scolding and threatening the child simply do not work. You need to understand that it is not your report card, but your child’s. Hence, as a parent, you should focus on providing the system or structure and the scope to your child, so that he can use that system. If that is proper, the rest of the job will be done easily and you would not have to ask how can I get my son to do his homework.
Tips and answer to how can I get my son to do his homework:
Here are some easy and simple tips that will help your child to do his task on his own and you would not have to worry about how can I get my son to do his homework.

  1. Guide your child:

Most parents complain that their children are different and nobody would understand how difficult it is to guide, motivate or encourage them, despite several tries. That is not a right fact. All the children are same and they do become motivated. You only need to understand that their way of being motivated might be different. In that case, verbal discussion of the importance of doing homework, studying every day and the fun of learning can be of great help.

  1. Keep your calm:

The first thing that you need to do when you want to know how can I get my son to do his homework is to avoid raising voice, shouting, scolding and complaining all the time. If you keep on nagging, it will make the children feel that it is their life and they would do what they want. They would even stop caring for the bad grades, if you threaten them much.

  1. Do not try to control:

It is a must that you let your child understand the importance of doing school tasks on his own, without your insistence. If you keep nagging, they would lose the interest. Rather, simply give them the hint that the homework time is approaching. Start preparing his study table; take his books out of the school bag and then leave the rest up to him. He would learn that it is time he sits for study.

  1. Let him decide his own study routine:

Different children have different preferences. Some like to do their task as soon as they get back from school, some others like to do it after dinner and some like to do it after playtime. Hence, to get an answer to how can I get my son to do his homework, you should understand that you must not set routines as per your convenience, but as your son would like. Even if he needs flexibility, give that to him. But of course, do not let him skip homework by delaying.

  1. Do not take the responsibility of your son’s homework:

If your son fails to complete the task, do not yell at him or do not take the responsibility on you that you could not make him do it. He would face the consequences on his own and after a few times, he would understand what he must do.
Letting the children face the consequences is a great way of making them do the homework. If they visit the school without completing the task, the teachers would take the necessary steps and the next day onwards, they would not even think of out and out refusing to do the task.

  1. Encourage, praise and reward:

Now that you have known that homework is boring, you can certainly praise your son once in a while for completing task on time. If he does well, praise him. If he complains that he is not able to do something, do not pounce on him to help. Simply tell him that he can and you have faith in his qualities. This has great results. Reward him with simple things like taking to the park, a pizza or a cartoon, for doing it well on his own. Praises and rewards can do what you cannot.
How can I get my son to do his homework is a question that is constant. But the answer will vary for different children. Make sure that your focus is in your son’s learning and not just finishing his task. One very crucial thing that you must keep in mind as a parent or guardian is that you should not do your son’s work at any cost. If he cannot, let it be. The teacher will teach him again. But of course, if your son is unable to do something due to learning or other impairments and disorders, focus on treating it.

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