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“Is This Your Homework Larry?” 8 Interesting Steps to Homework Completion with Quality

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Solutions

Have you ever watched the movie “The Big Lebowski”? This 1998 released movie was about a mistaken identity where Lebowski gets entwined in a kidnapping case. In a certain scene, the investigating officer, Walter Sobchak, shows a sheet and asks “Is this your homework Larry?” Although it was a funny scene in that movie, you don’t want your teachers to ask you the same question whose negative outcome gets highlighted in your grade card. I have a fair idea how infuriating it can get at times when you have tons of homework but very less time for its execution.

And above all, the irritation of executing so much work affects the quality too. But you can easily overcome such situations with these simple steps. So, let’s not waste any more time and hop in to know all the interesting steps to homework execution and avoid your teacher’s stern query “Is this your homework Larry?”

8 Fun steps to quick homework completion

  1. Give your surrounding a makeover

We are already aware how monotonous it can get when you have to execute homework fordifficult topics. And sitting in one place for hours to complete the work can increase your boredom, wearing you down to the core. However, changing your room or giving the study room a quick makeover can remove that tedium to a certain level.

There aren’t any special methods to make that change. You can just clean your room and arrange the things to their proper place. In addition to sprucing up your room, you can add a whiteboard. Decorating it with your weekly timetable with a beautiful quote can inspire you to start executing your homework on a positive note.

  1. Don’t force your mood, just go with the flow

Now to avoid the question “Is this your homework Larry?” you start working on your homework, but with half a mind. Even though after a strenuous duel with time and your mood, you finally complete the given work. But are you sure that the quality of your work is excellent to impress your teach and help you acquire admirable grades? You already have its answer!

Instead of fighting against yourself, sit down and complete your homework when you feel you can give your best. Try motivating yourselfand shift your mindset to enjoying completing your work.

  1. Tick it off the list

When you know that you have a lot to research and write, interest can easily take a back seat. In most cases, students get panic attacks just by seeing the homework quantity. And even if you don’t get agitated, it can make you irritated, taking your mind off from your given work. It will do you no good. It is a fact that you have to complete your work on time, but your disinterest and aversion will delay the process.

In order to overcome this situation, you can create a list of topics or subtopics that you can complete in one day. As you start with your work and continue completing subtopics after subtopics, you can strike off the completed work from the list. This procedure initiates a psychological satisfaction level, pushing you to complete your work quickly.

  1. Study with your buddy

Study session with your friend can be both helpful and fun. These sessions help you to share your work and get solutions to your topic related issues. Studying with one or more than one friends instills a competing feeling, helping you to strive better in your quality of work.In fact, with the assistance of your friend,you can complete your homework swiftly, making your parents and teacher wonder and say “Is this your homework Larry?”

However, it is also important that you choose the correct study partner for fulfilling yourpurpose. You should remember that your planning for this study session is to utilize your time tactfully to completeyour given work and not create trouble for yourself.

  1. Take a break, listen to some calming music

Most people think that taking a breakcan eat up most of your time. It is true, but not entirely. Taking short breaks helps your brain to get some rest. And the best way to get your mind untangled with the worries of your work and other thoughts is listeningto music. In fact, as per a certain study, soothing or relaxing music helps you to understand better and improve your learning.

  1. Breathe in… Breathe out… Remove your stress

Now, taking breaks is fine and listening to music also helps you a lot. However, there are times when your mind simply refuses to grasp the information that is just before your eyes. In such cases, you can keep your work aside and give some time to yourself for meditating. This procedure is effective as it helps you to collect yourself, refresh your mind, and help you continue with your work with more enthusiasm.

  1. Check out online resources

Your teacher can only shout “Is this your homework Larry?” when they cannot find appropriate information in your executed work. The main motto of your teacher to giving you homework is to judge how well you are able tounderstand a particular topic or subject. Referring from authentic and academically proficient websites can give you appropriate information for your homework.

  1. Write the way you want to read

If you are ateacher and you have to go through a poorly written topic of a student named Larry (assume it!), what would you ask? “Is this your homework Larry?” “Was there any issue while researching for its content?” These are the common questions that you may come across as a student.

If being a teacher,you can get irritated or annoyed by going through a poorly written work, make sure that you do not write one. There are hundreds of ways to present your ideas. Try to use innovativeideas for crafting your provided topics to something interesting and fullof information.

These are some of the interesting steps on whose utilization not only you can complete your work on time, but your homework will also be of excellent quality. If you want to more of such ideas and steps, there are few reliable academic websites. From there you can easily get the required information. And the next time when your teacher questions you “Is this your homework Larry?” that will be out of sheer happiness.