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How to Cheat on Homework: Will That Be Helpful?

by Apr 20, 2017Homework Help

Finishing a home work would be a night mare to many kids. Most of the parents have hard time in making their kids do the home work. Not all kids are interested in doing their home works. So, they would like to find an easy way and try to cheat on their home works. This is an easy way out for them. Cheating on home works is there from small kids to the college goers, in varying levels.

So, now the query is how to cheat on homework and if that is at all helpful?

Methods of cheating

How do these kids cheat on their homework? There are many ways they use to cheat on homework. Let us see some of them:

  • Asking the parents to do the homework– This is the most common way that is done to cheat on homework. The kids ask the parents to do the homework instead of them. This is mainly done, when the kid has not done the homework when they have gone out the previous day or for any other reason and the parents had to do instead at the last minute. Mostly, the parents of kids in lower classes do this. In higher classes, due to the difficulty of subjects this will not be possible.
  • Copying– Many kids copy the home work from their friends. It would be done mostly because the kid might be slow in doing homework or a little down on their studies. This is done mostly when they are going to school in the mornings, in the school buses mostly.

If they are copying from the friend on the way from school, they can still try to do the homework again and learn or go through it to understand the concept. If they do it on the way to school, then it would only help to submit the homework.

  • Group work– Sometimes the older kids would work in a group on a home work. This cannot be considered as cheating exactly. Still, when they are asked to work on their homework’s individually, the kids would work in groups. This way, if one doesn’t know the way to work out another would help him or her out in finishing the homework.

Sometimes, if one person gets the answers wrong, then everyone might copy the answer and write it as wrong. So, it is needed to check before writing down the answers. So, how to cheat on homework? Know what and how to deal with it.

Also one should frame the sentences in a different way. If everyone writes the same sentence, then the teacher might get suspicious. If one writes “the first president of United States was George Washington” the next person can frame the sentence in a different way like “George Washington was the first president of United States”.

  • Copying from internet- Some of the kids just copy their homework from the internet by searching in google. This is mainly done in assignments, where the kid has to write about something, he copies whatever he sees in the internet without understanding anything about it. This would only help in finishing the assignment and not in understanding anything about it.

Now you know how to cheat on homework? Well, you could just get started!

Online help for cheating

 There are many apps that would do your homework for you. Though the app developers claim that the apps were developed to help students to learn their homework, many people are misusing them for doing their homework and not to learn. Some apps ask for a minimum amount to do the homework, while some are totally free.

Many parents consider that the children are not learning and only copying the homework from the apps. As some of them are free, the children do not ask their parents and use the apps themselves and get the homework done.

This is another mode to answer your query as to how to cheat on homework.

Online tutoring

There are some websites, which help the students to do their homework. You can choose these to help with your homework. There are also some tutoring websites, where you can learn things. They also help with your homework. There are many online websites that you can choose from.

How cheating in homework affects your studies?

All technology can be used either in a positive or a negative way. It is the same with the homework apps and websites. They can be used to learn the homework or assignments that you do not understand or to just get your homework done. If you are thinking of ways as to how to cheat on homework, you can surely glimpse through this!

In the long run, this only affects your learning skill in the future. The kids only think of finishing their homework and submitting it to the teacher and not about them learning some new things that would help them in the long run.

Also, we cannot just blame the technology and internet for this. Even before using the internet, there were kids who cheated on their homework. Now, it’s easily accessible by them which make it look worse as more people try to cheat.

This cannot be prevented, but the kids should be taught the responsibility of staying true to your work and to yourself. It is the basic thing that is to be learnt by the kids. If they understand the importance of education they would not try to cheat. Also they must remember that having a good character would help you a long way in life rather than the marks.

Got your answers on how to cheat on homework? You can try them, but it is best to do homework alone.