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In What Ways Can I Make My English Grammar Better?

by Sep 6, 2016English

This is a very common trouble that many people go through, especially when they are not originally from English speaking origin. Even after knowing the grammar rules properly, yet somewhere something always seems to be missing. You feel frustrated wondering what is lacking in you that you fail to cope up properly with the language or more often, end up making silly mistakes that make you feel inferior.
Well, firstly you should know that there is no reason to be suffering from inferiority. Everybody make mistakes and it is the mistakes that make them grow.Take a look at the ways that you can easily employ in order to make your English grammar better.

  • Read more English

Believe it! It helps wonderfully. The more you read you get more ideas on word placement, grammar usage or proper sentence structures. Not only these but reading also enhances your vocabulary to a great extent. So read anything you can find around you. Be it English articles, newspapers, story books, magazines or any other thing available from any source.

  • Practice writing.

After reading comes writing. Try to practice writing about something regularly. In this way you will grow a proper knowledge on how to use words and in what ways in a clearer manner. Write on whatever subject you feel like but make sure that this takes place daily. Start with writing a few lines, and then push yourself to write more detailed descriptions on objects or subjects.

  • Get yourself Checked.

It won’t be a surprise if you make mistakes in your writing. You are expected to do so. That is why it is best to get yourself checked. When you are checked, you understand the point where you were going wrong so far and rectify yourself. If this cycle keeps on happening for a regular and longtime then your work will repeatedly be checked and you will develop your knowledge. Soon, there will be lesser mistakes and a time will come when you will be absolutely confident about your writing.

  • Correct yourself when you learn something about your mistake.

When you are corrected with some mistake, it is expected of you to learn the changes that you need to remember. There is no point in repeating the same mistake over and over again. That is a sign of stupidity. So it is best to rectify and make according changes when you learn about something important and new.

  • Be conscious when you are writing.

Always remember, a careless person who has a great amount of knowledge, is prone to make more mistakes than a person who knows less and have less knowledge. So, you should be always careful and fully aware when you write.

  • Develop the habit to communicate.

If you want to make your grammar better, use more English grammar more often. It is obvious that it is not possible to write throughout the day. Even if we manage to write daily to some extent, yet it is not possible to get it corrected so easily. So it is best to communicate regularly and properly. If this habit develops, a lot of problems could end quite easily. That is because, we have to speak almost 50 percent of the amount of time we are awake, so the more we speak we can be corrected more. Thereby it gets easier to be corrected.

  • Take help of an audio book.

An audio book is actually a spoken tutorial class kind of thing. The difference being that whatever is supposed to be taught, but will be taught through recorded speeches. Get hold of such an audio book. You can listen to it all day and enhance your grammatical skills.

  • Keep reading about grammar on internet or other sources available.

In order to enhance your grammatical skills, it is best to read about it in the internet. This world of web offers us a great boon for information in an effective way. You can get hold of a variety of sources from which you can learn. There are informative videos, analytical expressions or descriptions that will help you to grow your perception well. Complete descriptions through videos are provided to help you make better. Also a lot of websites like us where you can get assistance on your queries and doubts are available in the vast world of web. This is one of the most trading trends in on-line education nowadays.

  • Never be demotivated.

Do not feel wrong or bad for yourself if you see that you are not being able to understand grammar at the first instance. It is not always possible or not even realistic for everyone to learn everything at the same time. Some learn fast; some grasp ideas slowly. What is most important is that never to be demotivated. Always believe in yourself that “yes I can”.

  • Find out the places where you find the most difficulty.

Until and unless you know that where you have to work more, how you can put the extra effort. If you do not mark out the places where you lack your knowledge in, how do you expect to get better?  Search those places and work the most on those areas. Read, learn the grammar rules on that area and keep on practicing on that till you get the best in it!

  • Take assistance from your peers, family or guide.

It is always beneficial if we get corrected every time we make a mistake by our friend’s family or any other individual who knows you well. If you take assistance from them, you will learn faster and quicker. Tell them to make you aware of the mistakes that you had made. In this way, your learning will gain a fast pace.
After all these, it is essential for you to know that there exists no easy way to learn English grammar. Not only English grammar, but anything that needs to be learnt by your needs effort, concentration and patience. There is no shortcut to success. This stands true for the case of learning too.