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Do You Agree to That Education Should Be Free at Least at the Basic Levels?

by Sep 6, 2016Assignment Help

Education does not come solely by studying or learning of books. For a complete development of a human being in order to be called as a “literate person” requires more than just book education for information.
You will be surprised to see that many children whose eyes are filled with the yearning for education are deprived. This should not be the case. There had been lots of Acts or Laws that has given everyone right to primary education. But somewhere still, it is yet not complete. This is mainly because of the wrong implementation or not efficient implementations to these acts. There had been a lot of debate that justifies whether education should be allowed and made available to everyone at the primary level.
There are some reasons that came up after every such debate over the education right at basic levels.
Let us take a look at that.

  • Education at the basic levels should be made free as everyone has the right to education at basic levels. This is an Act that gives right to every individual basics of education. Most countries have made attempts to make this through.
  • Why should anyone be deprived of primary education? We only say that education cannot be bought so why should there be a barrier for education to individuals. Then how come the needy thatcannot pay enough money will be neglected from the blessing of education.
  • Nowadays education system has become a big business where big companies or investors come and invest in order to gain profit. Fancy lifestyle with great facilities and a lot of fancy amenities in order to attract more and more people has become an emerging trade. Do you really agree that this kind is necessary? What is your opinion? Give this a thought.
  • Everyone should be approved of primary education that should make them capable enough to live in this world. Everywhere you see, it is observed that some education is definitely required by all. Be it in any monetary transactions, signature, or calculations.
  • Right to women for education.Who would say that we live in a developed world?Even today there are places where a girl child is considered to be a curse. The mother is depressed on having a girl child. Or in some extreme cases the child is killed. The little girl is killed in the womb or just after birth.

Girl child education necessarily needs to be maintained. How can we call ourselves developed if there are still instances where such cases exist? Women should be taught as an object or just a property. They are humans who have all rights like the rest.

  • When in countries still more than half the populations is poor and bellow purchasing abilities, there education seems to have fallen down a lot. If in such situation education is not free then where are the acts of humanity for all? It is a must in these places.


  • You may call, that education is available via the vast world of web. But one thing to remember is that even to utilize these stuffs you need basic education and most importantly people will not find enough money to get in touch of these means. So, basic education is a necessary in all ways.


  • Every one requires education in very sphere of their life. So, all should get the free education at the basic levels so as to survive in the society well and properly.
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Primary education that is provided in primary schools is where a child gets his or her basic education until and unless they steadily advance to higher classes like secondary or higher secondary school. They advance steadily and complete their primary education before moving to the next level. In most countries it is compulsory for children to get the primary education, the main purpose behind this is to provide literacy and numeracy among everyone for establishing properly foundations of mathematics, geography, history and other forms of science. But still what are the most trading trends in on-line education nowadays and this basic education is utterly utilized by individuals who are selflessly providing them to people.
There are also punishments that are to be followed in case these laws are outlawed. Yet there is a lot of work to do in order to remove literacy on the large scale. Various developing countries still do not follow laws of justice. Still children are being neglected and not provided the basic education, girl child is being treated badly; leave out education there.
Various Non-GovernmentOrganizations or NGOs have taken up there responsibility in spreading the joy of education to those who need them and is not capable of affording. Various social workers from all around the world have made teams in order to provide education in villages and most remote places. To spread literacy various organizations in collaboration with governments have been helping these individuals with their education.
This is a social responsibility for all that in order to eradicate the barrier and obstacles of discrimination we all have to take the responsibility. If we the ones who have been taught about all this do not come forward and join hands then how do we expect the removal of discrimination.Are those things we learnt meant for just learning only? There is more to do than just learn up the ideas and do nothing about it.
The right to education is universally accepted and entitled for education. This act is recognized in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights as a right of humans that clearly narrates the right of every human to free, compulsory primary education. Promising students can have opportunities of obligatory secondary education and thereby higher secondary education for progress depending on their desire merit and intelligence. This is in order to rule out any inequality in education levels so that everyone gets chance to avail minimum education and develop conditions of society.
It is our duty to spread literacy and make people aware of the laws and ensure that it is followed in all sense.