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Importance of Scheduling Your Homework to Achieve Perfect Grades

by Nov 6, 2016Homework Help

How many times have you been told that you should make a schedule? Well, if your answer is innumerable, then, it I am sure that I too am one of them to inform you that you should have a schedule. As a mid-school teacher, I have always advised my students that they should schedule their daily work and prepare their homework according to it. It is only then that a process of recapitulation as homework would yield positive results.
There have been more than a singular occasion, when I have chalked out a schedule for my students, only to get a reply, ‘’Ma’am who will follow this? Does this even work?” Well, a huge shout out to students out there, this does work!
Schedule: Discipline is the fundamental that the world works on
As a student, you must have heard multiple times from your mother that discipline and following a schedule is the core of getting high grades. All those times you must have simply overheard her! Well, wish you didn’t since, following a schedule has a host of perks.
When a student follows a schedule, his or her time gets organised. In this way distractions are lessened and hence, completion of homework is dome within time and learning process is enhanced. Naturally, grades get a high jump.
This is surely not possible if you don’t have a specific timeline, and things are set in a haphazard manner. Time is lost, and with little time for learning, grades are surely on the lower side.
Now you know why it is so important. Here is a couple of reasons that would specifically show to you theimportance of following a schedule, and how it would affect your grades in the long run.

  • Gives you an ideal plan:

The best function of a schedule is that it gives you a plan that can be followed. I have seen students, as per their behaviour that they are haphazard in nature. It is their carefree attitude that to a great extent harms their grades. Having such an attitude is good, but surely not at the cost of your education.
With a schedule to follow, this haphazard nature will end, and a proper plan will be set, that will ensure that a student learns a topic deeply from within and he can better his or her grades.

  • Sets out specific time frame for various subjects:

The most frequent question that I had to hear was, ‘’Ma’am we don’t get time to study all subjects!’’ This is surely nothing new since, without any schedule being present managing time is truly difficult.
By having that specific schedule, students will get to study all subjects and that too in an organised manner. The timetable is set according to priorities of subjects, thereby ensuring that there is ample amount of time to be dedicated behind each of the subjects.
Clearly, this prioritization will help in giving each subject that required time and improved grades on the whole.

  • Allows student enough time for consultation with reference material:

What I have seen from thepersonal point of view is that students complain that after completion of homework and preparation for tests, they do not have enough time for checking out reference material. Naturally, relying solely on texts and class notes would never fetch as high a grade that added information would provide.
As I have directed my class, with any fixed schedule, there would be ample time for checking out reference materials that would help in bettering answers related to any topic. In fact, there are a number of online professional websites that help in providing tailor-made answers to questions. In this way, both, homework is completed, and students learn, thereby improving grades in class.

  • Help in framing out a standard mode against which homework can be done:

Most of the students think that completing homework is no big deal. Well, that is not the case! Homework, if has to be done properly, requires a set framework to be followed. It is only then that high grades can be achieved.
With a schedule at hand, this setting or segmentation of homework becomes easier. Prioritization of topics become better, and finally, grades are improved.
If you are wondering if homework actually has any relevance in learning theprocess or can help in bettering grades, then you can surely to check effective use of homework to become an active learner for details.

  • Helps you to stay focused:

This is the most important factor that needs to be taken into account and which is why, not just me but every guardian asks their wards to follow a schedule. Have you ever met a child who loves doing his or her homework? None, I bet! Naturally, chances of getting distracted, diversions of mind, not completing work within a specified time frame crops up.
However, with bound schedule, where targets are fixed and have to be met at any cost, chances of such diversions are reduced, and thestudent gets to spend more time with his or her studies. This surely marks an improvement in grades for them. Hence, having a schedule is a must!
Too tired of following a schedule? Take a break!
For any person, having a regular schedule and following it with utmost care is not possible. There are times when you wish to cheat and break the rules. In that case, I would suggest taking up such breaks that do not harm your schedule in the long run.

  • Listen to some music or try dancing. Sitting down at the same place for a long time period is no small thing. This helps you distress and gives your muscles that much-needed
  • Why not munch on something light? This helps in stimulating your brain and helps you to study further.
  • Watch a sitcom, or a comedy show in between. This is the best way to utilise that break which you have got, and it also helps in de-stressing your mind ensuring that you are prepared to follow next set of the schedule.

All these ways do break your schedule, but not to such an extent that it cannot be reverted back to. Rather, they help in breaking themonotony, and ensuring that you are all set!
Why don’t you share your ideas with us? Being a student, do you have other options or suggestions? We are waiting for your reply!