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9 Ways to Make Your Resume Better

by Nov 6, 2016Assignment Help

‘‘Your resume says a lot about you. It determines whether you will be called in for an interview or not.’’
Are you worried about getting a good job? Looking for ways to make your resume better than others? Concerned on how to create a good impression through your CV?
Well, there are millions of people who are looking for the right job. But it is the resume which gets your ‘foot in the door’ for any new job these days. It is only through a good resume that you can expect from having a good job landed at your door.
With recent improvements in technology, our life has become more comfortable than what it was a decade ago. This has impacted the job prospects too. One can easily apply for jobs and interviews through few clicks on the internet. But the process of job hunting is still the same- a good resume!
Getting a job has never been an easy task. Remember that the old saying- ‘’First impression is the last impression’’ has its significance here too. It is this resume which leaves the first impression with prospective employers. And the worst part is that ‘‘your CV may only be looked at for just 6 seconds.’’
No matter whether you are already in the process of job hunting or think that you may soon need to find good jobs, there are few ways which you need to undertake to ensure that you have a good resume. You need to have a resume that sets you apart from other prospective job seekers.
Since I have myself been a job seeker till sometime back, I know how difficult it is to frame a good resume. With my vast experience both as a job seeker and prospective employer, I am here to share ways through which you can make your resume better. Stay tuned to know about the ways which will ensure that you are more marketable than others.
9ways to make your resume stand out

  1. Use industry keywords and buzzwords in your resume

Every field has got some industry-specific keywords.  It is these keywords which recruiters and prospective employers make use of while looking for ideal candidates. Thus, it is very important to make use of the right keywords and buzzwords to highlight your capabilities to the recruiter while he goes through your resume.
For example, in case you are into a writing profession, use keywords like ‘article writing’, ‘blog writing’, ‘proof-reading’, etc. Know what the essential keywords in your profession are and make effective use of them.

  1. Follow a modern and professional format

Like any other piece of work, it is quite natural that there is a format to resume-writing too. In order to grab the attention of good recruiters, you need to maintain the modern, professional format of resume. It is this format that grabs the attention of recruiters!
However, there are specific formats in respective fields which need to be followed while making a resume of that field.

  1. Build it as per the specific role of the job you desire

Instead of expanding your options, craft a resume that suits you as per the positions you desire to have. Remember that resumes with improper focus confound recruiters who have difficulty in assessing about your role if they hire you.
Since you have only a few seconds to create a lasting impression, try to make the most of it by building a resume which helps you to grab the offer.

  1. Replace the objective with a summary

What will the employer do by knowing what you want to do in your professional life? Thus, it is best if you strike off the objective and replace it with the summary. The summary should have a short professional synopsis which highlights your total years of experience, achievements, strengths, etc.

  1. Have a ‘lean and mean’ perspective

The best way to highlight your resume is by showing the achievements. The right way to express your achievements is quantifying it as much as possible. Use numbers to add special emphasis to your work qualities. Thus, make use of numerical figures, percentages to add credibility and authenticity in your CV.
For example, instead of using ‘‘Increased the revenue by 67%’’, use ‘‘Increased the company’s revenue by 67%, which is triple the average.’’

  1. Improve your resume’s accessibility

A general habit of our reading style is that we scan and access more than we actually read. Keeping this habit in mind, your writing approach in thecase of an ideal resume should be that of using short paragraphs of three to four lines at the maximum. You can make use of bullets to grab the attention of recruiters. Consider adding proper headings and subheads to segment your information.

  1. Make use of effective designs

Why not add a catchy design to your resume? These designs will make your resume stand out from other job seekers. Use additions like shading, tables, boxes, charts, images, etc.
However, you need to ensure that the design you are using matches up to your industry norms.

  1. Highlight your ‘wow’ factor

What are the things that you think employers give special importance to? If you have those criteria matching, why not showcase them in your resume? Highlight it in a way that prominently shows your achievements throughout your resume. You can portray your ‘wow’ factor in separate sections like ‘Honors and Awards received’.
To assess your ‘wow’ factor, ask yourself-

  • When did I emerge to be the best?
  • Which achievements made the most impressive results?
  • What earned me public recognition?
  1. Ensure that your contact information pops up prominently

Hiring managers and recruiters are always busy. If you manage to create a lasting impression in their minds, do you want to miss your chance of an interview due to improper contact information?
Consider adding links to your professional blog, email address, relevant social media accounts. While adding contact number, provide the one who always remains active. Instead of providing several phone numbers, add only your cell phone number.
With these nine ways ready at your fingertips, you must have got the idea of how to make the ideal resume, isn’t it? Employ these strategies and ensure yourself of having better job prospects.
Good luck for your job-hunting process, readers!