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Online Education Service or Private Teacher Service: Which One Is Better?

by Nov 6, 2016Online Tutoring

The difference between online education service and private teacher service has been quite a debatable topic from the last decade.
Choosing a college is never easy, but whether you want to pursue a degree online or you want a private teacher service, that decision is not simple as well. Before going for elaborate discussion, let us find out about both the services in details.
What is online education service?
Online education means distance learning where the student takes the class through the internet, and also the study materials are provided online. Numerous universities offer online courses throughout the world.
What is private teacher course?
Private schools provide a traditional teaching where the students have to attend their classes in person. It also helps the students to interact with each other. There are certainly better opportunities if you are more interested in socialising, join clubs during the course. Even if you need additional guidance from the teachers, you can get the assistance with good grace.
Though nearly half the world prefers traditional teacher – student courses than online courses, online classes are being more popular day by day due to its flexibility and ease.
People who already have a job or have some other responsibilities can easily cope up with the timing. There are few major features which make online classes more acknowledged these days. They are like:

  • Time flexibility

This is the most popular feature in online education, where students can attend the lectures in their spare time. It’s much easier to schedule your classes in your free time. Private teaching requires you to participate in classes on specific days of the week, at a particular time, which creates problems for busy professionals or new mothers.
Skipping your work or hiring a babysitter to attend the class is not feasible all the time.  Though few online courses require meetings at a particular time in the chat rooms, in most cases, you can reschedule your virtual classes according to your ease.

  • Interacting with other students

There is a misconception throughout the world that the students who take online classes do not interact with each other. But in reality, even online classmates can work together through chat rooms or emails. If you feel only traditional teaching makes you more social, that’s not appropriate anymore.

  • Feedback

The feedback from the teachers you get in a traditional private class setting is entirely different. In an online course, you can get a detailed report of your project or may be a video clip sometimes. But in a traditional setting, the teachers might pass a few comments. Both the feedbacks are more or less same, but a face to face interaction might provide you many feedbacks.

  • Resources

The resources you get on a private school campus might be slightly different from the resources available in an online course. Facilities like a library, gym, residence halls can be accessible on a traditional campus.
Though many online courses are offering similar services nowadays, online college can give you a vast virtual library which is pretty much handy for their students.
Sometimes they also collaborate with a library near you. Also, there are multiple universities which are offering online courses at the same time. Their resources are fully accessible for the online students as well.

  • Early college certificate

Most of the online courses are designed so that you can earn something extra with less effort. There are few online courses which allow getting a college degree even though you are in school. So good luck with that!
But there are few factors which you should keep in a while enrolling for an online class

  • Cost

Choosing a perfect online course which fits your budget plan is not at all simple, though online courses are quite affordable than your typical private school classes in general. Even there are few available money programs for the students.

  • Accreditation

This is something which makes your degree valid if an institution is not qualified enough to provide you with a degree through their curriculum; your degree will not make any sense. So, you should look into the matter before you enrol for the course.

  • A course that fits you

Not all online schools provide you with the perfect course you need, so it would be best for you if you make sure they have the exact degree plans you need.

  • Low graduation rate

A lot of online schools has quite a low graduation rate that means the percentage of students enrol for the school, and the percentage of students that graduate from there, have a huge difference. Low-quality services provided by the school can be the reason for it.  You should make sure of that too.

  • Motivation

Online courses might be a great help for people who are already busy with their work schedule and family responsibilities, but the student himself should be responsible enough about the classes he is taking. There are no fix hours, or there are no such strict rules for the students, which sometimes might act opposite as well. You should be responsible enough to finish your courses in time.
If you are doing some designing courses, you will need face-to-face interaction with your teacher. Before enrolling in a course, you should find out the school is offering you one. To know that in details, you might take a look at “know the factors that will help you to be a better designer.”
If you are looking for an active social classroom, a traditional private schooling method would be best for you. But if you are already busy with your schedule, online classes can be a great experience for you. Many professional sites give students an insight into it.