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How to Win the Race in English Homework?

by Apr 19, 2017English

A different language which is not our mother tongue is always seemed little hard to learn. And when it comes to English, which the international language, everybody wants to become fluent in order to compete with the world. Students find difficulties in English homework due to many reasons. To help them out, I am writing few tips thatthey can use in order to win the race in English homework.

Work on your grammar first

In order to win the race and become apro in English, you need first to get comfortable with the grammar as grammar is the main key to unlock the English. Grammar is the main base which is why is introduces as acomplete subject in schools so that children can focus on grammar specifically. Now how you can enjoy learning grammar is simple, have a look at the points below:

  • Start playing grammar games that are available for free online. You can even download these exercises for free, and sometimes it comes pre-installed on your laptops or systems. Or you can ask the dealer to get it done for you before buying a laptop.Trust me; this is way too interesting and a simple hack to learn the grammar like anexpert.
  • You can also ask your teachers or tutors or guardians. Every teacher follows a special hack for teaching the grammar in the simplest way possible. He might create an interesting word or line to bring your interest into the subject and strikes our memory in such a way that you never forget it.

Get your hands on vocabulary in leisure time

Vocabulary should be good when it comes to learning English. If your vocabulary is strong, you will take no time in framing the attractive sentences. For getting the perfect vocabulary, you can go throughdictionary in free time or try to find out the synonyms of the words that you mostly tend to use in your writing orspeaking. It will help you to learn new words.

Newspaper plays a great role

Believe me or not, but newspapers are the best source of learning right English. It does two good things to you. Firstly, it increases your general knowledge. Being a student, you should be aware of what is happening in the world. Secondly, it helps you in much better way in improving your English.

Always practice writing

It is commonly noted in mostly students that they take a lot of time in framing the sentences, they would know the meaning of what they want to convey but fail to write it as it is. So it is suggested to the students that whenever they get anytime, they should practice by writing the current thoughts running in their mind. It helps a lot in improving English.

If you have improved English, you will never get any trouble in your homework. All you will need is to understand what the question is, then read the answer and understand it and write it in your own way. Your teacher will definitely notice your creativity and will never forget to applaud for you.

Use Online resources

There are plenty of online sites that helps in correcting the grammar, try those out. Write the sentences and type them in the sites to get to know whether they are correctly written or not. Online resources are a great help these days. You being a 21st-centurykid should utilize them to the fullest in order to excel in English homework.

Exchange writings for crosschecking

Find a friend who is keen to learn English same as you want to. Then write on any topic and exchange the papers. Ask him to check yours and vice versa, you will get to know new points and things. Exchanging ideas always helps, remember this. The more you will spread your knowledge the better you will learn in return. You can do his activity in groups also, or can suggest it to your teacher. It will help you to get the honest remarks, which is very much important especially when you are in a learning phase.

Reading is also important

Always read your writings, you will be able to mark the corrections yourself. Proofreading is very much important in order to bring improvement in yourself. Also, always try to read the sentences where ever you find them. Read hoardings, boarding, pamphlets or anything that you get to see. You will see the changes in you very soon.

Continuous practice and determination on anything can make you successful. All you need to have is confidence in you, which is very important.

Always remember that if you need to stand apart from the crowd, you will have to have something extra. Be it extra efforts or extra determination.