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Tricks of Becoming Master in Essay Writing

by Apr 19, 2017Writing

Is essay writing is a nightmare for you? Don’t worry; onwards it won’t threaten you. I am going to introduce to few ways which you can adopt anytime you need to write an essay, and you will be sorted.

To become the master in essay writing, you need to follow thesebelow-mentioned tricks that I am going to listing from my personal experience on essays.

Know the purpose of writing essays first

Now essay is defined as a piece of article with full of information. Now, as per this, an article is similar to an essay. But the basic difference between essay and article is article is written to inform the reader, but essay is written to persuade the reader. By persuading the reader, I mean that a reader should believe blindly on what you have written in your essay. In articles, readers might disagree with your ideas because it is written as anindividual, but essay has to be full of evidence of researches or data done.

Research is the key, research the entire topic from tip to toes

The first and most important thing about writing an essay is to research the topic. Researching is the base of any thesis or information about a specific topic. So start investing your time in getting all the history of the topic. For instance, if you have to write an essay on online media, then you have to know that from when it has started, what is it doing and what it will be doing in future, not even the upcoming future but to the extreme future. The data you will get online or in books on the same subject that will help you in your best research for the topic.

Trust me, if the research is done to the core, there is no way you cannot become the master of essay writing. Also, a good research takes time, but that is the only time that it will take. Once your mind knows everything, you will take no time in framing the essay.

How to begin and what to begin with

Now, most of the time, we find difficulties in wondering as to how to start the essay. All the brainstorming has already been done in the research process. So, always figure out what your strength is and what your likes are and keeping that in mind start the topic with an introduction of how much you know about it. After all, your teacher is just reading from your eyes. He will trust the information that you are going to share in your essay and will then compare to what he knows, based on that, he will rank you in marks. So find the best out of you, and then pen it down. Simple right!

Give examples a place in your essay

Remember, no one wants to read the boring content. Now you must be thinking that essay has to be full of on tent, yes it is. But try writing with examples and instances to make your essay stand out of the crowd so that your teacher can give examples of your essays to other students as well. Who does not want to create his own identity? All it takes is a creative mind with full of information.

Point-wise writing always wins

As far as my knowledge is concerned, and previous studies have been done, including points in your essays creates more interest of the reader. When it comes to data analysis, always include bullet points or statistics in your essay. Not just data, but whatever point you think is important for a reader to read or you want to highlight any points, then keep them in bullet points or give them numbers. It will definitely seek the attention of the reader.

Frame your essay in three main parts

Always divide your essay into three main parts:

  • Introduction: Introduce your topic to readers. Explain what the topic is all about, what is known as and how it what is its importance. Most important, you should include the reason for choosing the specific topic. Your reason of why it needs an attention has to be there in your essay.
  • Body: The body of the essay includes the explanation of several ideas with relevant instances for a reader to understand the topic in abetter
  • Conclusion: Conclusion is summarizing everything that you have written as the crux and then writing the impact of your topic in an ending note. One completeparagraph should be able to conclude everything that you have written.

Read the best samples for better understanding

Always refer to the other essay that has believed to be the best so far. You will always learn a new thing out of one essay. I could be the style of writing or the way of explanation or the content formation or the genre of writing. You will definitely get to learn a new thing that will bring improvement in your writing.

Few other tips to keep in mind while writing an essay

After talking about how essay has to be framed, I am going to list few other things as well that can help you in mastering the idea of essay writing.

  • Be specific and don’t include lengthy lines. Always remember, that reader always wants to read the crisp and specific information and not the lengthy lectures.
  • In order to keep the reader awake, you have to keep few interesting points that are rare and not so popular, like unknown facts.
  • Always find a creative angle. If your topic is bit boring, you can include creativity so as to keep the reader busy in your writing.
  • Be honest about your essay. The moment you are including your observations, you have, to be honest. Do not lie to grab the attention of the reader, as the reader is never fooled; he has the idea of what is possible and what is not.
  • Do the proofreading of your essay thoroughly. It will not take much as nowadays there are so many resources that do these things for you.

Once you are done with your essay, never forget to get an idea or feedback from your guardians or colleagues. If you want to show the exact copy, you can ask whether the information that you have written seems to be genuine or not.

If you follow these points, nobody can even stop you from becoming the master in essay writing. Enjoy writing!