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How to Prepare Policy Speech Topics for College Students?

by Aug 30, 2018Writing

If you are in college, you will be asked to deliver any type of speech as part of the college curriculum. And one of type which many students find challenging to prepare are the policy speech topics. Policy speech is also a persuasive speech, but it is more specific and the student has to have deep knowledge of the guidelines before choosing the topic.
Teachers give policy speech topics for college students so that the student will have a better insight into the subject matter and the importance of guidelines and policies. Usually policy speech topics might be argumentative and controversial and students must learn about the subject matter before delivering the policy speech. Policies are a set of rules and guidelines formulated that should be followed and if anyone has any suggestion, change or dislikes any part of it they should be able to voice their opinion. That is why college students are trained to deliver policy speech and this is also a pathway to getting good grades in their finals.
Policy speech topics for college students have to be specific and should address a problem that will kindle the audience’s participation in solving and addressing it. Let me first share with you some of the challenges faced by students in choosing good policy speech topics for college students.

  1. Defining the problem to be addressed

The student should choose a topic that addresses a problem that is currently faced by the society. The issue at hand must be clearly pinpointed in the title and should involve the audience’s response. The chosen issue can be a popular debatable one or it may be a current new affair. Hence policy speech topics for college students should easily be able to identify and define the problems addressed and the audience should also be able to give their point of view on that matter.

  1. Balancing both the student’s and audiences opinion

Policy speech for college students should have opinions that balance both the student’s and the audience’s points of understanding. The topic chosen should address an issue that is debatable and subject matters where both students and audience should agree upon. This is important so that students can be assessed and graded accordingly. When delivering the speech the tone of the topic should be such that attracts the audience’s attention.

  1. To favor something or not

The suggestions for a policy may lead to the consequence of an action being taken or not. They may have subtle hints as to what is usually done and lead the listener on to choosing a certain path of action over another. The speech delivered by the student should address the problem involved and the student should try to formulate an opinion or solution that favours the point or not.

  • 4 Research and explore

Policy speech topics for college students will be based on various topics that are explored. Before preparing their speech, students should read and research various topics in effect.  They can take the help of online resources or if they have no internet facility, they go to their local library. Both are good places of resources. Another factor to be kept in mind is that students should research topics that they are familiar with and that on which they can talk about.

  • Getting to know the facts

Before going to give a policy speech, students must first get to know the facts. This is important for a smooth flow in their discussion. While discussing the issue at hand, students must know what they are talking about. This will give them confidence in the subject matter and help them in getting good grades.
Important guidelines for policy speech topics for college students
Policy speech topics for college students must be such that student is familiar with the subject or issue to be discussed. They should be able to involve the audience or listener and get their attention. Here are some guidelines and ideas for good policy speech topics for college students.

  • A good idea for a policy speech topic would be to talk about general public policies and law. Even though they are controversial, they can instil confidence in the student and motivate him in this competitive world.
  • Women’s rights all over the world are the most talked subject in the news and media. Hence it is an ideal topic to talk about the policies and laws that justify women’s right and gender equality globally.
  • For students who are animal lovers, they can always talk about policies to protect animals and issue guidelines for caring for animals. This is in fact one of the hot topics included in the global news and media.
  • Another interesting topic that will attract listeners is regarding corruption and bribery among politicians. Every country has politicians who are corrupt and accept bribery. Student can take into consideration this point and base their speech and suggest policies to eliminate corruptive politicians.
  • If nothing works out, students can always talk about the current world affairs and any policies that will resolve the issues at hand. Keeping in mind the present situations, this is an ideal policy speech topic for college students.
  • Crime prevails all over the world and hence students can bring out policies and guidelines to prevent crime in their country.

Hence, the above points are suitable ideas for formulating policy speech topics for college students. These are only few of the ideas gives. Students have to research and explore various issues before deciding on the topic for their policy speech. Moreover, they have to be familiar with the topic or issue at hand. Policy speech topics for college students should have a title which is catchy and arouse the audience’s interest and involve them in the speech. Also, the students should accept the opposing point of view and try to favour their speech balancing theirs and the audience’s opinion.If they want good grades, they have to take time and undertake the challenging task of preparing a good policy speech topic.