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How to Choose Good Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

by Aug 30, 2018Essay

A persuasive speech is one in which the speaker has to persuade or convince the listeners regarding a specific subject. This type of speech is included in high school and college academics. If you are pursuing your degree in college, then your teacher will ask you to deliver a persuasive speech as part of the curriculum. This is where the students are actually stuck! Before giving out the speech, they have to first start exploring for good persuasive speech topics. This task of choosing good persuasive speech topics for students will be a complicated work for them.
When I was in college, I actually explored various topics which interested me and then chose the most interesting and feasible topic for my speech. Let me tell you how to write select good persuasive speech topics for college students.

  1. Choosing good persuasive topic that is easy for you and interesting to the listeners

Most students have a topic but unsure of what to talk about. The topic is the key element for a persuasive speech. Before preparing a persuasive speech, the student should first explore various topics and choose a topic that he can write about. Also, the topic should be his area of interest. The student should be familiar about the topic and its subject matter and he should be able to deliver his persuasive speech without any hassles. So,good persuasive speech topics for college students are selected based on their interest and knowledge of the discussion.

  1. Attracting attention of the audience

One of important factor of good persuasive speech topics for college students is to arouse the interest of audience in the speech. A good topic should attract the audience’s attention and persuade them to get involved in the speech. If the topic or title is regarding a current situation, the audience will surely get interested to listen to the speech. This is one of the key factors for college student in getting a good grade in that subject.

  1. Define the need and objective of the subject

Another important factor while selecting good persuasive speech topics for college students is to define the need of the subject discussed and the objective of delivering a speech on that particular topic. A good persuasive speech topic must have a title which explains the need and goal of the subject matter. This will give the audience an idea of the speaker’s point of view and what the student is going to talk about.

  1. Deciding the target audience

One of the important decisions to make while choosing good persuasive speech topics for college students is to decide who the listeners are going to be. The audiences are the people who will decide on the student’s personality and the teacher will base their grading decision based on the audience’s reaction to the speech delivered by the students. The topic and title should be familiar to both the student and the target audience.

  1. Researching and exploring resources for the speech

Good persuasive speech topics for college students are usually researched by the students and teachers. Students should first explore the internet and their local library for ideas for a good persuasive speech topic. They can also get help from their family and friends for a topic to talk about. The public or local library will have many journals, newspapers, scholarly articles, etc…and it’s a good place to start if the student has no access to internet or computer.
Ideas for good persuasive speech topics for college student
When college students are asked to deliver a persuasive speech as part of their curriculum, they start to search for topics that are unique and that which they are familiar with. They also avoid common topics and try to choose topics that are different from other students and which help them getting a good grade. They want to be heard and graded well. Moreover, the topic must justify theirs as well as their audience’s points of view. Here are some examples for good persuasive speech topics for college students that might give them an idea of what to talk about.

  • Health and lifestyle is an important are for all kinds of people. Nowadays people are health conscious and want to work out and eat healthy. Hence, it is a good topic that can be talked about and used as an idea for good persuasive speech topics.
  • Another important subject to talk about is natural disasters. For college students, this might be an important subject to give a speech on as it is also included in their academic syllabus.
  • For student of the political science department, they can choose a topic regarding the current world affairs or political situation in a particular place. Politics is one of the hot topics among many people and thus it can be a good idea to take it up as their persuasive speech.
  • We live in a futuristic world where gadgets and machines are ruling human beings. Hence technology can be of the many good persuasive speech topics for college students that can attract many listeners.
  • The world has also advanced in the field of science and medicine and many life threatening diseases can be easily cured thanks to modern science and new medical discoveries. Hence this is a good idea for a persuasive speech topic to be delivered that can help students score a good grade.
  • Many college students participate in various sports activity in the college or outside their college. A student might be interested in a particular sport like football. Since they have knowledge of various games and tournament, delivering a persuasive speech on sport might be a good idea for that student.

Hence exploring and selecting good persuasive speech topics for college students is essential for attracting audience’s attention and getting a good grade to graduate. The title for the persuasive speech topic must be catch and attractive and convey and persuade the audience to listen more.