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How to Perfectly Blend Homework with Time Management?

by Apr 8, 2018Management

Students live very busy lives. They have their academic life, their personal life, their peer group and not to forget their ever increasing and ever demanding social life. To make matters more complicated, assignments join this ever increasing cycle and students are left with inadequate time.
In short, they don’t have enough time, or so it seems to them but if one ponders more deeply, is it really the case? It isn’t because if one learns to master the efficient use of time, no task is big enough not to be completed. Time is a precious commodity and time management is an art, and in this article, we will offer you some useful tips to manage your time better and more efficiently. With such stress prevailing, it is important to have time management solution homework help.
Make a schedule
Having a proper plan before starting a war is half the war won. This age old war tactic holds true for you too, especially when you are looking for time management solution homework help. It is important to have a plan-a proper course of action. If you have a daily timetable allocating the requisite amount of time to each subject, then it can be extremely rewarding for you.
It’s also important to keep an important proverb in mind while making a daily schedule-all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is equally important to allocate proper time to your areas of interest too in order for you to have all round development and in turn better concentration while you are doing your homework and studies.
Let us look at a scenario. Suppose you love playing soccer, but due to the pressure of studies and assignments, you aren’t able to devote much time to it. An effective solution would be to make a schedule and to follow it sincerely. Allocate yourself at least 2-3 hours of play time preferably in the evening.
Now once you are done with your soccer, take a half hour break and sit down to study. Study a particular subject for say an hour and then go on to solving assignments related to it. After completing the assignment, move on to studying some other topic. Just remember that making a schedule is easier, following it religiously is harder.
Take small breaks
Instead of sitting on for hours and trying to solve an assignment, follow a different strategy. Make mental notes of the amount of study you need to do on a particular day. Once you are done with that, sit down to study in a calm and quiet place away from all distractions, especially your smart-phone.
Study for an hour at a stretch without getting up. After completion of the topic, go on to solve the related assignments. Once you are done with that, take some rest-say for 10 minutes. Use this 10 minutes to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Eat something light during this time or listen to some soft music.
Once you are done with your break, sit back with your books again. Study a different topic and follow the same plan. Research has shown that taking small breaks between study hours helps in increasing concentration and understanding capabilities.
Make your study and assignments interesting
Use a marker to highlight important lines. Instead of jotting down all the points in a notebook, make small cue cards having only keywords and important pointers so that you can both save time as well as remember things better in a more organized fashion. Use mnemonics to remember important parts better.
Reward yourself
Another useful time management solution homework help is rewarding yourself after the completion of a task. Suppose you wanted to study a particular topic within 2 hours and you have successfully achieved that target.
Strike off that task from your daily schedule and keep it in front to constantly remind you that you are capable of meeting deadlines and following a plan. Reward yourself with some ice cream or a 5-minute phone call.
It’s important to constantly have faith in oneself and have self-belief and doing these small measures can prove to be very helpful in boosting your self-moral and providing motivation.
Break down big assignments into numerous small assignments
In order for you to successfully adhere to time management solution homework help, it is important to remember that no homework is bigger than your will towards completing it. If you have a big assignment at hand, then try breaking it down to numerous small assignments and completing each small assignment at a time.
Completing these small assignments won’t require you to sit for hours at a stretch and hence won’t be monotonous. Also completing one small assignment at a time will help you to learn better, clearing your concepts and instill confidence in you once you complete it because when you look back, you will see that a lot of your assignment has already been done without you realizing it.
Use whatever little time you have judiciously
If you notice carefully, a lot of time is wasted in a day doing absolutely nothing. These bits of free time should be used advantageously. If you have a break between two classes and don’t have any work at hand, then it is always advisable that you use this particular time in revising a learned topic or solving a part of your assignment.
The more bits of free time you use, the more time you will eventually have. You can spend it on other things, apart from academics and assignments.
Start early
Procrastination is an enemy of Time management solution homework help. Procrastination is a vicious cycle. It keeps sucking you in the more you try to stay away from it. So it is always wise to start your assignments early without any delay.
Remember the more you delay, the more the work gets piled up and in turn the more the amount of time you need to give for completing it. Procrastination and unnecessary delays cause panic among students ultimately and end up giving them much more stress.
Eat healthy and sleep adequately
A well rested brain is a necessity for a proper learning experience. A well-relaxed brain takes in and processes information much more quickly than a brain that is tired. Another important aspect to time management solution homework help is eating healthy.
It is necessary for you to eat a balanced diet in order for your body to function properly without any glitches. Eating an unbalanced diet regularly or frequently eating outside makes your body much more vulnerable to disease-causing viruses and bacteria, especially of the intestine.
Drinking at least 2 liters of water daily is quintessential for keeping your body hydrated. Remember you can only study properly and complete your assignments if you are healthy. If you are always sick, then you won’t have either the energy or the concentration required for completing your assignment.
Follow these rules for maximum utilization of your resources!