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5 Homework Problems Faced by Every Student and Solutions for Them!

by Apr 7, 2018Homework Answers

Challenges are a part of every person’s life. Challenges and difficulties mold a person’s individuality, personality and his prowess of taking a decision when the time requires it the most. Challenges vary from person to person- what can be a challenge to you, may not be a challenge at all to another person.
Challenges change with age. Challenges become different as one grows and mature. In one’s school life, completing assignments before the submission date is a challenge to almost every student. In adolescence period, coping up with one’s personal life, accepting one’s body transformation, doing assignments and studying are a few challenges that life throws at us. With so many problems cropping up, it is important to discuss students homework solution.
Opinions on homework
There are different and contrasting views on the advantages of homework, which has led numerous protests and calls for banning homework. Pro-homework ban activists believe that assignments:

  • Are monotonous to students, and they dislike doing it because they don’t find it interesting enough.
  • Since doing homework consumes a lot of time, students hardly get time to play outdoors which in turn affects their health and mental fitness.
  • Students who fail to complete their assignments on time are generally subjected to ridicule and harsh behavior by their teachers which leave a lasting impression on them. This can lead to self-depreciation and loss of confidence amounting to stress and anxiety.

However, pro-homework activists believe that homework is ultimately good for a student and they give the following reasons to support their views:

  • Doing homework helps a student to avoid He or she is thus able to prepare a topic that he or she as it is hard to complete the test.
  • By doing homework, students learn to manage time from a very young age. This knowledge of time management comes to their rescue later on in life, and they are able to prioritize their life better.

Homework challenges faced by every student
Homework is definitely a challenge in a student’s academic life, whether one accepts it or not. It’s a fact that students have a hard task juggling their time, and assignments add on that difficulty.  In the paragraphs below, I discuss the different homework challenges faced by every student. Students homework solution will also be discussed with the preceding challenges faced.

  1. Lack of information

A common problem faced by students doing their assignments is that they, more often than not, end up having very less information for solving a particular homework. Solving assignments require a thorough knowledge of the particular chapter from which the assignment has been given.
However, as we all have seen throughout our school and college life, assignments are given midway, before even the completion of the chapter. This leads to a scarcity of knowledge for solving the particular assignment and students hardly learn anything through this faulty method.
Also, the knowledge from a single book is seldom enough for successfully completing homework, and hence students have to consult various other books and the internet. This might seem as if a student’s knowledge is increasing, but in reality, it isn’t because he or she hasn’t understood the chapter. The student is basically jotting down solutions without understanding, leading to very poor retention power.
A possible students homework solution to this challenge faced is by doing the assignment after completing the particular topic. If one has to do the assignment before that topic is completed in school or college, then is always advisable to study it on your own and then consult your teachers if you have any problems. So, it always advisable to avoid procrastination and start studying a topic as early as possible.

  1. Difficulty in concentration due to distractions

Distractions can be caused due to a variety of reasons. If you are finding it hard to complete your homework since your neighbors are making too much noise, then you can request them to stop it and tell your problems to them.
If your study room is in proximity to your drawing room, then television noises can be a definite sore point. Not only will it dampen your confidence but also grow an urge within yourself to view what is going on. A very practical students homework solution to this can be by going to a room and studying where there will be less noise, away from the drawing room.
It is also advisable to study at hours when disturbance is minimal. You can either sit to study early in the morning or late at night when others are sleeping. Studying in a calm atmosphere helps a student to retain what he or she has learned much better.

  1. Social media and smart-phones

Social media and smart-phones have become an integral part of our lives so much so that we hardly can stay away from them even when we are studying. It’s a common scenario when you are studying and your mobile beeps with a notification, you open to see it and end up wasting the next hour and a half surfing the internet, chatting with your friends and playing games.
This can be avoided by keeping your mobile away from your study room or by switching it off. Make a mental note of the time required for you to complete the homework and then devote the necessary time without accessing your phone even once. In the beginning, it might be a difficult task, but with practice, you learn to deal with it and concentrate better and in turn manage your time better.

  1. Distracting thoughts

As you might have already experienced, you will end up thinking about varied things when you sit to study. Thoughts may range from stars and galaxies to making mental notes as to how to tie a shoe lace. If you are going through some personal problems, you will constantly find yourself thinking about it.
A good way to avoid that is by making mental notes of your problems and allotting specific time for yourself to think about them. Suppose you are having problems with your love life, then it’s always advisable to think about them before you go to sleep.
If your brain is aware of the fact that you already have allotted a specific time for a particular problem that has been nagging you, the then chances are that you won’t think about them when you sit to do your assignments. Thus, this is definitely a very useful trick for people looking for students homework solutions to homework challenges.

  1. Too much homework

Assignments can be very time consuming and may end up taking a considerable amount of our time in a day. At times they can be so vast that a student hardly gets time to play outdoors or do things he or she love to do.
Schools and colleges generally have guidelines preventing teachers from giving too much of homework. As parents, it is important to stay aware of such rules and contact the school authorities in case these are violated.
A tip for time management
Time management is the cornerstone of everyone’s life. If a person learns to manage his or her time right from school life, then he or she will be much better at handling time and prioritizing life.
A useful tip for guardians and college goers looking for students homework solutions is to make a time utility chart allocating a particular time for a particular activity. Make sure to include activities apart from academics, like sports and arts, in the time table so that there is all round development.