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How to Overcome the Fear of Mathematics during Exams?

by May 17, 2017Mathematics

Mathematics is an extremely important subject for this advancing age of science. It is the language of every subject of science. Without it, no science could have thrived and hence nothing of this modern timeowing to science could exist.

So, if a student is studying science, then he or she must learn mathematics skillfully. But, if it is a student of mathematics itself thenhis or her responsibility is greater as they are studying a subject on which all science is based and is also a thing in itself.

Myths related to Mathematics

There are many norms, theorems, hypothesis, terms and calculations in this subject of Mathematics, but most important thing about it is the understanding of this subject. This is where most students fall short. They try to memorize rules, terms and calculations and results in a catastrophe during their exams.

Such weakness in mathematics causes nervous breakdown amongst student helping to grow a phobia of math exams in them. This fear of mathematics can be dealt with by starting to understand this subject instead of memorizing it or learning by heart.

Here are some ways that you should follow from beginning of the term so that at its end during your exams your mind is not grasped with fear of math.

Try to keep regular attendance

Make sure that you attend all classes of mathematics from beginning of term.  If any one of these lectures is missed, then you will definitely miss all the discussions and arguments that happened in class, the teacher’s explanations, their advicesand suggestions will all be missed and this will make you fall behind. So don’t miss the regular classes unless and until absolutely necessary, in case of any emergency.

Pay attention and try to understand in class

Mathematics is not a very easy subject. So, those who thinks that it is all about memorizing and calculating,it is high time for them to wake up. One has to learn it by paying attention in class, actively studying and working through problems.

  • One needs to understand the study materials and their instructor’s explanations by clearing all doubts and queries from their teacher on spot which is in their classes.
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask any question about the lesson. More one asks, more he or she learns about it.
  • Take the teacher’s note in a systematic way that will churn your memories later on, when you study or apply them. Thus, it makes sure that no mistake regarding what you learntis made in future. So, always be attentive in class.

Homework must be done in time

Try to do homework in time. Do not keep postponing it for the future which is a common tendency amongst students. Generally, homework is assigned immediately after finishing a particular lesson, so every detail about those lessons are still fresh in your mind and that helps to do the home assignment properly and also boosts your memory on that particular topic.

Or else it is not possible for you to cram up the homework of two to three weeks in a few days. It will create an extra pressure for the brain and health and can prove to be fatal. If you often have troubles with finishing them, then from any good online assignment service provider you may adopt Top 5 effective and simple steps to complete assignments within the deadline.

Sincerely follow textbooks and notes

Consider your textbooks as friends in your studies. Always try to follow textbooks and class notes by heart before starting your home assignments. The reasons are:

  • Usually, textbooks contain many examples of mathematical problems and their solutions, which are really helpful for understanding and remembering.
  • The teachers note will remind you about all the details that were learnt in the class and this helps in doing your assignments.
  • Moreover the modern books of mathematics are enriched with some extra study materials or problems including a solution or explanation guide which may help to work out mathematical assignment on your own.They also prepare you for more in your academic life ahead.

These are the qualities which make our books and class notes altogether an indispensable part for our valuable learning.

Practice often

It is not possible that one can learn everything only in their classes. You can learn maximum when you are practicing at home. There is no rule of thumb about the duration of practice. It varies with standard, chapters and of course, intelligence of the student concerned. So you need to practice accordingly as your requirements are.

  • Mathematics is a cumulative subject. Always maintain a link with the previous lessons by revising them amidst new lessons.
  • Practice is the only way that can help to assimilate the concepts and techniques and thus increase your application skills.
  • If you do not practice at all you will soon forget all the concepts and ideas that were taught in class.

Remember, ‘Practice makes a man perfect!’So keep on practicing as much as possible. This will help you to complete your homework and assignments faster and properly.

Take helps from others

It is evident that a student cannot do everything on their own even if they are very intelligent. When you feel confused about your lessons or get hung up with doubts, do not hesitate to ask for the help of others around.

  • If possible involve your guardians in your studies, discuss your problems and doubts and try to sort them out. It would be better if there is some mathematician or an expert of this subject in one’s family.
  • Try to form a serious study-group for mathematics. Discuss extensively about homework and assignments with the group. Most of the time such group studies can improve your knowledge and clear a lot of doubts.
  • Apart from that, you can also take help from the Net. There are many online sites and media where you can get solutions to problems.

Be systematic

Systematic pupils can learn faster and better than others. First, try to think in a systematic way. Maintain neat and tidy notebooks. Rough calculations are most important. So try to do them fairly. You should also get into the habit of writing down known facts like definitions, theorems and equations in a notebook for ready reference. You must keep your old books and notes safely as old lessons are often lined to new ones.

Learn from your failures

Wrong calculations and mistakes happen more than often in subjects like mathematics. Of course, you must be careful about that, but when you make a mistake do not be let down too much. Try to analyze your faults and keep them in your mind so that you do not make such mistakes in future. Thus, you can also learn a lesson from your failures. Always remember, ‘Failure is the pillar to success!’

Steps to be taken during exams

No matter how much you study all throughout the year, it all boils down to the day of your examination. Do not let anything go wrong during your tests and spoil all your hard work. Hence, day of mathematics exam is most important.

  • Give at least first ten minutes to read the questions properly, mark out the questions that you are well prepared for and try to attempt those questions first.
  • Add to your answers necessary examples, and equations, wherever the question demands (even if not mentioned). If the answer involves calculations then do those calculations minutely and fairly. Remember the slightest mistake in calculations will fetch failure.
  • Try to finish answering about half an hour before the final bell, so that you can revise thoroughly.

These above-mentioned steps are really helpful to reduce phobia of math and prevent nervous breakdown during exams. So, follow these steps sincerely, get rid of all fear of mathematics in exams and become an excellent mathematician in future.