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5 Interactive Ways of Solving Homework Issues

by May 17, 2017Homework Help

Students often result in losing interest in studies. This is like a daily battle for students. There is a way to overcome this problem to an extent. The term Interactive learning is something which helps them to gain their interest back. Interactive ways enables the students to increase their participation.

Teachers should take the initiative to encourage the student participation. They should interact with the students, ask them questions, and involve themselves with the students. Personal problems can be one of the issues which prove a hurdle in solving homework.

Personal difficulties faced by the students-

  • Unstable life at home
  • Lack of positivity
  • No role models
  • Dependency problems

Following are the 5 interactive ways of solving homework issues-

  • Think and share your issues with your family members. Interactive homework promotes meaningful conversations between students and their parents. The best way to solve homework issues is to establish a problem share your thoughts and views on them.
  • Social media plays an important role when we are talking about interactive ways. Blogs enable students to express their views and ideas with the larger community. Sharing knowledge and discussing homework is common these days in Facebook and MySpace.
  • There are many apps which are available to solve homework issues. iHomework, Google apps for education, HwPic, Homework Helper are some of the apps which provide tutorial services. These apps allow the students to take a picture of their homework and send. They will respond with the answers and explanations within minutes.
  • There are online forums which enables the students to chat and ask further questions. Students can also take online help for solving their homework issues. This idea has become so popular that many students who want expert help can visit the sites.
  • Playing an educational game can solve the homework issues. Turning the homework into a game is a smart idea to make it interactive. For example, if you are working on vocabulary then you can make flash cards or matching games. If you are trying to understand any math concepts, you can ask your parents to take few cubes to make you understand the subtraction and division units.
  • You can also form a group of friends. Creating a homework club will help to complete homework on time. It may be your school friends or the friends of your age. Participation of each friend in a group and discussing homework issues will definitely work. Every person will learn from one another’s input.

Motivation plays a major role

Students are more likely to complete their homework if they find it interesting and enjoyable. The key to solve homework issues is to make it simple, fun and interesting. Here are some points which will help to motivate the students.

  • Short and relevant homework

The reason of giving homework is to practice a concept which the students have learnt in class. The duration should be short and relevant. Shorter and frequent homework make the students complete it easily and they find it interesting.

  • Be a part of study club

Students enjoy doing their homework in groups. They may gather in a library and get help of each other to solve their homework issues. If you really want students to love and enjoy doing their homework then connect them with a study club where they can get help from peers. Completing task together is a great fun and motivates students.

  • Technology support

New technologies give an opportunity to the students to solve their homework issues online. Some sites offer online help to the students while other sites offer rewards and give certificates to the students on homework completion.

  • Innovative way of giving homework

Students get bored by same type of homework. Try to give them homework in a fresh and innovative style. This will increase the chances that students will actually start enjoying their homework. For example, ask them to write definitions of new word as homework.

  • Homework to improve learning

Homework also helps student learning about their community and cultures to give a personal touch. It will help students to develop habits.

To designan interactive homework, teachers should keep these points in mind-

  • Type of homework which enable parent-child interactions
  • Type of homework which increase parent-child interest
  • Type of homework which helps students deal with daily problem
  • Type of homework which direct the student towards self-management

Parent’s role in homework to make it interactive-

  • Interact with the school teachers about homework. Ask the teachers about your child’s performance and progress. The areas where your child needs special attention. Keep an eye on school requests and suggestions related to homework.
  • Fix specific time for homework. Help your child to change homework behavior, if needed. Ensure your availability while your child is doing homework to advice and supervise.
  • Give response to your child’s performance in homework. Reward them if they complete their homework on time. Check the homework and offer emotional support to your child.
  • Help your child to develop his/her thinking about homework. Support their skills, strategies and encourage them.

Student homework creates opportunities for interactions. Well-designed homework helps the students to grow and learn. Teachers play an important role to get parents involved in student homework.

Teachers are facing challenges that how to give meaningful and appropriate homework to the students. Student rises when they get regular homework by the teachers. It helps students to gain more knowledge and good habits. Students will learn self-discipline and responsibility.