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How to Overcome False Growth of Mindset in Students?

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

Often the elders want the children to have a proper growth of mindset.  Are you trying to find the ways to stop the false growth of mindset in your students? Are you feeling disturbed because of the false growth of mindset in your child? Before beating your head, you have to understand whatthe aspects of the growth mindset are.
What is growth mindset anyway?
Do you tell your students or kids that they can only be an expert in certain fields? They cannot explore different kinds of subjects or fields. Theycannot choose from the wide range of subjects. There are only a few fields which are suitable for them. As the guardian, perhaps you are putting your own wishes upon them.
Drawing such boundaries often disappoint the students. Because of these wrong concepts they fear to face challenges. Their performances get poor day by day. They start to believe the fact that they can’t achieve new goals.
Other than you, the companions of a child also impact upon his/her mindset.  Talking about any local school, most of the students come from the same area. They all share the same type of family traditions. Their parents teach them the same conservative ways to live life. There are certain subjects which they can choose for higher study. There is the certain job which they can do to make money.
These kinds of things student get to hear while studying in a local school. You must encourage your students to enroll in abroad universities. Going for higher studies in abroad has several benefits. Every parent should be aware of How parents should motivate students of the high school for studies in abroad?
How to teach them in the proper way?
You must be wondering how to help the kids develop a growth of mindset. Well, you must let each and every student to believe in their own ability. And when can they do so? They can proceed only after finding out their own abilities. You must help your students to find out what are they good at. Every child is the gift of god.Every student has something unique which others don’t have. Everyone can do something special which nobody can do.
Do not break their hope by showing them the same way as others do. Try to find out the specialty in each student. Let them shine their unique style of doing something.
How to encourage the students:
In spite of telling them that they can’t, you must encourage them. You have to teach your students how to accept every challenge. Teach them how to fight with every odd with open arms.
They should have what it takes to try hard. You are the one who can place the seed of bravery in your child or student.
Try to change yourself first:
Whether you are a teacher or one of the guardians, it’s you who becomes the inspiration of a child.You must keep in mind that the child grows by witnessing you. A child needs your support in every step he/she takes. So, it’s you who needs to have a more proper mindset first.
Believe in the students:
It’s not easy to make a child believe he/she is meant to do something special. Before making the students believes his/her abilities, you need to believe in him/her. A student always looks for the acceptance of his/her teacher.
On the other hand, a child always wants his/her parents to support his/her choice. If you cannot show faith in your students they cannot believe in themselves. It is always a two ways communication.
How to develop a growth of mindset in your students?
There are some certain rules, dictated by the experts, to follow. You can try out these simple steps to help out your students:

  • How to enhance the effort of them:

As a mentor, you have to focus on their improvement. Your students might get successful in their journey or they might not. You need to praise their efforts, not the results. Yeah, it’s obvious to expect positive outcomes. In case, if a student fails to have the expected result, do not be angry. Always give the value of his/her honesty and hard work.

  • Encouragethem to learn:

Being successful has never been easy. Do not let your students opt for the shortcuts. Encourage them to dig deeper into knowledge and hard work. There is no exception of the quest of knowledge.
If any of the students takes long to learn, do not get disappointed.  Maybe he/she is going really deep into the subject. You must help him/her to learn everything required.

  • Make your students understand your purposes:

Yourstudents need to understand that you are trying to help them. Do not put any kind of pressure on them. Do not judge them on the basis of their smartness. If any students start to feel insecure about his/her abilities, that impacts the growth badly.

  • Never compare:

It is true that competition is good of growth. But the competition must be healthy. You must not create jealousy between your students by comparing them to someone else. It is often seen that misconception of a child takes the shape of biggest mistake. Extreme jealousy between two children is not at all healthy. They can cause harm to each other.
So, these are some helpful advice which you can opt for. Always try to encourage the good instincts of your students. Never make them feel uncomfortable due to your high expectations. Let them grow naturally being in a comfort zone.