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How Should Parents Motivate Students of High School for Studies in Abroad?

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

What’s the biggest advantage you can provide to your growing child?   Have you ever wondered? Feeding, buying clothes, taking to trips these are just basic needs. But what will be the unique idea to change your child’s life?
Have you ever thought about the idea of global experience?  Just like others, you enroll your kids in local schools. Have you considered the benefits of studying there?
Talking from my personal experience, studying in a colloquial school has many disadvantages.  The mindset of others tends to be very limited. Coming from the same locality, the students have nothing special to share with others. Sometimes, they divide into individual small groups.  They can’t accept their classmates with a broad mind.  Unhealthy competitions tend to grow up to the students. Even few teachers mess up their professional commitments with their personal issues.  That is why many parents are concerned about “How to overcome false growth of mindset in students?”
Not every local school seems to be like this. Not every student or teacher seems to be that limited. There are obviously many good schools with knowledgeable and well-skilled teachers out there.
However, studying in abroad is a beneficial experience for a high school student. By studying in a foreign nation, students can broaden their mind. Before digging deeper, let’s look into the reasons to study abroad.
Why to opt for studying in abroad:
It is quite obvious that your child would not be ready to live so far from you. But you have to convince him/her by discussing the positive aspects. Ultimately this decision is a long-term investment. It is supposed to frame his/her future in a good way. There are basically two main reasons to enroll in a foreign university:

  • Personal growth
  • Professional growth

Let us discuss the positive aspects in more detail:
Personal growth:

  • Globalization:

While studying abroad, your child can go for higher studies in different foreign countries. Convince your child that he/she is opening many doors to future success. There are different kinds of the program out there in foreign universities. Your child can pick up according to his/her choice.

  • Enhanced experience:

These days, large organizations prefer employees who know different kinds of language. Studying abroad will lead your kid to learn multiple languages. Knowing about foreign culture and languages will be beneficial to get a job.  Your child can enhance his personality and perceptions through different kinds of experiences and knowledge. Knowledge always polishes one’s personality and boldness.
Make your child understand the value of enhanced experience and knowledge. It is very easy to have a limited knowledge of his/her birthplace. But traveling new places, meeting new places could never be useless. There is always something new to learn about life. Ultimately, at the end, it is immense experience what cuts the ice.
Make your child able to see the world differently, to accept things differently.  It is not acceptable to be narrowed into a typical mindset. One cannot accept the changes of the society, the revolution of mankind. Living in a rapidly evolving society, it becomes very important to update yourself.

  • Taking challenges:

Here come the disadvantages of studying in local schools again. Your child merely needs to travel. He/she doesn’t get to see people coming from different platforms. Almost every classmate shares the same mentality, family systems, and perceptions. There is very limited scope to do something new, something innovative.
In case, your child opts for doing something different, others may not accept this.  He/she might not choose different subjects for higher studies. He/she will go the same way other students are going. There is no fault of your child. He/she is not witnessing other to try something new. Nobody around him/her is taking new challenges.
But while studying abroad, your child can come up many innovative ideas. He/she can find out his/her own challenges to fight for.  Real struggle always has good outcomes. As wise men say, hard works never get wasted.
Professional growth:

  • Confidence while giving an interview:

Your child has not realized the importance of giving an interview yet. But you have come across the way. You know how much confidence is needed while giving an interview in a well-established company. I mentioned the term “well established” because a renowned is what every parent wants their child to get into.  Perhaps you feel the same. So, what is required to crack the interview? As you know being confident is a must have quality. By facing the world, by meeting new people, your child will be confident enough to face the employer.

  • Find out a new career path:

As I said earlier, there are many options out there to pick up as a bright career path.  The experiences, your child gained from the foreign university, will influence her/him entire life.  He/she probably find out a new profile which satisfies him/her the most.  If your child chooses to make a career in abroad, the future will be glorious.
These days, overseas scholarships or degrees are a plus point while getting a job. In this tough competitive job market, one is already on the top by having a foreign degree.
In short, enhancing your horizons is always has the good result. Convince your child for taking up a foreign scholarship to climb the ladder of success. There are many professional websites out there which reveal many facts about the scholarships in abroad.