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Steps to Ensure That the Subject That You Are Studying Has Relevance in Real World

by Sep 27, 2016Assignment Help

As an education counsellor, in my short span of career of five years, I have met a number of students who have taken up a specific subject in their Master’s program, or majored in that specific subject, however, have failed to secure jobs in that specific field. Rather, I have seen them searching out jobs in other unrelated fields, where neither their mettle is proved, nor can they provide their complete inputs.
The recent bout of depression suffered by Ronald James that had become national news surely needs to be taken into serious consideration. What is most shocking is that, as per a recent survey, close to 45% women and 36% men suffer from depression with maximum focus on being qualified for one job while actually performing another job from a different portfolio.
Why such a situation arises?
It is very important that in present times people actually go ahead and question as to why such discrepancy exist and what makes students choose those subjects that don’t have enough job opportunity in the market.
Another important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the presence of quite a number of career options yet nothing fitting the bill for most of the students. As a person who has been associated with this field for a number of years, I have gained quitea knowledge regarding this issue that arises when dream job does not match with the current scenario, or passions have to take a backseat against requirements.
Time to delve into deeper aspects!
Where is the issue regarding passion and professional needs?
As someone, whose daily routine consists of checking out trends in the professional world and grooming students as per the demands, it has been quite a journey on my part to actually check out what the students used to choose as subjects for a professional course and what are the current trends.
In such a scenario, I have found that there are a number of students in present times, who being driven by their passion; choose a subject that has very little relevance in the professional world. Though, it is said that ‘’passion never fails!’’, however, in present times diplomacy to a great extent has an important role to play as well. It may so happen that a branch of that specific subject may have relevance, but not that subject as a whole.
In such a scenario, there are two aspects that have to be taken into consideration: Utility aspect of a subject and Relation to professional world in present times.
What problems arise while choosing a subject?
There have been a number of students who have come to me to take help regarding choosing that ideal subject for majoring from college. The most prominent problems that I have noticed happen to be the current need of that subject, and how to relate it to practical needs.

  • Most of the students want to take up subjects that they are interested in for their graduation. In certain cases, it so happens that those subjects do not have any professional need at that moment, but other options is not viable enough.
  • Since, graduation is a very important academic phase for students, hence getting good marks is important. So, that subject in spite of all its backlogs is taken which holds special importance to the student.
  • After completion of graduation, students are suddenly rendered useless in the job market, though certain internal requirements are always there.

With these many problems that I have faced on a personal note, I can surely state that it is important that while choosing subjects with proper professional reference, there are certain important steps to follow that would help in ensuring that as a student, or as a parent, you are on the current track.
Steps to ensure that you make the correct choice in terms of professional needs:
As per market survey and personal experience and by searching different online professional sites, there are certain details that I have accommodated together to ensure that a graduate student actually gets recognition in the professional domain with that subject that he or she has majored in.

  • Step 1: Discussing passions and seeing the significance

As part of the counselling sessions, I tried out talking with the student regarding that subject towards which he or she was passionate and how did that student want to go ahead and make a career with it. This needs to be discussed at an early level since, it is based on this that further steps in career can be taken.
Once this part is over, based on that, I discuss with my students as to what the current significance of that subject is and which college would be best suited for that. You can also seek help from Steps to choose the right college for the subject of your choice! To have a better view of the topic.

  • Step 2: Advising in context of what the market needs

With the counselling process on, this is the next aspect that I lay strong importance on. While keeping a check on the academic background of the student, I make sure that I have current market data to support what the current professional trends are and how that subject would have an influence on the current market.
Most importantly, it is important to note whether there is actually any significance in the market in terms of that job, and I make it a point to explain in detail that acquired data to the concerned student. In this way they can get an idea as to where their future is headed.

  • Step 3: Passion and Profession interlinked

There have been numerous occasions when I have met students who were adamant in taking up a particular subject in spite of an uncertain future. For those students specifically, I have advised them on taking up allied topics on that subject for graduation that has relevance in current world. In this manner, those students would have their passion intact along with their professional needs.
In case you too are facing such a problem, this can be a great option.
‘’When your dream job is not near you, grab that job that needs you!’’

  • Step 4: Taking professional training

This is one of the most important advice that I make a point to impart, is to have a professional course while carrying on with general graduation studies. This works to a great level, as a student is made professionally secure at the initial instance itself.
These are some of the very important steps that I ensure my students make a point to follow so that their graduation subject is chosen in a manner where a link may be foundin the real professional world. In case you are having a problem with your child, you too can seek help from these specific tips for your benefit.