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How to Motivate Kid to Do Homework? Some Tips for the Most Common Problem Parents Face

by Apr 17, 2016Homework Help

Are you tired of struggling with your kid to do homework? That happens to most parents. It’s no shocking that kids don’t like their homeworks. After long hours of school, they hardly have the will to sit with study. But since they have to complete their assignments, you probably need to take the other path of encouraging them. Now, how to motivate kid to do homework?
Well, the fact is, nobody can fully control other’s brains. You cannot make your children do an activity; instead, you can guide him or create a favourable situation that will help improve their behaviour.
How to motivate kid to do homework?

  • Some magic tips to inspire:
  • Prepare a timetable:

Unplanned days make your kids undisciplined. Guide your child to prepare a routine for the coming week.Be sure to include his favourite activities along with a fixed study time. It is important to make a habit of doing some reading daily. If you’re successful in doing do, you won’t have to run after your kids for doing homeworks.

  • Create a study environment:

Parents wonder how to motivate kid to do homework. As you cannot force them to do anything, you can certainly create the workplace for your kid that will inspire him to study. Arrange for the basic requirements like pencil, pen, glue, eraser, sharpener, ruler, notebooks, clipboards, rough sheets, calculator, scissor, and, of course, a dictionary. Paste inspirational quotes on walls of the reading room to create positive energy.

  • Keep aside all sorts of distractions:

Some young adults prefer listening to music or watching television during work.To some, this may work but in case of tough assignments that demand more consciousness, these audio and visual elements may be distracting. If they find it boring to work at a long stretch, break their reading schedule into ½ or 1 hours. Allow them 15 minutes of free time. They will feel motivated.

  • Make small changes:

A kid always appreciates a change. For a day, make the garden a study place for your child or you can choose the roof. Alter the time of his study once for setting a different mood.  This is how to motivate kid to do homework by breaking the monotony and encouraging him.

  • Praise every effort:

Criticisms are necessary sometimes, but they will be effective only when you appreciate the child’s good activities. Rather than commenting on the failed outcome, praise every small effort he makes. Make him believe that he can do, not he has to do.

  • Accept imperfections:

Instead of punishments, try to understand the problem and find out an appropriate solution. If they are finding it tough to complete homework, assist them to go for analternative way. Don’t do your children’s assignments, involve in a way to support them. That’s how to motivate kid to do homework. As a result, they start believing in them.
Parents feel more responsibility of getting a task done than their children themselves. It’s good that they are concerned, but ultimately it’s the student’s responsibility. Homework’s are given from school to develop research, time management and responsibility skills of the student.
As a parent, what you should know:

  • Understand the purpose of homeworks:

A guardian must know the purpose of homeworks. Students must learn to take their own responsibility and face the consequences of their activities from the very initial stage. After all, educating is preparing them for the future in every aspect.So, it’s better to guide them instead of nagging behind.

  • Understand your kid:

It is very important to understand your kid first. What he actually wants and where his interest lies. If a student is not willing to study, there can be many reasons for that. Talk to him/her and make them feel that you care more for them instead of their assignments. That will precise your ideas on how to motivate kid to do homework.
Does your kid don’t care about poor grades?
Once, my aunt was worried about my cousin as little Lucy didn’t care about her poor grades in class. Later I discovered that this was the concern of most guardians. Today, young people are desperate enough to ignore the results of poor study.But as psychologists opine, they do care. Such ignorance may come from disgust over their parents’ over-control. Students who don’t do homework need proper guidance – Know why. They should learn tosuffer the consequences of their own activities. Let them face it. Don’t get too involved in controlling their habits.
Factors that help to be a success:
Focus on these aspects that will ultimately lead your child towards the path of success.

  • Honesty
  • Self-discipline
  • Self-control
  • Optimism
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-dependent
  • Kindness
  • Grit

Drop the term ‘homework’:
By now, your kids must have been scared or irritated at the sound of ‘homework’. If you want to know how to motivate kid to do homework, first drop the word and replace it with something else. Invent some other term for the same task so that students feel a change. Use terms like ‘brain boosting’, ‘trip to wider world’.During my school days, I used to term this study period at home differently every week. That was my interest to give motivating names. Once, my uncle asked me, “what are you going to do this evening?” I confidently answered, “Explore the ideas”. Well, that was the term for that week. Funny, right?
You know your child better. Create your own new innovative ways of how to motivate kid to do homework. Overwork and stress will have an adverse effect on children. You can consult the teachers who deal with your child’s study about his performance or where he lacks concentration. Plan your inspiring ideas accordingly. Back at home, always make yourself a habit of gossiping with your little one. A parent can learn a lot about her child from soft, engaging conversations. Homeworks should be made interesting usingdifferent tricks. After all, they should acquire the habit of engaging with books in an effective way.
Believe in your kids. Believe in yourself. Happy motivation!