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How to Make Your Students Love Chemistry Assignment at School?

by Sep 17, 2016Chemistry

Chemistry as a subject is a purely academic one. Despite various interesting aspects is it necessary at times to take up the subject and score sufficient marks in the assignments related to it. As a teacher of the subject you have to understand that children need to be first made to understand the importance of chemistry.
It is common knowledge that one can never attempt to study something he or she dislikes. Unless you are able to connect with them and ensure that they are able to grasp what you are teaching the discipline will forever remain boring. But it is possible to be able to make students love chemistry assignment at school. Are you wondering how this is possible? Read on to find out.
Tips to make assignments fun
If you are a teacher desperately trying to appeal to students and make them develop an interest for your discipline follow the tips below:

  • Draw parallels

Remember when you were a student? Well I am certain you did not like being trapped in class for several hours listening to the teachers lectures. So why are you being that teacher which you hated? Try to make the lessons interesting by drawing parallels with the relations between ions protons and electrons and relate to the clichés in school or a group of friends. Keep the lectures fun and entertaining to ensure students to love their assignments.

  • Give group work

The best part about assignments is if you have to do it in a group. Let the students decide their own groups or you can fix the groups to make them more heterogeneous. When work is divided it becomes a pleasure to do it. It also facilitates the opportunity of exchange and communication ensuring enhanced work quality.

  • Be flexible

At times students may want to approach a topic in a different way than a teacher might prescribe. Allow levy to these young minds to explore the complex relations of organic chemistry and biochemistry with their own perspectives. By providing that space and opportunity the assignment you will get will be different from the simple copy paste which most projects today have become.

  • Make it creative

Lectures set the platform for assignments so try to float some ideas and concepts which are new and not just bookish words and analogies. Even though chemistry is a very theoretical and logical subject you could reach out to more students provided there are inclusions of latest discoveries in the field of study being dealt with it or more creative inputs.

  • Allow them freedom to take outside help

Many have realised that there are many external sources which are ready to help students outside the classroom. Moreover in different disciplines one has seen great improvements as a result of online help. There are many benefits for using online assignment help for completing economics faster so why not try it for chemistry too? In the classroom providing individual attention becomes a mammoth task. Therefore it is wise to allow students to refer to such outside sources for assistance.
Appreciating chemistry
A good teacher always starts with the basics and that does not necessarily imply the basics of the discipline, which in this case would be chemistry. I remember a teacher of mine who had introduced history in the third grade has said to us that history is hi story! Each lesson then became not a piece of text but a story for us all.  As a teacher of chemistry try to apply such a personal touch you to your subject and maybe that could help you to connect to the pupil and make then love doing their assignments. You could follow the suggestions below: ·
Show off the beauty of the subject Take the students to the laboratory and show them the different reactions of the chemicals. This can be a great way to get them involved. You can also begin by asking one or two of the students to perform a mixture on their own with your guidance. Therefore the important point is to reach out.
·         Inculcate appreciation Chemistry is not just some texts written in books it is all around us and hence we are all dependent on the theories and concepts of the study. Make the students appreciate these discoveries.
·         Interesting presentations Instead of making assignments textual in nature, try asking pupils to make presentation on it using audio visual aids or even act out certain chemical reactions. It is scientifically proven that learning is better when one hears and sees at the same time.
·         Stress on learning not grades Let the assignments be more than about just grading. There is no denying that grades are very important. But what should be understood is that making about marks will discourage most pupils to really love the subject. It then becomes a competition to be the best and not a learning experience.
Improvements as a teacher
Surveys show that the way a teacher approaches the matter determines the students love or hate towards a discipline. Therefore the instructor or lecturer must keep in mind the following:

  • Connect

It is very important that the lecturer is able to reach out and touch the students mind. If not they have failed in their duty to ignite the desire in a pupil to study and learn new concepts and theories.

  • Communicate

Being a clear and vocal orator is essential when you are going into the field of teaching. However communication is not one sided anymore. The imperative task of the master or instructor is to ensure that all the students are participating and answering in class.

  • Teach not preach

Many forget the thin line between teaching and preaching. When you teach it is not unquestionable or sacrosanct but those who preach like a priest or a pastor teach a faith. Science always has scope for improvement and question.

  • Allow questions

A good teacher believes that there are no stupid questions. If someone is new to concepts and formulas it is normal to be inquisitive. Be patient and listen carefully to pupils as when they ask question it becomes clear whether they have grasped the subject or not.

  • Encourage outside help

This is a rather important suggestion because in a class each student cannot be attended to in an equal manner. Hence allow your pupils to reach out to online professional help for their assignments as the teacher must always do what is best for the student.
There are many websites which can provide you further professional help on making students love assignments in chemistry.