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How to Make Your Environments Perfect for Study?

by Oct 1, 2016Homework Help

We all read and learn about the importance of environment and how it affects us. Since childhood, we have heard how we should keep our surrounding and environment clean for a better living. Do you know it’s the same when it comes to studying? If you don’t know how to create a perfect environment, it is very difficult to study properly.
I grew up in a house with two professors; my mom was a master of art and aesthetics and my dad was ascholar in philosophy. They always used to teach me how theenvironment affects thelearning of a student. That means if my environment is favorable, I can learn more easily and provide better work.
Now, let me tell you what psychologist and analysts have to say. Research done by University of Salford, Manchester, to understand the “how the environment affects learning”. They did the research on 751 academicians with similar quality and IQ.
They had no health issue, same teachers used to teach, anequal amount of homework was given,they had access to similar books, and the only difference was their surroundings. 34 different classrooms were allotted were the natural light, wall color, noise, music, space and flexibility. It was noticed that 73% of the pupil performance changed and varied as per their surroundings.
My point is that you should know that you should know how to make the environment around you suitable to study and how can you benefit from it.

  1. “Your atmosphere and surroundings create the mind state for you.”

How do you feel when you enter into a clumsy room after a tiring day at school? It is a normal human psychology when our brain is tired, the moment we enter a surrounding which doesn’t soothe our brain; it gets very difficult for the sensory nerves to process.
This is the reason why you should keep your study area clean and organized.  When I was in high school, I had a huge poster of awaterfall in front of my study table. Somehow that gave a soothing effect which helped me to increase my concentration.
Know what creates a better state of mind:

  • Paint your wall with light colors so that it’s more bright
  • Use ample lights, if you study in low light not only your eyes will be hampered, at the same time your brain will workslowly
  • Keep your study table clean; it’s a must
  • Try and put up posters which provide a visually calming sensation like nature
  • You can also keep motivation quotes around you as they seem to charge you up


  1. “The only way that leads us forward is the quality of the environment and the right people in it.”

We love spending time with our friends, don’t we? But mostly when it comes to party or sleep over, long drives or mostly for fun. Now it’s time you need to change the idea. I believe friends are there for everything so why not study with them.
It will help you in many ways (but do make sure they are equally serious about their career). Let me tell you the benefits of involving the right people in creating a better study environment:

  • Flow of more ideas
  • You can divide the work
  • It helps in better understanding
  • The most important thing is, assignments doesn’t seem so boring
  1. “As you are growing don’t change yourself, change your environment.”

If you feel that academic is not your cup of tea, I must tell that negative thoughtshavecapturedyou. First of all don’t demean yourself, take everything as a challenge. There are few ways in which you can change your environment that will encourage you to study:

  • Play a soft music while you study preferably something instrumental.
  • Keep all you need to do your work on your study table ready, this way your brain subconsciously gets more encouragement to work.
  • Keep your gadgets of entertainment away.

Try these things and then let me know if I was correct or not.

  1. “Talent is the art of controlling environment.”

I’m sure; every student is an artist. Don’t believe me? How many times have you creatively formed excuses for not doing homework? See, you have your answer. Now, use this talent to control your environment and do something productive. Want to know how?

  • Don’t flatter yourself with laziness
  • Never start doing your homework on an empty stomach. This way your body doesn’t allow you to concentrate properly
  • Scrap off the word ‘later’ from your dictionary.
  • Don’t let distraction bait you. I hope you remember greed and negligence both are sins!
  • Learn how to manage time. For that you can read homework with time-management doesn’t have to be hard. Read these 9 tips
  1. “A successful person is not the victim of his environment; he is the creator of thefavorable”

In life, you cannot expect everything to come handy; therewill be the situations where you have to face a lot of hurdles. But you know what; you can only be a potential survivor if you know the way out. So if you are facing problems in doing your assignment why don’t you take some professional help? Do you know in what ways you will be benefited?

  • They will provide you with the perfect guidance
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  • You will never miss the deadline
  • It’s the perfect way to score more

If you are looking for some serious assistance then try online homework help services, this is one of the best aids to improve your study environment.
Now, you know the worth of a clean environment start from now and prepare yourself to achieve excellence. Use these tips and tricks to improve your environment and increase your grades.