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How to Make Studying Interesting? Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

by May 15, 2017Homework and Assignment Support

If you hate studying, then start learning. If you consider it as a boring task then you are the only person who can make it interesting and fun. Here are some ideas and guidance which will help you focusing on studies, believe me it is going to be worth it.

Environment while studying should be like-

  • Make your study table look good by keeping it clean and simple. Proper lighting and a comfortable chair will help to sit for long time and able to focus on studies. Try to place study table near window so that natural light could come in. Natural light gives energy and boost you up.
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the room. Fresh air should come in regularly even in winters. Lack of fresh air makes a person lazy.
  • Keep the temperature of the room balanced. Too cold or too hot will make studying difficult.
  • If you have aquarium in your room, play with fishes in your study breaks. It gives a feeling of relaxation and calmness.
  • Decorate posters, stick pictures of important notes and hang them in your wall. Look at the posters daily and try to explain them to your family members. This will help you to memorize the notes.

Start recognizing your habit. If you are comfortable studying alone or with a friend.

If you like studying alone you can take up these ideas-

  • Get some creative stationery items which make you feel special. A pen which you feel will look good in your hand, a book shelf arranged perfectly with books, colorful highlighter pens, an eraser which gives a sweet smell, notebook with good quality paper and a nice pen stand. These things around you while studying will give a feeling of enjoyment and keep you engaged.
  • Make a schedule. Divide the time slots in studies and time for play. Take short breaks during study. Short breaks meant for doing the things you want to do and which will relax your mind. If you love listening music, play some music which will give you energy. If you don’t like listening music, you can play games which you like.
  • Get yourself some healthy snacks in breaks. Snacks don’t mean to have a packet of chips or oily snacks. Try to have some fruits.
  • Change your perspective towards study. Don’t feel bored while studying, try to enjoy it. Don’t take study as study. Take it as a process of learning something new. Don’t study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because no one can take it away you. Study because it grows you. Study because it enhances you.
  • Take short breaks frequently. Studying for long hours is not a good idea. See the weather outside, have coffee, stretch yourself. It will work for you.
  • We all know the lyrics of the song are easy to remember than the chapters in books. To learn and remember, try to make a song of important points. It will help you to remember the points easily.
  • If you find something important in the chapters, highlight it with colorful pens. Make notes for the chapters and draw pictures. This will help a visual learner to remember points.
  • If you are learning history subject, then make tables with columns of date, important people and their work.
  • Color it with different colors. Say for date use green color, for names of important people use red, and for the work they did use blue. In this way you will able to recognize tings easily.
  • Do you know? If we read something loudly it echoes in our brain and we remember it for a long time. So try to read loud and make weird sounds while reading. Use funny accents while reading particular words.
  • If you love gadgets and you find it boring to make notes. Then you can use your computer to make notes. You can create animations, a presentation and PowerPoint slideshow with pictures, music and video.
  • If you are using Word document for writing notes then give a proper heading, use different colors, use watermark effect and your logo. You will find it interesting.
  • Be your own teacher at home. Take a test, write the questions, close the books and try to answer them. Grade it once you complete writing the answers. In this way you will able to know your mistakes better and able to work on it. Also you will feel confident.
  • Try to change the place of study sometimes. For a change you can visit a coffee shop or library with your books and notebooks.
  • Try to relax your body. It really works, trust me. A massage or a spa will work wonders.
  • Don’t push yourself. Don’t take pressure. Don’t burden yourself. Try your best and you will do best.
  • To memorize difficult spellings, write it five to ten times. Try to say it loud by breaking it into two words. Take it in a funny way and you will find it easy to remember.

If you like studying with others then you can try these ideas-

  • If you have elder sister or brother study with them, or else you can call your friend at your place and study.
  • Discuss the chapters and test questions with your friend. Try to solve homework problems together.
  • To complete any notes or homework in time, try to race with your friend. Set a timer and see who completes it first. The one who loses have to do something which is pre decided.
  • May be the slowest one gets a punishment by the other one. Decide some crazy punishments to motivate you and your friend. This will make your studies more interesting and you will feel like you have to do better than your friend. Healthy competition is always good.
  • Ask questions to each other. This will increase your knowledge and helps to calculate your progress.
  • Take short breaks in between your studies. Do something interesting in the breaks. Play some games or watch TV.

When I was a kid, I discovered something rare and interesting about studies. Whenever I use to feel like I can’t study more, I use to close my books and do the things which I love to do. I make up my mind to study and then I study with full concentration.

I use to set targets for the day and follow it. I know following a schedule is not possible every day, but trying is all you need. One day came when I realized that time is everything. What we do now, will pay us tomorrow. Everything is interconnected.

You can make your studying interesting in many ways like these. Start thinking about developing interest in you for a subject which you think is boring. If you do not like any topic, try to search about it online. Sometimes we find a topic boring because of lack of knowledge about that particular topic.

Try to discover new things about the topic. Relating the things with our daily lives will help you gaining interest. For example, if you are solving word problems in Mathematics try to imagine the scene and think as if it is happening in real life.

Don’t stress. Do your best and forget the rest.