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Amazing Shortcut to Homework and Studying Revealed! Only for Students

Homework Solution
By Sarah J Mitchell
11 May, 2017

Doing homework can be a very tedious job if you don’t follow the proper techniques. Not working in an organized manner can lead to problems like obesity and slow growth of brain cells. We all wonder what if we could do our homework more effectively with less pressure and less consumption of time. Well the Genie is out of the lamp. These are the secrets told to me by a “very intelligent hippopotamus” (research) and as Shakira told that Hips Don’t Lie you can trust and follow them to do your homework more effectively and with a lot of time that you can use to watch the new Star Wars movie although it sucks.

These are the Ten Commandments that Moses wrote for the future children to do their home works more efficiently.

  • Believe:

As lame as it sounds the first and foremost thing you need to do is believe. And by believe I don’t mean listening to Justin Bieber but I mean believing in yourself that you can get it done. If you believe in yourself no matter how hard the homework is you will crack it just like every mystery Sherlock Holmes cracks. By believing in yourself you send positive energy inside you which helps you tackle all the problems. Not believing in yourself can even make an easy work seem like sling the Goliath.

  • Finding your pattern:

The second thing to hold into account is how to get the work done. If you expect Taylor Swift to rap we know it is not going to end well. You need to realize which pattern you are the most comfortable with and follow it while studying and doing homework.

  • The pre-15 Minute routine:

Before you get started always make sure that you take the first 15 minutes to organize the papers and files and use the rest of the time for reading through the notes or the chapters. This pre-15 minute routine will save you hours of searching points in your notes and will help you to do the homework at a faster pace and decreased difficulty.

  • The 40 minute time period:

The next thing in order to do your homework more efficiently is that you break down the process into 40-minute blocks. Most schools have a 40 minute period and there’s a lot of science to back up the decision. If you break down your homework into this time lapses you get extra adrenaline rush as you try to complete the work in the 40-minute time block. Deadlines help us work faster and concentrate more on our work. If you don’t believe this you can just think about the time when exams are knocking at the door and you’re going Super Saiyan mode and read through the entire book in a matter of few hours. By challenging yourself in doing the work under a time limit you perform better.

  • The 5-minute break:

Taking a break is essential as the human mind needs a break to function more efficiently. This break gives your mind and bodies certain refreshments and keeps you sharp so that you can get your work done faster.

  • Sweet Sipping:

When you are doing your work set something sweet as it Delivers glucose to your brain which is the primary fuel for it to run. This keeps your mind fresh and you don’t feel tired or exhausted while doing the work.

  • Don’t waste time on problems you can’t solve:

Not everyone is lucky like Jack Clouseau in solving the pink Panther theft. When you are working on some problems and you come across a problem which stumps you don’t waste your time trying to solve it but rather highlight and mark it. This will save your mind and body from anxiousness and will conserve your energy so that you can properly function for the rest of the problems.

  • Say it out loud:

Whenever you are doing something related to homework or studying try saying it out loud as our brain remembers through three techniques: Picture,voice and movement. It will help you retain information for a longer time and help you perform better and faster.

  • Creating questions rather than trying to memorize:

If we try to memorize as we study our brain can’t retain the information for a longer period. However, if we make questions from the work we are trying to do we can retain that information more effectively. The question creates a pattern in our mind and the most effective way that our mind remembers stuff is through pattern recognition. Jotting down questions give us 2 door ways to remember what we had studied.

  • Reading points and diagrams of the lesson to be taught beforehand:

If you know what your teacher is going to teach you the very next day you can also anticipate that there is going to be a homework related to it. Instead of reading the whole chapter beforehand read through the points and diagrams of the lesson to be taught. That helps you to understand and analyze everything taught in the class in a better manner and the homework which is given is understood in the class itself saving you the time of going through the same thing over and over again.

  • Get ready before hand:

Sometimes we work late Nights and complete the homework and go to school. We reach school teacher asks for our homework and we with the sense of pride take out our achievement that we worked late night for only to find that all the hard work was left at home. This happens because of the tedious routine of ours. Getting all the files and folders and textbooks in our bag at night beforehand can help us tackle the tedious morning routines.

If you read through all these you will realize that I mentioned 11 points rather than 10. The last one being rather a preventive measure to make sure that all your hard work pays off. These techniques will help you solve your homework faster, better and will help you retain information at a higher scale. If you want to do your homework in an efficient manner you should follow these methods and put them on your list like Jericho puts things that bother him on the Jericho’s list.