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How to Help a Friend Concentrate on Her Homework

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

If you are a student, then you might have definitely googled for topics such as how to do homework fast or how to do homework late at night and so on. After having read it, most of you would have tried to implement it. And you would have successful too. Doesn’t that boost up your confidence! But today your best friend comes over to your place asking for help. Trouble is – she is unable to concentrate despite having read articles like you. How to help your friend then, to concentrate on his/ her homework?
Why is your friend disturbed?
Everyone in the world is blessed with a good brain. A good brain has the ability to focus and concentrate on any work provided. So, there might be other reasons troubling your friend that causing a hindrance. It could be: –

  • Maybe your friend lives in a noisy locality with noisy neighbours or even has noisy family members.
  • He/ She might be terribly worried about something that is blocking her potential to concentrate.
  • He/ She might have fallen sick and missed a few classes. Hence, might be finding homework tough.A tough homework can be a concentration killer.

How can you help?
Now that your friend is here, what can you do to help? Here are some tips that might of help –

  1. Cheering up:

Your BFF is in distress. Nothing is better than a relaxed and calm mind. So firstly you need to cheer her/him up. Talk on various topics like school, other friends, or something funny and get him/her to relax a little. There are a number of videos of funny videos on YouTube. It might actually help him/her to open up and speak about the problems he/she is facing. Talking is a great stress buster, you know.

  1. Preach and Practice:

You have a number of tips on doing homework fast, or how to focus better. If you just ramble them to your troubled buddy chances are that he/she may lose focus and get bored. So what do you do? You make your friend sit beside you and show him/her how it is done. If tip no. 1 is: Keep distractions away, then you keep you mobile far away and switch off the internet. Similarly, demonstrate other tips too. Or you could do a group study.

  1. Group Study:

This is one of the best ways to help your friend out. Get together to do your homework. You can ask few more of your other classmates to join you two. Decide a day and time comfortable to all.

  • Working together is not only fun but helps in doing your homework fast too. My friends and I would always study together when we had a lot of homework in Math. So, if we came across a problem, we would solve it together. When you are looking for a solution together, you will never mind consulting a few extra books.
  • My friend Lily was a big daydreamer. Be it a boring class or a boring conversation she would always drift into her land of fantasy. So, during our study session, whenever we would find her daydreaming, we would poke her, bringing her back to the present, sometimes laugh at her expense. Not only did this good-natured banter break the rut, but also keeps people like Lily away from distraction.
  1. Teach–

There is no better way to learn than to teach. If your friend has trouble understanding a particular topic, then teach him/her. Not only is it helpful for him/her but even you shall remember it for a very long time.

  1. The Mnemonic way:

There is a mnemonic for learning the planets of the solar system “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos” (Mercury, Venus, Earth-Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). Similarly, you can either make mnemonics of your own or learn it from the internet. Even medical school students employ theuse of such mnemonics to help them learn the names of all bones, muscles etc. in the human body.

  1. Employ Crazy storytelling:

Who doesn’t love a good story? And if it is a story to help something to remember. Like a formula or a process in your book. That would be awesome! I remember we had to learn a series of complex block diagrams for a test. It was just so confusing. We found it difficult to remember even in our group study sessions.
It was then our terribly bored friend Daniel weaved a story on one such diagram. It consisted of two main blocks. He named it Earth and Planet-X-Spaceship-S712. The smaller blocks around block Earth were humans in their planes while blocks around the spaceship were the aliens. He then began a saga of how the ships fought, then came to make peace, signed a treaty and so on. It took a good 30minutes out of our study plan, but we never forgot it. Similar stories were developed for the rest. Result – we aced the test.

  1. Ask your teachers for help –

If the homework seems difficult even for you to understand, ask your teacher. Do not be scared to approach them. They shall only be too happy to help you out. In fact, they might suggest some tips to both of you on how to understand the topic and complete the homework. This is because late submission of homework by students reflects the efficiency of the person as a teacher. So they are always thinking of ways to get their student to submit their homework on time.
There you have various tips to help your buddy concentrate on his/her homework. Be a good friend, help him/her out. It will give you a good feeling inside. Also, you would never forget the topic yourself. However while you are doing so, you must make sure not to get distracted yourself. Do not waste too much time talking. If you are making a story, don’t let it turn into a television series. Stick to a plan and see how it works out.