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What Are Some Guidelines for Teachers in Assigning Homework?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

“Embrace the pain to inherit the gain.” Therefore, to achieve success in academic life it is vital that you do assignments well. Homework needs to be used in an appropriate way as it helps to teach the right responsibility and make them efficient in handling complex problems. Doing assignments regularly can develop success in life. A sense of confidence can be developed among children through proper assignments of work. They can learn to adopt different strategies and approaches which can help to reach the goal.
Need to talk to teacher!
Homework is actually something that needs to be re-modified before giving to students. Parents need to recognize that assignments should do wonders to children and help to meet up with the goal. It is an alternative way through which children can retain their knowledge and keep up the pace with classroom lesson. It is the best way to encourage proper revising that checks spelling and also allow in practicing the other knowledge.
Homework issues? The students need to communicate with teacher and clarify all their doubts. It is known to be a proven step which helps to develop independence and individuality among students. A sure shot way to build up confidence among all students. It is possible that every student in a class may not have the same level of grasping power, but through queries it can surely help to boost up knowledge.
Parents need to stay updated with their children activity and interfere in their school work. Staying in constant touch with kids will definitely help them to build up a communication bridge and can share problems whenever encountered. Homework would take many hours to complete. The child would try to discuss homework with teacher without any success. The parents need to get involved into the education process of children.
Few guidelines for teachers
“Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.”
Whenever teachers assign homework to students it comes with a purpose of exploring their knowledge. The main motive behind assignments is to make students thorough with their subject which can further be helpful in exams. Once you start studying from the beginning of session, it becomes easier to grasp knowledge well.
Here are few guidelines that can be adopted by teachers while assigning home task to students:

  1. Assign students with right amount of work which would not over-stress them. Over-burdening students with high amount of task can lead to frustration and they will also be not able to manage within time limit. Therefore, teachers need to be aware of assigning right amount of homework that can be completed within an evening.
  2. Overloading kids with homework can also ruin motivation of students. It is the responsibility of every teacher to take care of interest of students on every subject. This can only possible when there is determination as well as motivation in subject. Motivate students with minimal task that can be interesting.
  3. It is the responsibility of teachers to keep parents informed about necessary work. Whenever teachers give work to students, it is necessary to inform this to parents. So, the parents will know the purpose of homework and make them aware of class rules.
  4. Communication needs to be clear and precise. Make sure that the homework given to students is easily understandable. So, that they do not encounter problem while dealing with it. As students you could discuss the topic with respective teachers in your school and clarify all necessary doubts to come up with best solution.
  5. Homework is known to be an effective way through which you can practice your learning and get to know different things that is taught in the class. It is the only way to polish your knowledge and get complete exposure with particular terms. Depending on the grade, the students should be assigned with homework. Ensure that junior level students spend less time on their homework compared to high school students.

Who created the concept of homework: A million dollar questions that are often troubles in mind of students? But, honestly speaking there is no other way then doing homework which can help to learn time management and polish learning skills.
Assignments – interesting or not?
Is homework given to you is meaningful? It should not only be meaningful, but also need to fit all students’ ability. Assignments need to be engaging as well that can easily be managed and turn out to be a part of your curriculum. “I think people who are creative are the luckiest people on earth. I know that there are no shortcuts, but you must keep your faith in something Greater than you, and keep doing what you love. Do what you love, and you will find the way to get it out to the world.”

  • If any student is good in a subject and struggle with other subject, then why give him the homework on subject that he is already good in handling? It is more important to divert the focus on subject that is least in favor of any student and require more attention.
  • An important bridge of communication need to be developed between parent and teacher. Give work can be easily manageable at home and parents can offer proper guidance. Have a clear instruction about the assigned work so that the deadlines and guidelines can be maintained.
  • There is a life outside school! Teachers need to understand it and so they should offer complete flexibility in school work. Provide a weekly packet for every student rather than emphasizing on nightly work. So, students can maintain good balance between their school and social life.

The main focus of every teacher and schools need to be encouraging creativity in students. Giving too much of homework can be sheer drudgery. Make them work on their skills and emphasize on topic that would force them to implement new ideas and extend their way of learning. Enjoying the homework can be of sure benefits as you develop interest on subject and allow understanding topic well.