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Do You Give Homework to Your Students?

by Apr 19, 2016Homework Help

Homework? Who prefer to do it? None of the students on earth will agree to do home task. But, it is really important do you know why? Because it sharpens the skills and make sure that you have a good grasp on subject. The main objective of giving assignments to students is that it helps to retain as well as learn information. Through proper homework strategies it is possible to complete work within time. Before leaving the room, make sure to complete work without any failure. You need to keep in mind different things to ensure that a student become successful in life:

  1. It is vital to understand the length and difficulty of assignments before assigning it to any students. Depending on their age the work should be allotted. One thumb rule is that for young children the homework should be completed within 15-20 minutes and for 4-7 grade students assignments need to be done within an hour. For secondary students, 2 hours work is enough and so on. Academic achievement can be attained through proper understanding of assignment.
  2. Once your academic life gets started, spend some time after your class and discuss on how you would like to complete the homework. Therefore, make a team and study together to gain confidence and fulfill all expectations. This would help to build up the ability and do assignments correctly.
  3. “Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in humility and with hard work, means everything.”So, give complete dedication to your work and adopt the study skills that can make you capable of completing work without any anxiety.
  4. Keeping a well-structured schedule would be helpful while doing homework. Students having syllabus cannot avoid their problems related to assignments. Through a routine schedule it is possible to keep up the track and stay updated with study.
  5. Once you assign students with the work, then as teachers it is your responsibility to look that they put their home task into the folders and carry them home without any mistake. Older students would acquire much time to write up their assignment as it will come up with agenda as well as assignment planner.
  6. As teachers you could also take up the responsibility of informing parents and students about their assignments when they are absent. With the help of technology, you can easily post the recent work on the school site which will finally be accessible to students.

Teachers assign homework for benefits
Through assignments it is quite possible to develop attitudes as well as good habits. Have you ever noticed the difference between kids who do homework regularly and who don’t? There will be a vast difference between these two categories of students. As students who are confined to regular assignments become independent and can perform their duty well. It is an effective way to encourage self-discipline among them and they become highly responsible towards their work.
There are different reasons why teachers assign homework to students. This can help children:

  • To review and practice whatever they have learned.
  • Explore different subjects that is not possible to do within time limit in classroom.
  • Get prepared for the next session through proper learning of subject.

Youngsters get chance to manage their time and meet up with deadlines when it comes to assignment. Homework can deliver a positive experience to students while encouraging them to study and learn subject well. It is a proven approach through which knowledge can be developed among youngsters. But, it should not be treated as a source of punishment!
Through assignments, it is possible to build up a bridge between parents and teachers where both of them can join hands to show the right path to students. You can surely adopt different resources to study such as reference materials, encyclopedia and text book from libraries.
Does homework really help?
Certainly, it comes with certain benefits which are why students evoke a sense of interest on particular subject and stay prepared before exams. It is a process through which child can perform well in school. But, very few teachers follow the actual rule of giving homework; most of them assign work which turns out to be meaningless in future. To make students successful in their life, it is crucial to offer them with meaningful work. So, learn about what are some guidelines for teachers in assigning homework?
A constructive comments related to assignment from teacher is quite effective and turns out to be very useful. Assignments need to come up with specific purpose. Does it come with clear instruction? No…then it would definitely not deliver the actual value. Make sure that your home task is easy to understand and match up with the abilities of students.
In case of elementary grades, homework appears to be helpful to children who are eager in developing proper habits and attitudes. The main reason behind assigning home task to students is to evaluate and polish their knowledge and skills. Junior students need to manage small amount of work while senior grades students would be assigned with loads of work that should be completed within stipulated time. “You learn the value of hard work by working hard.”
Ways to give homework properly

  • Spend few minutes explaining students the assignments.
  • Encouraging them to come up with queries that are relevant to topic.
  • Teachers can take the initiative to do the first questions on behalf of students.
  • Different strategies to be implemented in order to come up with proper answer.

Students have to invest some time that would help them digest new information. Homework can surely be a part of the learning process. You will notice a difference in grades when you regularly do homework. This would finally help to increase the test score and achieve success in their life. When students are in seventh grade, students have to complete homework on standardized test to achieve good score. Always try to follow the homework policy so that teachers and students can easily coordinate. Homework is certainly the way to encourage the love for learning.