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How to Get the Best Mathematics Tutor for Your Child?

by Sep 14, 2016Mathematics

Mathematics is one of the easiest subjects that there are. You want to know why? Well, with all the subjects out there stressing you with expectations of different kinds, Mathematics seems to be the only subject that assures you that problems always have solutions, both in a practical way and philosophical, if you think about it.
However, it is also seen that Mathematics is something that most students dread to take up in the University level. It’s just one of those subjects where, if your basics are clear, you’ll reach the skies and if not, you might face plant yourself in just the same manner.
How to excel in Mathematics?
For you to excel in any subject your basics have to be excellent and for your basics to be excellent, you have to have a teacher who will teach you to quest your thirst for knowledge instead of aiming at good grades only.
If you study to learn about what has been taught in a way that you welcome knowledge, no matter how much you score, your future is bright but if mugging things up for the sake of scores is what you’re after, you might as well change your thoughts on studies in general.
Luckily enough, Mathematics isn’t one of those subjects where people expect different sorts of answers from you without appreciating your creativity because Mathematics problems have one specified answer which goes on to enable you to score full marks if you practice daily and with a spark of interest for the subject.
Any subject when studied with the intention of passing or scoring well is doomed to failure. You must understand that studies are not merely for showcasing your marks, it is about showcasing the knowledge you’ve attained too.
Why is it important to study for knowledge?
How many people out there are actually learned in the true sense of the term? What is the point of studying if you acquire zero knowledge from what you’ve learnt? There are two subjects that have earned the reputation for being tough and boring- one is mathematics which is hated by the general public who refrain from loving the subject and practicing it daily and the next is History. I mean how can one hate History?
If taught properly, you will learn that there is more to history than any other subjects out there. And what can be more interesting than facts which can be turned into stories?
How can knowledge make you confident and stronger?
Knowledge is a weapon and as Malala Yousufzai has very clearly stated in her inspirational speeches, ‘A pen, a paper and a teacher can change the world’. Knowledge will make you see things that you couldn’t see before and it’ll make you stronger than ever.
Confidence comes with the knowledge of your own qualities and power and studies help you with just that if only you choose to study for knowledge instead of pressure.
How to get the best Mathematics Tutor for your child?
If you’re one of those people who’re scared of Mathematics and wish for your child to not face the same, getting a proper Mathematics teacher is the best option. Now, now, now, how to get the best Mathematics teacher, one who’ll understand your child and work on his or her quest for knowledge rather than for marks?
These are the following qualities that your child’s Mathematics tutor must possess for your child to get inspired and change his or her staunch views about Mathematics being a tough subject:

  1. He or she should teach to impart knowledge
  • One of the frequent things going on these days is the prospect of making Education a means for effective business and your child’s tutor should definitely not be one of those shallow people.
  • This is because those who are truly learned will teach to impart their own knowledge and not for the sole purpose of making money.
  • Mathematics is a tough subject with zero knowledge of its basics. So, if he or she manages to strengthen the basics of your child, he or she is really the one tutor that you need.
  1. Make Mathematics interesting
  • What makes subjects like Mathematics interesting apart from your love for numbers? Well, stories about how it evolved obviously!
  • Stories are welcomed by everyone and when the story pertains to Mathematics, a subject that your child dreads, his or her curiosity is bound to rise with its history.
  • History of Mathematics and its evolution is sure to make your child work harder.
  • So, one of the basic requirements for your child’s Mathematics tutor is that he or she should be someone who knows how to make the subject more interesting for your child.
  1. He or she should teach your kid a few Mathematics tricks
  • Now, one thing we all might agree on is the fact that Mathematics tricks and games do chisel our brains and our apt for Mathematics.
  • If the Mathematics tutor you choose for your child does know of these games and teaches your child, the same, then your child is most definitely going to be intrigued by it.
  • The more intrigued your child will be, the more effort she or he will put into the subject.
  1. Future prospects must be told
  • In the practical life of today where even kids know the importance of having a good career, the topic that they’ll get most interested in is the future prospects of the subject, say Mathematics.
  • The tutor must fill in your child with all the future prospects, the positive ones might I add that efficient handling of Mathematics can land them up in.
  • You child must also be told of the demand of Mathematics and Mathematicians and their chances of performing as well as the best that there are out there.
  • This way, not only will your child see a new side to Mathematics but also start trying to work harder.
  1. He or she must always encourage your child
  • Acknowledgement does more wonders than you realize.
  • It is very important that your child’s Mathematics tutor encourages your child in just the right way.
  • He or she should highlight your child’s flare for Mathematics and go on to tell them about how well, he or she’d do if they overcame certain mistakes that they frequently tended to make.
  • This will make your child work harder than ever because compliments always work wonders especially when one is trying hard.
  1. He or she should teach your child to love Mathematics
  • The most important thing that your child’s tutor must know is that people have different interests and he or she should know how to channelize your child’s interest towards Mathematics, keeping their interests in mind.
  • The biggest blessing your child’s tutor can give your child is to teach him or her to love Mathematics, a lesson that will stay for a lifetime.

Why seek homework help?
Now, if your child is a student and he or she hasn’t found a tutor yet, he or she can definitely go for online professional help companies that have excellent professional experts under them you can very effectively teach your child all of the above and in a minimal rate that too.
If this article is proving helpful to you and your child, you must definitely go through ‘Steps to make the tutoring experience of your child successful’ that stresses on the steps that the child’s tutor and you should take so as to make your child’s experience of having a tutor pleasant, successful and beneficial for him or her. This is extremely important because like your child, even you need assurance that tutoring is going to benefit your child.