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How to Be Confident in Biology at High School Level?

by Aug 22, 2016Homework and Assignment Support

So, you are facing trouble in understanding how the cells divide, the difficult terminology and the intricate sketches? Well, that’s the case with many students just like you. High school biology is a mandatory subject that you have to study.
Though it teaches us about the principles of life, the natural world around us, not everyone enjoys it. You can be enthusiastic about solving mathematical problems or have the aesthetic approach towards a particular language and literature. Bio-science can be pretty challenging for many, if they do not know how to enjoy it and make the most of this subject.
5 Easy Steps to Understand, Learn and Memorize Biology Better:
Burden of examination and projects often add to the misery. However, you can easily perform well in Biology classes and score well in examination. All that you need to do is follow these simple rules.

  1. Learn terminology using flashcards:

When I was in my high school, I discovered that I learned more new words in my biology class, than in my language class. It is a good idea to remember those new terminologies and learn them well. Making a flashcard is a good way to learn. Just write the new term on one side of the card and its meaning on the other side. This makes learning easier and faster.

  1. Use a picture:

Biology is a visual subject. Simply learning it without any visual aids is a wrong idea. You cannot remember the names of body parts, cells and tissues, microbes and the like, simply by reading them time and again. As you refer to a picture, it becomes way easier to remember them.
In that case, if you find a picture used in your chapter time and again, you will understand that it is important. Try to practice a sketch of that picture and label it. This will help you in remembering its parts, the names and understand its mechanism.

  1. Make diagrams:

While studying Biology in high school, I always used diagrams to categorize and classify my topic for study. It is not necessary that you would have to use a pen and paper all the time; you can roughly make a diagram in your mind. Always remember, the more you make thinks figurative, picturesque and not dull, theoretical; the easier it would be to memorize.

  1. Visit your school laboratories:

Laboratories are there to help you explore more. All your hypothesis and theories can be tested practically. This act of doing is always better than the act of reading. Practical knowledge and lab tests can clarify all your doubts and help you understand better.

  1. Professional help and support:

Asking for help from a tutor is another useful tip that you can follow. If you cannot understand something, you can always ask your tutors for help. If they are not available, you can always search for them online. The online tutorials also offer project and homework help services. My son often takes help from them. They solve his projects and assignments and this is a very useful way to grow a deep insight on what you do not have a clear concept about. They clarify the doubts and explain the topic or chapter in easy language and in such a way that it is easy to learn.
What to do in class?
Biology classes at school are as important as studying at home. It is important that you pay attention in class. But, just blankly listening to what the teacher is saying, is not useful. Here are a few tips that would be helpful.

  • Take notes on what is being taught. You don’t have to note down everything the teacher is saying. Just make points of the important factors.
  • Highlight those sections in your book that the teacher refers to. If you pay attention, you will notice, not every single piece of information in the book or a particular chapter is taken into consideration. On the other hand, the teacher will also add some information. Keep in mind that only the important ones need to be counted.
  • Don’t let embarrassment overpower you. Ask questions whenever there is a doubt. If you stay with the statistics, you will know that as you are confused, chances are that your classmates too are. At least some of them also would be!

Preparing yourself:
Growing confidence within you is something that is entirely upon you. If you are prepared well, if your concept about something is clear, you will be confident. Now, the question is, how will you know that you are ready? Just take a test!
You can take mock tests and correct your answers. With these answer sheets, you will be able to clarify your doubts, know the areas that you need to work more on. Tests always show you how well prepared you are. Organize your study schedule in such a way that you get enough time to prepare yourself every day, after returning from school. Do not procrastinate!