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Grab the Most Fundamental Factors at the School Level to Enjoy Physics

by Aug 22, 2016Physics

Physics is that particular branch of science which is mainly concerned with the nature and properties of energy and matter. The main subject matter of Physics involves the following:

  • Different types of radiation
  • Heat
  • Light
  • Mechanics
  • Magnetism
  • Electricity
  • Structure of atoms.

Physics is a natural science. Physics is known to be creating the foundation for all other natural sciences. The subject is based on

  • Measurements
  • Experiments
  • Mathematical analysis
  • Solar system and the galaxies.

You may wonder about the different skills you can obtain by studying Physics. By studying Physics, you can get the following skills:

  • Research and analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Can ask a lot of questions and can explore the other people’s theories

The most significant advantages of studying Physics at school level are manifold. You simply need to grab the most important factors at the school level to enjoy Physics.
The most common factors to enjoy Physics at school level:
One of the easiest things you can do is by memorizing the following:

  • Speed of light
  • Gravity on earth
  • Avogadro’s number
  • Molar gas constant
  • Planck’s constant

You can write all these in a chart paper and hang it just in front of your table, so that you can see it always. In this way you can memorize all the different formulas easily.
Memorize the common equation: Whenever you are studying Physics you must remember that all the different forces acting in the universe are always described in equations. While some equations are simple and some are extremely complicated and difficult. If you can understand these equations and their applications you will find Physics an enjoyable subject. The common equations are:

  • Acceleration: Change in velocity/Change in time.
  • Velocity: Change in position/change in time
  • Force: mass x acceleration
  • Work: displacement x force
  • Kinetic energy: (1/2) mass x velocity square
  • Power: change in work/change in time
  • Momentum: mass x velocity

Learn the derivation of basic equation:
If you are keen to learn Physics from the bottom of your heart then you must learn how each and every equation in Physics has been derived. With this you can get a clear cut understanding of the relationships between the different equations. Once you can grab this technique of deriving the equations, you will become a more versatile problem solver. In this way, you can avoid rote learning of the equations and would be able to enjoy Physics every now and then.
Grasp the math skill needed to solve all the Physics problems:
Math is well known as “the language of Physics”. In order to master all the Physics problems, you have to be an expert in mathematics. Sometimes, the complex Physics equations need the help from specialized mathematical skills. The following are some math topic which needs to be learnt in order to expertise in Physics:

  • Trigonometry (for rotation problems, forced diagrams and angled systems).
  • Algebra and Pre-algebra (for all basic equations).
  • Geometry (for all the problems dealing with volume, area etc).
  • Calculus and pre- calculus (usually comprises some advanced topics for derivatives and integrals of Physics).

Main focus should be on the important information in each and every problem:
Whenever you are reading a Physics problem, try to identify.

  • Each and every minute information in detail.
  • Try to find out what are the things needed to be solved out.
  • Then write all the equations needed to solve the problem.
  • After this assign each and every information to the appropriate variables.
  • Avoid the unnecessary information given in the problem.

Just follow these simple tips and you will start enjoying Physics in your school level.
Always use correct units for every problem:
If you forget to label your answer or use incorrect units, then you are sure to lose some points. Just to get full points to your solved problem, remember to put correct units to your answer. Somme of the most commonly used units is as follows:

  • Mass: grams or kilograms
  • Acceleration: meters/ second square
  • Force: Newton’s
  • Velocity: meters/second (sometimes hour/kilometer)
  • Energy/work: joules or kilojoules
  • Power: Watts

Never miss out the small details like friction, drag etc:
The Physics problem deals with the real life problems as well. They make the problems easier so that the can be easily understood.
Like physics and other natural sciences, other arts subjects can also be learned in similar ways. Get to know why is it important to do your English homework sincerely? As it is the only international language so you’re studying Physics in English will be of great help than studying it in regional languages.
Re checks your answers:
A Physics problem generally involves multiple mathematical calculations. A simple error in any of these mathematical problems can cause your answer to be incorrect. Be patient and re check your mathematical problems.
Besides, if you really want to enjoy Physics, you must follow the following steps.

  • Read the lesson before your teacher comes to give his lecture:

You must try to read the chapter at home before going for your Physics class. In this way, you can understand the concept better. In fact, several questions may trigger in your mind while the lecture is going on in the class. Try to grasp the general concepts and try to understand what is being taught. In this way you can get a solid foundation of knowledge.

  • Be attentive in the class:

Pay full attention in the class while the teacher is explaining the new concepts. Take notes and ask a lot of questions till you get the clear concept. If you have some questions ask your teacher immediately or after school before leaving for home.

  • Practice writing questions and answers:

Just like mathematics, Physics also involves a lot of practice and solving Physics problems. The more you practice the more expert you tend to become. This will help you to practice for your exams and at the same time you will get a clear idea of the basics of Physics.

  • Use different sources of help:

Instead of losing interest from Physics, you can learn it while enjoying by following some common tips. They are as follows:

  1. Take help from your friends: You can form a study group with your friends and can discuss about all the problems.
  2. Your teachers: After the school hours you can take help from your teachers and clarify all your doubts.
  3. Tutors: You can take help from your private tutors.
  4. Other resources: The other resources include various online sites or various Physics problem solve books.

These were the few ways by which you can learn Physics easily at your school level.