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How Students of Computer Science Can Motivate Themselves in Simple Ways?

by Sep 14, 2016Computer Science

One of the biggest challenges most of the researchers or scholars face while discussing about computer science is that defining the exact definition of computer science. It is one of the field of education which evolve so quickly so that it become tough for the computer scientists to clear state its content and delimit its boundaries also.
Although this branch of education is one of the most important disciplines available in the present educational sector, but still some reports state that most of the students of computer science fail to motivate them while they study CS.
In this post, the students of computer science will be able to go through the steps or ways to motivate themselves while they study this particular discipline. It is worth to mention that in recent times computing offers the infrastructure for how the things work and how people communicate with each other. Along with that it also has redefined engineering, science and other business implications in themodern world, so students of computer science should be self-motivated. But if not, the no worries as here you will get the best tips to motivate yourself.
So, let’s start with the ways:

  • Choosing the language

The best way to start or gain interest in computer science is to choose a CS language and try to gain maximum information on the same. It may be C, C#. C++ or any other related language. Keep one thing in mind that learning different programming languages will able to develop or create different programs.

  • Learn more about Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc.

Don’t get limited to programming languages, try to explore other aspects of computer science and don’t forget that by learning all these someday you will be able to make a deep on the society through your works.

  • Change the way of learning

Do you feel bored attending sessions and lectures in classrooms or in universities? Skip them simply. Yes, you read it right, just skip them! I would like to inform you that computer science is the discipline which of course requires classroom sessions but after a certain period of time, you can easily learn on your own through online learning.
Nowadays there are lots of online portals through which one can learn CS or different programming languages such as W3Schools, Tutorials Point, etc. Now don’t have to attend long, boring sessions. Instead, you can master your skills through online learning.
Let me share one example. When I was about to complete my CS degree, one of my friend stopped coming to university. One day I went to him and asked about the same, that why don’t he come to attend sessions. My friend replied that he gets more info from online learning. And trust my words; he got much better grades than me in our final semester.
Now he is in one of the leading companies and working as Software Developer. So, you can also get the opportunity to aim for high; just you have to motivate yourself by the way you like to follow while learning.

  • If possible teach yourself

Well, it is said that your motivation can be your bets teacher. Try to set small targets for yourself and start solving them one by one. You will see that after the completion of each step you have built up great confidence in you.

  • Don’t hesitate to apply your lessons

Whether you are an amateur or pro learner, try to implement all the lessons you have learned in your projects. Try creating something new and distinct using your skills. Yes, you will make mistakes, but it’s better not to pay more attention towards them. Of course, you can learn from them for next time. You can use your effective coding skills in developing projects and software.
When you will be doing all these to motivate yourself, you will acquire knowledge and will also get 5 excellent ways to excel your coding confidence.
So far you were reading about the steps to motivate yourself for computer science through technical factors. But now you will get to know that how you can motivate yourself through steps which are proven and approved by most of the students after scientific research. They are:

  • Encourage yourself to beat your personal best
  • Always start with a question, not with an answer
  • Try to fine tune the challenge
  • Try to adopt abstract learning in order to concrete situations
  • Always go deep
  • Also, try to make it social
  • Encourage yourself to beat your personal best

It is said that you feel happy when you break someone’s or any record. But I say that first set your own record and then break the, Trust me you will get highly motivated, and it is proven. Also, try to start competing with yourself, but in a healthy manner.

  • Always start with a question, not with an answer

You must have a question to answer! So, better you start with aquestion; say for a topic on which you don’t have any idea. Start learning that particular topic and frame questions by your own to answer them. Get new ideas from the internet and move ahead.

  • Try to fine tune the challenge

Remember that you will always feel motivated in learning if the topic or lesson matches with your skills. So, initially try to start with the lessons which you can relate easily. Moreover, in computer science, there is a very less scope of theoretical concepts, so you can easily fine tune your challenge.

  • Always go deep

Don’t leave any topic untouched or never try to get the summary of what you are looking for. It’s better you go in deep and learn the things properly as it will help you to make your base strong.

  • Also try to make it social

It may happen that you are not able to clear one of your doubt or confusion. In the case, it is always recommended to consult or share with your friends. Make your group and turn out to be a teacher and pupil. By doing this, you will get abetter understanding of the topic.
When I was in my college days, my friends use to create agroup and we used to get a topic on our own and start creating a program using programming languages and codes. In this way, we cleared most of the doubts, and it was fun also.
So, these were some of the ways through which students of computer science motivate themselves to get better results. You can also refer different professional websites to get more help regarding motivating yourself in computer science.