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5 Excellent Ways to Excel Your Coding Confidence

by Sep 14, 2016Assignment Help

Are you pursuing with computer application? Are you interested in coding? Then it is for sure that you would love to enhance your coding confidence. Don’t you? Indeed yes. Well, starting out in the professional development arena is pretty intimidating. Most of the software programmers or coders are full of questions like what would be the scenario? Am I ready or not? It is important to deal with these questionsappropriatelyin order to be asuccessful coder.
In recent times, developers or coders are in high demand and most of the software developing companies are looking for coders who are well aware of the market standards so that they can meet with the expectations of the companies. In this post, you will get to know that how you can excel your coding experience in 5 different ways.

  1. Decide the type of coder or programmer you want to be

In order to excel your coding experience it is must to decide that what kind of coder you want to be, as there are different categories, such as:

  • Desktop application programmer
  • Platform-independent programmer
  • Operating system oriented programmer
  • Web programmer
  • Library or platform or core or frameworkprogrammer
  • Distributed applications programmer
  • System programmer
  • Compiler programmer
  • Driver programmer
  • Kernel programmer

Finalising the category will help you to excel your coding experience as you will dealing with any particular form of programme and not with many.

  1. Clear your logic and learn to frame the syntax

When you are into thecodingfield, then it is very crucial to clear all your logic, because without that you won’t be able to code properly.  Having a clear concept of logic is very crucial as it will help you to do the things properly and in a right way.
You can also take introductory course in different disciplines in order toclear your logic such as:

  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Programming language (If you are a beginner then you can definitely start with Python, Ruby or Pascal and after gaining significant knowledge opt for languages like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc.)
  1. Create your own project and release it

Before creating your project, one of most important thing to do is to practice coding. After you have practised a lot, it is the best time to use your skills and knowledge in creating or designing a new project. Also, don’t forget to share it with rest of the world.
Well, it may be awebsite, Ruby Gem, mobile application or any other, when you see that peoples are using your code in the real world, it will boost up your confidence.
Let me share one real-life example with you. When I was in learning coding with different programming languages, the very first project which I built was a Ruby Gem. I built that not because I had any real use of it but I noticed that it doesn’t exist in reality. I released that fact and hardly expected anything from it. But the day when I got thanking mail because my creation was used in one of the production sites, I was filled with motivation and encouragement.
In order to create your project, you can also learn database concepts such as queries, views, tables, procedures, etc. You can also go for simple database to the same such as:

  • Fox Pro
  • MS Access
  • Paradox
  • DB V
  • MySQL- It is considered to be an excellent database and it is available free also. Another best thing is that most of the coders commonly use it, and several databases are accessed with SQL queries.


  1. Contributing on Github

When you look forward to excel yourself as an excellent coder then contributing to open source projects on Github can be one of the excellentways to gain additional confidence and yes experience also. You can also be learning from the codes of others, and you will get feedback on commits made by you. Now, this will not only help you to improve your coding skills but also to be good at coding.
Also, your contributions don’t have to be in code, and you update documentation or modify a wiki. This will indeed show that how understood the coding and now you can also coherent that how to use it accordingly.

  1. Talk to everyone

It is said that knowledge increase when you share it but at the same time, it also clears some serious doubts related to same. When you talk to different people about their coding experiences, you will get that they also have the same kind of doubts and scantiness. So, don’t set a thought in your mind that you are the one who faces lots of difficulties with coding.
So, these were the 5 ways through one can excel his/her coding experience. One can also get help from professional websites in order to get more clear and firm ideas. After having significant knowledge about coding, one can easily deal with the fact that Hows tudents of computer science can motivate themselves in simple ways?
Tips and warnings

  • It is important that one should always use an ISO compiler along with the programmer to get more efficient
  • ‘a.out’ is the name of the default executable file which is made by the compiler.
  • One should never copy codes from other websites while coding, until and unless they are instructed to do so.
  • It is also recommended that one should not use obscured styles or denounced functions.

Common tried and tested steps to write standard codes

  • In order to start code writing one has to download C++ IDE (integrated development environment) like Netbeans, Eclipse, CodeBlocks, etc.
  • One can also use plain text editor available such as Vim or Notepad++.
  • Then it is important to create the main program file and then start writing the code or the program.
  • One has to insert comments in the code and use proper indenting in the code he/she is writing.
  • Finally, compile the code and then run the program by typing.

So, in this way, one can learn writing codes and can also enhance his/her coding experience.