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How Parents Helping with Homework Will Change the Scenario?

by Mar 14, 2017Homework Help

In education and the entire course of completing it, there are few things that are completely necessary for the students to deal with. One of these is homework.

Homework may often sound as one of the many monstrous things that students may have to deal with and there are many reasons for the same. Most often students are left alone to deal with pressure of homework as it is seen as a responsibility that they should perform.

Maybe it is true that homework is the sincere responsibility of a student alone, but what if it actually seem like a burden to them? And in the zest of completing is faster and getting rid of it, they are actually forgetting the most important thing! Learning from them!

This is exactly why involving parents in the process of completing homework is one of the best things that students can do. Rather parents should ensure that they themselves are involved in the homework of their kids. It can be assured that parents helping with homework will definitely make an impact on them.

Times when parents should take control

Practically, parents should almost always take an interest in homework of their kids. The following are though the situations that call for parents helping with homework necessarily:

  • Kids missing homework regularly:

This is definitely one of the most important reasons why parents should start taking care of homework of the kids. If kids are missing homework then there can be many reasons for the same. Checking thoroughly each and every reason is important.

  • Getting bad grades regularly:

This is another reason to worry and parents should ensure that they instead of seeing the grades only should be able to ensure why exactly is this happening?

  • Forgetting homework:

This is definitely different from missing on the homework. Here the kids forget about it altogether and this situation needs a completely different approach.These are times when parents should realize the value of parents helping with homework concept.

Things that they should do:

The following are the various ways that parents can help their kids in their journey of completing homework:

  • Interact with their teachers:

Well this is one thing that will make a great difference. Teachers are like the second parents with whom children spend a lot of time as well. When in school a teacher is best in analyzing a student’s behavior and attitude towards homework. This certainly helps them understand that what the issues are that students are facing with their homework. The parents helping with homework should be able to keep in touch with teachers for a longer period of time.

  • Arranging for a call list:

This is definitely next step that any parents helping with homework should take. This particular call list is one where kid gets to choose from 3-4 friends whom they trust. This will help them in various ways. Kids should be allowed to call up these friends of theirs and they will remind them of any homework assigned in the class. This is one of the best solutions for kids who tend to forget about their assignments.

  • Work on their weak spots:

Every kid tends to have some or other weak points. This is absolutely undeniable and this is exactly what parents helping with homework should be able to identify. These are the areas that need treating and that too with best behavior and an excess amount of patience. Once treated completely they will hardly have an issue with their homework again.

  • Make them schedule:

Most often, what students fail at, is the very concept of time management. This is definitely one thing that needs working. Parents can help them with this easily.

The parents should be able to make them a proper time schedule where they will not only be able to complete their homework on time but will definitely not miss out on the other things in their lives as well.

Things to keep in mind while helping them:

Most often parents start helping their kids on a good note. What they fail at doing is keeping up with it and thus they fail at it horribly.  There are few things that should be absolutely avoided while helping the kids with the homework and the following are the points to consider:

  • Do not discourage them:

Never make them feel small. Never belittle them for mistakes in the assignment. They are allowed to do so as this is the natural process of learning.

  • Do not avoid their issues:

Most often, the parents take the issues to be some form of excuse and thus they get avoided in the process. This is one thing that should be completely avoided no matter what.

  • Do not cling on to them:

Allow them to be themselves. Do not sit down with them while they are trying to complete their homework. Show them that you trust them. Give them that zest to try things for themselves.

  • Do not shut them down:

Make sure that you are open to questions. Do not shut down their query stating how irrelevant it is. If you do not have an answer to it, Google it, understand and then make them understand.

How will this help the kids?

The kids will definitely benefit a lot out of parents helping with homework. Following are the few changes that they will be able to come up with:

  • Completing homework on time
  • Psychologically relaxed and will hardly succumb to the pressure
  • Coming up with unique project ideas
  • Being more confident by nature
  • Being punctual and maintaining the same


As already mentioned, the assignments can be one reason why students may often feel low of themselves. All they need is that basic parental guidance and help from the ones they look up to. All these should be started early as parents can be ensured that the earliest it will startthe greater will be results of it. All the above-mentioned steps will work like a blessing for both the parents and the kids.