For ages, homework has been a work enough to scare students. Often they are much more scared of homework than their tests. There are various reasons to it as well. Students often fail to submit their homework on time and this is because they may be dealing with various situations.

The teachers provide the students with their homework and often take it to be the end of their responsibility. This should be, though, one of the biggest failures on their part. Teachers are second to the parents when the child in school and this is apparently why they should make sure that they are not only providing with homework and grading it. Rather they can be the only motivator in any child’s life when it comes to completing homework.

While many may wonder that should parents help with homework? Then the answer to this question is that, absolutely! Then what is the necessity of teacher to look into this? Well, when the parents are not present, the teachers are busy with the kids. They will better understand the scenario.

Things that can be done first:

Teachers can take one step at a time. The very first few steps before helping and motivating students in completing their homework can only help in next steps correctly. Following are the few things that teachers should do firstly:

  • Evaluate the situation:

Teachers should first make it a point to understand that why exactly a student is failing to come up with a homework or with a proper homework? There may be many situations that the student may be going through. Following are few of those situations:

  • Moving frequently from one place to other
  • No elder to behave as a role model
  • Comes from broken home or unstable situations
  • Deals with various illegal problems like drugs
  • A huge amount of responsibility, back at home
  • Talking it out:

Understand that talking to students may be of great help. They may not be going through any of the situations mentioned above. Rather they might simply not be interested in assignment, or forgets about it or may be simply afraid of it.

  • Talking to the parents:

Most often people might fail to understand that should parents help with homework or not? Not all parents may have time to contribute to their kids when it comes to homework. Yet, they can help teachers by simply replying to their queries and keeping in touch with them.

After thoroughly and religiously following the above-mentioned points, teachers should be able to come up with great solutions.

Immediate next steps:

Teachers can definitely come up with great solutions to the problem of homework. What they need to do is ensure that they are maintaining the following points:

  • Making a strategy:

Making a strategy should again depend on few of the following factors:

  • Age group of children,
  • Classes that they belong to,
  • Reasons why they fail to come up with homework
  • Implementing the strategies:

Implementing the strategies just as planned should be done necessarily. One of the biggest things that teachers should stop questioning is that should parents help with homework? It is true that they should help with the homework, yet when teachers will think about it they will feel that it is no responsibility of theirs to help children with their homework.

  • Evaluating the strategies:

After they do implement strategies, they should keep a thorough check on how it is working on students. Is it continuing or is it failing at times? Evaluation of these strategies is necessary to help the students.

  • Changing as necessary:

Teachers should realize that evolution of strategies is necessary to time. These strategies cannot always work and not on all the generations as well. For example, the students of this generation are confused with should parents help with homework? While the generation before was far more open to an idea of taking help from parents.

Teachers should ensure that they are planning the strategies depending on classes and age groups that students belong to. This will help in attaining best results.

From early childhood to standard 5:

This is an age of dreaming big and feeling superior. Students want to win at any cost. They want to get rewarded for things. This is why following strategies will help:

  • Rewards for everything:

This is one of best possible ways. Students should know that they will get rewarded for timely submissions. They should know that they should get rewards for creativity and also for knowing that the answer to the question should parents help with homework is always yes.

  • Topics that help explore:

Provide the students with the topics that will help them in exploring the topics. This will keep them interested in the same in a best way possible.

  • Topics that need parental help:

Many may want to know that should parents help with homework or not? Yes, they should and this is exactly what the children will have to know from early childhood.

The rest of the years:

Once the children set off with their teenage then the scenario completely changes for them. This is why the following strategies should be able to help:

  • Interesting assignment:

By interesting assignments teachers should be able to understand, topics that are not only related to the class but also needs information that needs searching and evaluating.

  • Challenging topics:

The topics of the assignments can any day be challenging and should be too. Challenging topics are exactly what teenager need for themselves. After all, this is an age when they actively participate in a competition and make sure that they are winning.

  • Customized topics:

Now this is one thing that many teachers may fail at doing. It requires a lot of work. Generally, the students often are not interested in one or the other part of a particular subject. If a teacher can provide them with various options that might just get their attention. If not all the time, this should be at least done once or twice.

What should teachers keep in mind?

While planning strategies and assignments teachers should be able to understand that students are doing these assignments as these will help them in educating themselves. It is not targeted at how much students know already?

It is about how much students want to know. Also, it is about how a student views it to be? Is it something extremely new and if it is then what is the reason a student thinks like that. Is the reason enough logical or the student has completely failed to understand that scenario?

All these things are to be completely checked with.

Final words

Teachers can be a guide, friend, and confidant all at the same time. They are supposed to realize their ability faster. Once they do, they can definitely get the best out of students and help them become a better student with days passing.

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