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How Parents Can Be Helpful for Kids in Their Studies?

by May 24, 2017Homework Solutions

Grades! Grades! Grades! This is the war cry that haunts the children of this generation in the battlefield we call education. Increasing competition, vast syllabi and peer pressure are some of the woes of kids today. In such times, the role of the parents becomes ever so critical. Parents need to take up the role of mentors and help their children realize their true potential. However, this is easier said than done.If you are a concerned parent trying to figure out the best ways to help your child with their studies, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of a few pointers that will help ensure that your kid is on the right track for the future.

Nothing can replace personal attention

Be it home tutors, evening classes or extra classes, nothing can replace a little personal attention. Working parents often find this difficult. However, it is important to take out some time out each day (or as often as possible) to understand what the kids learn each day and the subjects they struggle in.Not only will this help you in identifying the child’s strengths and weaknesses but also help the child feel more confident and secure.

O teacher! My teacher!

Teachers play a critical role in laying the foundation for a child’s educational development.One must stay in constant communication with the child’s teachers to keep a track of the child’s performance.     Parent-teacher conferences are the perfect occasions to serve this purpose. Weaknesses can be recognized early and can be nipped in the bud with this approach. Being on the PTA is the extra mile you can go to stay really involved.

Home assignments

Home assignments must be taken very seriously by the parents. If the parents don’t assign much value to them, you cannot expect the children to do so either. It is important to help the kids with their homework. It is important that kids do their homework on time because they enjoy it and not because they might be reprimanded at school if they don’t do it. Devising ways to make the homework interesting can help with this.

Give Credit where it’s due

It is important to encourage children and appreciate them for their achievements. When you encourage your children, they become more self-confident and strive harder to achieve even better results. It is also important to teach them to deal with failures in a positive way and look at them as opportunities to learn and improve.

Technology – the double-edged sword

Children are like wet clay, whatever falls on them, makes an impression. Technology can be boon at times. Interactive learning programs, educational television shows and games and documentaries can be really helpful tools in the development of a child’s mental faculties. However, it is extremely critical to monitor the child’s exposure to video games, television and internet. Playing too many video games has adverse effects on the child’s physical and mental growth.

Exposure to illicit content or violent video games and television programs can have horrendous impact on a child. Parental lock on television channels that broadcast illicit content and parental filter on the internet are really important.Parents have to do their best to safeguard the children from exposure to these vices.

I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

On most occasions, the primary reason for poor performance in a particular subject is lack of interest. Once you figure out the areas that need improvement, you can engage the child with various interactive techniques such as quizzes, role-play activities, skits, etc. Not only will this help the kid understand the concept but also help him develop a liking for the subject on the whole.

Field trips and educational documentaries

It always helps to take children out on educational trips to museums, archeological sites or other places of historical or cultural significance. The children learn better when they are able to connect bookish knowledge with the real world. Visual memory is triggered quicker with the help of images and motion picture. With the boon of technology at our disposal, children can be taught many concepts and facts with the help of educational videos and documentaries.

Success is simple ABCD- Ability, Breaks, Courage and Dreams

It is important for parents to believe in their children. Remember, for your children to believe in themselves, you need to believe in them too. Encourage them to take part in extra-curricular activities of their liking. When kids get appreciated for performing well in sports, quizzes or debates, they inadvertently perform better academically as well.

A torn jacket is soon mended but hard words bruise the heart of a child

Each child learns at his/her own pace. Getting frustrated or snapping at the kid might hamper his/her confidence. Patience is the key here. What a good parent must realize is the pace at which their child is comfortable learning and adapt to it.

All work and no play…

Research has shown that outdoor activities and games help kids learn at a faster rate. Games and team sports boost cognitive development. It is important to ensure a balance between sports and studies. Kids learn better when the mind is fresh and the body is healthy. Sports play a critical role in striking this balance.

With time and patience a mulberry leaf turns into a silk gown

Persistent faith and unwavering support will certainly help the children realize their true potential. Once the child moves on from the fear of failure, you can rest assured that he/she is on the right course.

We hope that the information provided helps you become better parents and help out kids with their studies. Happy parenting folks!