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Top 5 Benefits of Focusing on Class Room Study in Student’s Life& How These Can Be Achieved

by May 24, 2017Homework and Assignment Support

Student’s life can be considered as one of the most adventurous parts in one’s whole life. Being a student you automatically acquire a responsibility to score well and more than a responsibility this becomes your wish to do so. So, “What are the tools which can help you getting good scores?”

However, good scores not always mean good knowledge but the simplest and obvious answer to above question is to concentrate on what you study during a lecture in your classroom. Now there arises a new question, “How to focus in class room completely during a lecture?”

Most of us know this that it is little difficult to ignore all the distractions happening around or things revolving in our mind and concentrate on what is going in the class we are attending. Here, I’m going to share some tips, which many students may find helpful in being more productive.

Tips to focus on studies in the classroom:

  • Prepare yourself
  • Switch off your phones and tablets
  • Make effective notes
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Prepare yourself

Preparing yourself mentally and physically is the key get productivity. Physical preparation needs proper sleep of at least of 8 hours, so that when you wake up in the morning your mind feels fresh and you get ready for the whole day. In addition to proper sleep, your body needs a proper workout in fresh air which will help you feel active throughout the day and keeps you more energetic. This way you can avoid laziness during a class or lecture and will become more attentive.

Now comes preparing yourself mentally, when you are about to enter the classroom make sure that your mind is free from all the worries and concerns. You need to determine yourself for attending the lecture and when you are in the class not only listen but learn as well. Before leaving the classroom,make sure you have something new with you as knowledge.

  • Switch off your phones and tablets

The mobile phone is an essential part of your life, this helps you connecting with others through social media, you entertain yourself through phone by games and much more, but this play a major role of in distracting you as well. So, avoiding your phones and tablets during a class will definitely going to engage you more in the classroom studies.

Suppose you are attending a computer class, then there are more chances of getting distracted. To avoid distractions, you should keep only the same window open you are working on. Shutting down another window such as social media and entertainment will going to work and you can focus on what are supposed to learn.

  • Make effective notes

Making notes along with listening to the teacher will be more effective in understanding which helps you in remembering the important points and keeps you engage in the class. Making notes can help you call up new ideas and questions and you should share your views and question with the class.

  • Participate in group discussions

You should always take part in group discussions in the class. This will help you increasing your interest in the subject and you would get aware of many more new things. Group discussions will improve your self-confidence and you will be able to share thoughts and view more confidently.

So, these were some tips I shared above, hope you find them helpful. Now let’s come to the benefits that are hidden in focusing on classroom study.

Top 5 benefits of focusing on class room study in student’s life

No matter what you study at home, paying attention in class is must as well as important.

  1. Guidance of Teacher

When you study under the guidance of a teacher in the classroom you get to know much more apart from books as well. The books are called your best friends but a teacher is a person who helps you doing friendship with them. A teacher will always correct you wherever he or she finds you wrong. Focusing in class under teacher’s guidance as more chances of getting quality knowledge. You must always take seriously what you learn in class.

  1. Responsibility of Homework

Homework is something that is not appreciated most, you always wish to escape or skip this part, but homework plays a major role in education process.It is a responsibility that you have to complete on your part as a student. Homework helps you understand how much you have understood the lesson taught by your teacher in the class.

If you have focused in the class then doing homework does not seem a major task. Homework enables teacher and student to work more closely. You learn time management by doing homework as this is to be done and submitted in the defined time. Moreover, you get the review of class material by doing homework and you learn to solve problems by yourself. So, we can say that homework is essential and is needed to be done.

  • Getting Clarity upon Views and Idea

Studying in class majorly involves listening & understanding to what your teacher is talking about. When you start understanding about that particular topic, your mind will certainly look for some views or will raise a question about it. So, you can get clarity about your query at the same time with your teacher’s help.

Now suppose you are not paying attention to what you are listening then you will have no idea or views regarding same, which means you were present in the class physically but absent mentally which is good for nothing. So, if you are present in the class you need to be attentive to get the benefit of classroom studies.

  1. Regulation in Studies

If you’re studying with full concentration in the classroom you will find a regulation in your studies. There is the difference between studying at home and class room. Many times, you get lazy and decide to skip a class and study at home only with the help of books or reference books, in fact sometimes I also used to be one of those lazy students but some of my studios classmates never allowed themselves to miss any class or lecture which in turn comes out as benefit for them.

Those students always used to have some extra notes of that class and at last, I had to regret over the skipped class, which ultimately result in breaking down of focus. So accordingly, you should always be regular in your studies in order to stay focused and have continuity in studies.

  1. Academic Interest boosting from Competitive Environment of Class

Class room study generates an interest in you in order to compete with your classmates. The more you focus on studies in class the more you get to engage with the competition. Once, you’re in competition with your classmates to make higher score, this automatically becomes your desire to stay ahead form another. Although, this is a healthy competition and should be there when you are studying in a class. This competition is totally based on your willpower to dedicate yourself towards study, which is a good sign for personal growth as well.

If you study alone or don’t concentrate completely on class room study, then, unfortunately, you remain out of this competition which is not a positive attitude towards your academic behavior.