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How Is Technology Helping the Student to Build Their Career?

by Feb 23, 2017Assignments

Career is the path of your professional life. Experience in performing your job role helps you to shape your professional life. A person can change his/her career by selecting some other profession and pursue it for some time period.

Parents and teacher are the people who help in shaping child’s career. They play very important role. Every child as they grew up, they are fascinated about some job profile. They opt them as their ideal heroes and their career as their future career. Parents and teachers need to shape and nourish child’s dream career carefully.


It is a term commonly used by many people. But what is technology? Is the machinery is technology or laptop or computer? Technology is when aperson uses knowledge from books to make something practically working thing.

How technologies help a child to achieve their dream career?

With therevolution in technology, a new option for acareer has emerged. They can opt for thecomputer related field, graphics designer, game developer, android app developer etc.The Internet is a huge resource of information. It allows thestudent to do as much resource as he/she want. Knowledge is not limited to books anymore. Children can do research work to understand difficult concepts of maths easily. Technology will give you an ample number of theproblem by solving which you can master difficult concepts of any subject.

With theinvention of artificial intelligence and AutoCAD, designing of any building, machinery or vehicle will be easily done and time taken will be less.Also, 3D view gives a good view to the owner of the building, vehicle or machinery. It causes fewer clashes and job can be done in less time as compared to the paperwork.

As design will be finalized is less time, thebuilder will start his/her project early. As technology allows you to make heavy machinery and allow you to customized according to your wish, you can easily complete the work in no time. Below mentioned are some of the points which will help you to understand that how technology is important for us.

  1. Maintain and sweeping of roads and building can be easily done with this machinery.
  2. As technology does your most of the task, people can use their brain for theinnovative
  3. AutoCAD also helps in interior designing of thehouse You can show many designs to the customer in less time. Your presentation will be more live as you can give him/her lively presentation as compared to paper drawing presentation.
  4. Time management is an important aspect of students but coding in earlier computers was a hectic process. Coding has become easy because now coding options are available easily and booting time is less as compared to previous applications. Child’s much time will be saved now.
  5. Parents can easily maintain time schedule of the child in their mobile. It will remind thechild about the task they should have completed by now and task they need to start.
  6. Technology also helps thechild to refresh their mind by playing games or to their own interest things. After refreshing their mind, students can easily solve difficult problems and memorize difficult concepts.
  7. Homework is an important part of thestudy in student’s life. By completing homework, thestudent can revise their chapter easily. But sometime students face difficulties in completing homework. Technology help child in completing their homework by allowing them to record lecture of professors in college and teachers in schools, do extra research about the topic through theinternet and getting online help from homework help groups.
  8. Technology allows youto learn writing skills required to get extra marks in the exams and make your homework good in front of readers.
  9. Technology help child to get extra help from anonline They can do video calling, voice calling or video conferencing based on their device and can learn from anywhere.

Technology helps to contact good scientist and teachers from anywhere in the globe. They can give you insight knowledge about the topic. You can join with them for research and opt for acareer as scientist or professor.

Technology also helps that student who is yet not cleared about their career choice. There are many applications thatanalyses your skill and based on that tell you what career you should opt. It also allows thestudent to gather knowledge about good universities and allows you to apply there easily.

Technology also allows you to pursue in your interest area, like if you are interested in video games, you can opt for video game developer, if you are good at drawing and video games, you can opt for graphics designer etc.

These were some of the tips which show that how technology is actually helping students to build their career. There are few reliable agencies available online which offers more detailed view that how technology is changing the shape of present world.