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10 Secret Tips for Completing Assignments on Time

by Feb 23, 2017Assignment Help

Time is the sequence of event happens in your life. Unit of time measurement is anhour, minute and second. If some person mentions some time period, he/she refer to the event happened at that moment or if he/she mention about anhour, aminute or second details then they are mentioning about the event happened exactly at that time.

Time and tide wait for none. It is a common saying. One can understand the real importance of time once they get some bad experience.

We all learn in our childhood that punctuality is the best habit and time is more valuable than anything. But the problem is teachers and parents should give ample examples and tell stories to the child

How does child fail to understand the importance of time?

  1. Parents are working 24 X 7. They don’t have time to see child’s homework. The childfeelshelplessfor completing their homework. The child does not know how to maintain time schedule and perform everything.
  2. As parents are mostly busy, either grandparents or nanny help child to go to sleep. Their stories might not be relevant and be just a story. Also, they will not narrate the conclusion. This makes child didn’t understand the moral of stories they heard during the night.
  3. Parents are the first person who helps achild in their homework performance. If they feel it as aburden and look for other options, thechild will do the same in their adult life. The tendency of avoiding will generate rather than faceproblem. This will cause nonmain Tain Ce of time schedule and they will become more and more arrogant and complain regarding child will increase.
  4. In thecase of any bad experience, if parents scold achild in front of everyone, it will create a bad image in child’s mind. Parent’s need to understand the importance of time table in their life and teach them about it. Parent’s need to be calm and talk to thechild in person in an alone place without scolding them. also if parent support child in their bad doing like going to the school late, not doing homework etc, this will make achild more unpunctual and they will start thinking that they can do anything and their parents will help them.
  5. It is the responsibility of theteacher to check on the homework of every student and give remarks to them. If they are unable to complete their homework, tell their parents about it and take necessary steps.

How can parents and teachers teach achild the importance of time?

  1. Teachers should give homework or assignment to the students regularly. For performing homework on time, they need to manage their free time wisely. It is the responsibility of theteacher to check whether thestudent has done homework and assignment on time.
  2. If astudentfails to complete homework on time, it is the responsibility of theteacher to make him understand the importance of homework and time in their life.
  3. Parents can regularly mention regularly their personal experience regarding punctuality and time management to the child, so from childhood their understanding about theimportance of time is clear.
  4. Parents should tell bedtime stories about relevant stories with good moral and give conclusion at the end of the story. This will impact the brain cell of the child as in the childhood stories, thechild used to think them as a part of thestory.
  5. They can understand the conclusion very easily as compared to adults. Also, their listening skills are better than adults. So it is easy to make a child understand a thing rather than a teenager.
  6. The timetable is an important part of child’s life. In school, teachers prepare a time table for the student. In thehome, theparent should maintain a time table for homework, play time and other things like singing, dancing etc whichever is child’s interest.
  7. This timetable will help thechild to maintain a regular routine about anything. Tell them the importance of this timetable otherwise they will feel irritated because of monotonicity. You need to inform them that they have to maintain a time schedule in their whole lifetime to balance their professional and personal life.
  8. Healthy personal life and professional life is the key to success. You need to balance both and give abundant time to both perspectives. This time table in your early age will guide you to make a time table in your adult life also.
  9. If achildencounters any bad experience regarding afailure in themanagement of time, try to talk to them rather than scolding them.
  10. Try to teach them time management.