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How ECA Subjects Can Also Be a Career Option for Your Child?

by Sep 17, 2016Homework Solution

You already know the importance of doing homework and assignments that to be taught to your children also. They might feel this as a boring task but don’t forget to remind them how it is connected with their grading system. Homework is practice and repetition of those lessons taught in their classes. With regular attendance they can actually grab the total chapter without any extra help. The hard work will pay them off with good marks in their examination.
With the current advanced technologies anyone can find online assistance also if they prefer expert guidance from experienced teachers. But as you know the competition is growing bigger every day. Students are ready to take any chance available to them for a good career option.The success rate has gone up to 80 to 90 percent.
So it is very natural that all of them will have enough harassment to enroll into the desired university with chosen subjects. I even saw my friends getting enlisted in the same university with a different subject because the other class was full! You may not want this situation to occur in your child’s case. This is why motivated kids are finding better options when they have a background with Extra-curricular activities. This is going to work as a dual-edged knife when your child is good in both academics and ECA subjects.
“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree.”
Few known options to choose from:
There are many known extra-curricular activities from which children can find their pick. Those are not just good for their career but also fun to learn from. Some of them are even chosen to be professional career options for children who have passion for those. They are:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Swimming
  • Boxing
  • Judo
  • Kendo
  • Martial arts
  • Theatre
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Gymnastics
  • Running
  • Diving
  • Hockey
  • National Service Scheme or NSS
  • National Cadet Corps or NCC etc.

As you can see these extra-curricular activities are very popular and can be chosen as profession also. I mean your child may have a hobby which is inspired by their favorite players after all!
How is it becoming useful?
Some parents have a knack to believe that only by studies and homework they can grab a good future. But we cannot say that anymore with growing influences of basketball, cricket, football and other important national games. These are becoming so popular that some students even take those as seriously as their studies to establish themselves in the field and not in some desk in front of a computer.
You may find these great skills built in their characteristics if attending any of the ECA subjects. My personal belief is that, if you are willing to learn from an expert guide then try to get some online professional help.

  • Very outgoing:

Those who have been playing some games and entering some contests will be very outgoing in nature. They can proof to be charismatic also. I am not telling that they will become like that from the very beginning. Your kid may be shy from the start but with continuous progress you will see the change.

  • Healthy habits:

They are athletes in other words, so to maintain their stamina and energy they are bound to possess healthy habits. So somehow you are sure that they are not getting into junk food habits or becoming scaly or flabby. Their health will show in their physique.

  • Practical knowledge:

Trust me this trait comes in the character only when they remain in practical situations a lot. This is possible with your kid who will have to attend a lot of outside contests and game tours for their ECA subjects. They will gather that knowledge from practical sources and can maintain actual balance also.

  • A world outside books:

If you don’t want your child to be called a geek or nerd just because they remain too long face-to-face with their study books then it is advised they join an extra-curricular activity. They can have fun in those activities and not only that their mood will also be lot lighter. Their studies can be improved as this will release their tension very fast.

  • Teaches time management:

Although doing homework and assignments teaches enough time management but if someone is very much positive to enter into a world of perfect time management then they should join ECA classes. This way they can find moments necessary to divide into studies, ECA and their other works.

  • Positivity and confidence:

The trainers will teach these attributes far better than you to your kids. After all, game can be about either winning or losing. By losing it doesn’t mean to stop but rather learn lessons on those faulty points which are responsible for this loss.This can be overcome with total positivity and confidence. Your child can face the same challenge twice or as many times it need to success.

  • Cultural interest:

You have to admit that in the recent competitive rat race for earning money people are forgetting cultural base of their countries. By joining a proper ECA subject class one can gain cultural interest back.
These are all those points you have to consider before stopping your child to join one ECA class. Students are finding success with extra-curricular activities in one way or the other. It is similar to divide and conquer. This is applicable in educational subject also. They can find 6 steps to dissect your biology assignment and others to write it down properly. Your kid can add new methods too for great success. As long as your child has confidence to invent new methods it means they have a bright future ahead.
“Life is like riding a bicycle. Keep moving”